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Learning Fun with Play Dough
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Learning Fun with Play Dough


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Learning Fun with Play Dough Hammerhead by Tim Pierce, Flickr
  • 2. No  one  can  teach   that  which  is  inside   another,  each   person  must  find  it   on  his  own  and  find   a  way  to  express  it.   -­‐  Eduardo  Chillida   Perfectly perched with play dough by Angela, Flickr
  • 3. Making play dough by lisaclarke, Flickr Starch  +  Water
  • 4. Pull it Mash it Roll it Cut it Harden it Mix it Imprint it
  • 5. Benefits? Non-toxic Cheap Hands-on Inspires creativity Encourages experimentation
  • 6. Integrate: Modeling   Total  Physical   Response   With her own two hands by Robert S. Donovan, Flickr
  • 7. Make your own •  /2  cup  salt     1 •  /2  cup  water     1 •   cup  flour     1 • ood  dye   f •  ewspaper   n •  ime-­‐  10  minutes   T By   Playing with the play-dough by Adrian Tritschler, Flickr
  • 8. How  can  I   teach   with  it?   Child Play by Frederic Poirot, Flickr
  • 9. Claymation Las aventuras de Zepi_2 by Citoplasmas, Flickr
  • 10. by Kevin Hodgson
  • 11. Storyboard,
  • 12.
  • 13. Create models Solar System Diorama (part 4) by Mike Monteiro, Flickr
  • 14. Create models Planets Chemical elements Human body Parts of a plant Habitats Geography Land formations Solar System Diorama (part 4) by Mike Monteiro, Flickr
  • 15. Compare & Contrast Amphibian   Rep3le   Creatief met klei by Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Flickr
  • 16. Visualize the scene •  re-­‐task-­‐  students   P create  the  seMng   based  on  their   knowledge   •  ead  the  material   R •  ost  task-­‐  Students   P make  changes  based  on   new  knowledge
  • 17. Amplify story time! Create  characters   Sequence  events   Visualize  seMngs  
  • 18. Sculpt my monster Kleptoid by Zorgzzzzz, Flickr IMG_0004 by Dionisio Campos, Flickr
  • 19. Create a meal together! Play dough by Glenn Malone, Flickr
  • 20. Shapes with Real World Connections
  • 21. Pack your backpack…
  • 22. Invent something Spaceship by Christian Carter, Flickr
  • 23. Play dough charades Gólem lesz belőle by Zsolt Botykai, Flickr
  • 24. You’ve discovered a new plant, animal, insect, or life species … Aaron's xmas doh by tara spalty, Flickr
  • 25. Make your peer’s ideal birthday cake! Day 9 by Sylvia Currie, Flickr
  • 26. Design your own business, restaurant, park Playdoh sushi by Uglyagnes, Flickr
  • 27. First create blueprints Untitled by Zsolt Botykai, Flickr
  • 28. Tip: Use a timer
  • 29. Sculpt with Fondant Ocean Free IOS App
  • 30. Fondant Animals Free IOS App
  • 31. Morph into Different Shapes with Jellboy Free IOS App
  • 32. Imagination Box Free IOS App
  • 33.
  • 34.