We Like to Move It! Moving Activities with Mobile Devices GAETC13


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We Like to Move It! Moving Activities with Mobile Devices GAETC13

  1. We Like to Move It! Active Learning with Mobile Devices ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/gaetcmoveit Bit.ly/mlearningLINKS
  2. Download these apps: •  icCollage P • Nigma , Quick Mark, or other i QR code scanner/creator •  oogle Drive G •  omicsHead C Visit: Bit.ly/gaetc13moveit
  3. “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie The Pooh
  4. I want to experience what I learn!
  5. Features Audio recording Video recording Photo capturing Note-taking Geolocation Scanning Texting Augmented Reality www.schooltechnology.org Photos of elementary students using iPads at school to do amazing projects. Photo taken by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr, CC 2.0
  6. Active learning on a mobile device promotes… g ement manag ell-bein sroom ental w s tter cla ical & m Be Phys Real-world learning uous learning Contin g centered learnin StudentCreativity
  7. Scan the following?
  8. Match the right qr code!
  9. Quick response Barcode Jeff rutzky's QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, Flickr
  10. Jeff rutzky's QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, Flickr
  11. QuickMark
  12. Integrate with realia Thepegeek.com/2009/03/25/learning-the-skeleton-with-qr-codes
  13. PicCollage Free App ©http://pic-collage.com/
  14. Image from questgarden.com
  15. Activity: I Spy Geometry Shapes Choose an object around you that represents 1 of the shapes from the previous slide. Take a picture of the object. Use PicCollage to add text to your image. Show your object to a person. They will guess which object you took a picture of.
  16. Bit.ly/gaetcmoveitwall Email- 14475246.9547@e.linoit.com
  17. Student iPad 008 By flickingerbrad, Flickr
  18. Activity: Invent an App Task: The KLM company specializes in creating apps that wow. Your team is responsible for creating a prototype of this app that does extraordinary things. You will show the board of directors a 30sec video commercial of this new app showcasing its skills.
  19. Activity: Invent an App App: What does it do? Your commercial must be a minute or less!
  20. Reporting the News
  21. Talking Ben & Tom Newsreporter
  22. Google Drive
  23. Create Groups Team Leader: ensure the group is listening to Ms. Shelly when she gives the silence symbol Organizer: makes sure that everyone participates read the instructions for all tasks Deliverer: uploads the video Reporter: presents for the group
  24. Recommended apps: Tom & Ben News Reporter Evernote ComicsHead Magisto Animoto Mindmeister Socrative LinoIt iNigma Quizlet QuickMark Google Drive Infusedlearning.com Polltogo.com Pearltrees Padlet Diigo Dropbox Instagram BeFunky Edmodo Idea Sketch Bump
  25. Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” ~ Bill Gates
  26. Bit.ly/mlearningLINKS ShellyTerrell.com Twitter: @ShellTerrell
  27. We  hope  you  enjoyed   this  GaETC  session.     Please  give  your   feedback  at   www.gaetc.org/ evaluate