See how Medcom gave people a voice in the Panama elections


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During the 2014 Panamanian elections, Telemetro, a subsidiary of Medcom, worked with Spredfast to create a 360-degree social experience to build and engage viewership. Using the hashtag #voto2014, viewers were able to stay up-to-date with comprehensive election coverage and share their own photos and social content. The campaign increased average follower growth by 170% and average engagement by 2600%.

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See how Medcom gave people a voice in the Panama elections

  1. 1. For Panama, the 2014 elections were a turning point in the way elections were traditionally experienced in the country. For the first time in their history, the pulse of the entire electoral process turned digital, characterized by excessive use of social networks. Telemetro, a subsidiary of Medcom, partnered with Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) to create a new, engaging, and integrated experience with both on-line and on-air audiences. Live, On-Air & Web Social Integration Produced Ten Times the Volume of Social Conversation OBJECTIVES: • Generate more engagement surrounding the 2014 Panamanian elections by supplying audiences with new and compelling content • Amplify social buzz to ensure and increase engagement with the network • Drive traffic and new viewers to Telemetro’s online sites and social media • Create more enjoyable, additive experiences for the viewer by including original content across media channels Case Study
  2. 2. Following Election Day, saw 188,000 page visits, reaching the largest number of the week. A total of 40,000 users connected live to the electoral experience. Visitors generated 20,000 video views. #voto2014 produced over 33,000 social mentions. On Twitter, @telemetro generated 1000% more mentions and 2600% more interactions than previous days. The experience prompted over 15,000 likes, 2,600 comments and 2,000 shares on Facebook. Telemetro gained 1,600 new followers, on average 170% more followers than a regular day. RESULTS: 200 W. Cesar Chavez St. Austin TX 78701 512.538.0460 | | @spredfast | For the 2014 Panamanian elections, Telemetro worked with Spredfast to create a 360-degree social experience, featuring both on-air and on-line social integrations. This dynamic experience showcased the current news while simultaneously featuring social content from its audience on various social platforms. To both build and engage viewership around the elections, Telemetro built a microsite that housed the social experience. Using the hashtag #voto2014, visitors were able to share Tweets and personal photos, while keeping up-to-date in real-time with the most comprehensive and diverse electoral information available. To bridge the gap from on-line to on-air, Telemetro created a virtual set for a spot on the evening news. This set featured a world map, displaying the location of those outside of the country who interacted with the experience through social media, as well as an interactive map of Panama that showed the activity of users within Panama. This component also allowed viewers to see their photos on-air in real-time. In addition, the engaging experience featured a mural mosaic, revealing a montage of images and messages sent to Telemetro’s social networks by their audience, top hashtags that measured the presidential candidates accounts’ popularity, a social counter that accounted for the total volume of social mentions, and a spotlight section that displayed the Tweets of political figures, celebrities and opinion leaders. The experience formulated the convergence of innovation, technology, and community, bringing together the people of Panama with a groundbreaking media experience. STRATEGY: With the intention of forever changing the local digital paradigm, we brought a mind-blowing experience to our audiences and integrated platforms in a way that has never been done before in Panama. In order to achieve this and set a new benchmark for success, we sought the best partners for a seamless Social TV integration for one of our biggest news events of the year. The easy implementation, visual impact, and support of the Spredfast team played key roles in this project’s success." “ FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ | ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL MEDIA AT MEDCOM