3 grade curriculum night power point 3 ba version 12 13


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3 grade curriculum night power point 3 ba version 12 13

  1. 1. Don’t Worry About a Thing… Cause Every little thing is gonna be alright 
  2. 2. The third grade teachers would like to welcomeyou to a wonderful year of learning and fun! Webelieve that teachers and parents working togethercan help students reach their highest potential.
  3. 3. EducationB.S. in Recreation and Park Administration from Illinois State UniversityEarly Childhood classes from College of DuPageMaster’s of Education from the University of St. FrancisPreschool teacher for 5 yearsSubstitute in Dist. 204 for 9 years8th year teaching 3rd grade at May Watts
  4. 4. “The Family”
  5. 5. “Maggie”The Grand-doggie
  6. 6. Parent Communication –Classroom phone number is 630-428- 6746Email: shelly_baumann@ipsd.orgFeel free to contact me with anytime with questions,concerns, or simply to tell me your child is a happythird grader!If you need so get a message to me or your child rightaway, call the office.
  7. 7. Third Grade Blog and 3BA Class Blog-Whenever possible, new information will be posted on theblogs by Monday morning. Please check the third gradeblog for curriculum information, test dates, spelling lists,special events, and links. Check the 3BA class blog forany important announcements or information specific toour class.
  8. 8. Volunteers-Throughout the year, the third grade team will berequesting volunteers for a variety of activities. We willnotify you as the need arises. Keep checking the blogand your e-mail for details.
  9. 9. Assignment Notebooks –All students received one assignment notebook forthe year.If there is no homework, the students will write“none”. This alerts the parents that there truly isno homework for that day.At the beginning of the year, (1st quarter) I checkevery notebook to make sure they are writingeverything down.By Second quarter, it’s the studentsresponsibility to write down assignments and turnthem in on time.
  10. 10. Homework – Homework is designed to supplement classroominstruction.Third graders should expect between 15 to 30 minutes ofhomework a night.Third graders should read “Just Right” books everynight.They should also practice their math facts as much aspossible.Usually there is no homework given on Friday.Please allow your child to do his/her own work.
  11. 11. Grades –The grading scale for District 204 is a follows:A+ = 100% A = 92-99% A- = 91% B+ = 90%B =82-89% B- =81% C+ =80% C =72-79% C- = 71%D+ = 70% D = 66-69% D- = 65% F = 64%Students grades will be based on a combination of test scores, quizzes,in-class assignments, project, oral retellings, journal responses, andclass participation.
  12. 12. Instruction –Language Arts- Our balanced literacy programincludes:•Whole group/small group instruction•Comprehension•Guided reading•Fluency practice•Reading to self, reading to others, and listening toothers reading/read aloud•Word study/vocabulary•Spelling•Writing•GrammarEach week, your child will practice differentstrategies such as predicting, using context clues,summarizing, and creating mental images.
  13. 13. Instruction (cont.)–Writing-•Quick writes (3-5 minute writing prompts)•Fully developed paragraph using a topic sentence,details, elaboration, and a conclusion•Using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, andspelling•Introduced to the writing process•Brainstorming and creating graphic organizers togenerate ideas•Children will learn how to write narrative, informational,and opinion essays
  14. 14. Instruction (cont.) –Spelling-•Pretest determines which list the students will study•Typically given on Fridays•Lists are provided on the blogs and on Spelling City•Login and password for Spelling City is: maywatts,maywatts
  15. 15. Instruction (cont.) –Otter Creek-•Math fact fluency program•Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts•New Common Core curriculum states that third graders need to master all of theirfacts by the end of the year
  16. 16. Instruction (cont.) –Science and Social Studies-•Subjects alternate throughout the year•Science Units are Bones and Muscles, SimpleMachines, Habitats, Matter, and the Moon•Social Studies Units consist of Communities,Government, People who shaped our Lives,Immigration/Migration
  17. 17. Instruction (cont.)–Cursive- The students will continue to practice cursiveand will be expected to write some assignments incursive by 4th quarter.Current Events-•Third Grade News Teams•News reporter jobs are: Anchor Person, Book Critic,Commercial, Food Critic, Movie Critic, and SportsReporter.•See blog for details
  18. 18. weekly graded work parents sign and return the next dayIf a child received a grade below 70%, parents need to sign
  19. 19. Make Up Work-•Parents need to notify the office of all studentabsences•Homework may be requested if your child isabsent for three (3) or more days because ofillness.•Reasonable due dates are set for makeup work,study guides, and tests.•No homework will be given for vacations.
  20. 20. Thanks for coming!Miss Anco, Mrs. Adams/Mrs. Brayton, Mrs. Baumann, Mrs. Kiselyk, and Ms. Pedersen