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Graphic analysis
Graphic analysis
Graphic analysis
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Graphic analysis


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  • 1. UNIT 21 AO1 NameSam Lount: Graphic AnalysisNumber 1Website ebayBannerSize (pixels) W:266 H:147Purpose. Advertise some products that you will be able to buy off thewebsite.Audience. Any aged person looking for new electronics at great dealsusually people who are looking for new equipment when theirs isoutdated..Suitability. Not that suitable because you often go on ebay with an ideaof what you want. It does make you think more about the new electricalgoods though.Impact. The banner fades in and out so that it makes it seem like it islimited time only so it makes me want to have a look at some of thecheap products.Positives. Colourful and uses white space effectively.Negatives. Doesn’t really tell you much about what you will actuallylooking at and that isn’t really what ebay is about.Size. Very big and bold in the middle of the screen. There is no way youcan miss it.NavbarSize (pixels)W:760 H:86Purpose. Allows you to search for certain products when you know whatyou want.Audience. Anyone on the website that knows what they want.
  • 2. UNIT 21 AO1 NameSuitability. Really suitable most people who use ebay know what theyare looking for and with this nav bar they can find it easily, it also has anadvanced search for things you are certain about. Without this ebaycould not run because it would take people ages to find the thing theyare looking for and the other buttons are not good enough to determinea closed search.Impact. It has a huge impact on the website it is used by almost everycustomer and without it the website could not be anywhere near assuccessful.Positives. It lets you search for products and categorise. It’s the mostuseful thing on the website.Negatives. Not that helpful if you don’t know the name of the productyou are looking for.Size. Long and obvious to see on the page.ButtonsSize (pixels)W:195 H:299Purpose. Takes you to your own account in wich you can view you watchlist and basically run your buying and selling page rom.Audience. People with their own ebay account.Suitability. Very suitable you often have to use it unless you buysomething on “buy it now”. You are also able to look at everything that
  • 3. UNIT 21 AO1 Nameyou are wanting and it also allows you to look at recommended items. Allthe choices you are given have been thought out and you do use all ofthemImpact. The button isn’t very big but is easily visible if you are familiarwith ebay. But without the button you would not be able to use thewebsite smoothly and as an individual.Positives. You do so much with this button so it is a very helpful. Not toobig on the page.Negatives. Doesn’t look like a button and it only turns blue whenhovering over it.