Roland Fiege - 5 steps to success


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“Who of our Facebook fans are our
customers?", “How can we integrate
Facebook data with our customer
insights data warehouse?“. We have the
answers and a five step process to solve
these challenges.

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  • Timetable:Intro: Roland Fiege (5 Minutes)Middle Part: aic group (show solution plus demo): 30 MinutesFinal: Wisdom (5 Minutes)Q&A: 5 Minutes
  • No 1:1 relation, edge rank etc.
  • Strategy and PlaningAnalysis and SegmentationCampaign DesignCampaign ExecutionResponse ManagementEfficiency Measurement
  • Roland Fiege - 5 steps to success

    1. 1. 5 Steps to Success -How to Integrate Facebook Data
    2. 2. Best Practice: Facebook fan loyalty Closed loop coupon distribution and campaign controlling solution
    3. 3. The problem• Fans like a Facebook page and hardly ever return• no way for brand to “like back” their fans*• Most Facebook apps are just islands in the sun – no integration in multichannel marketing campaign mgmt.
    4. 4. The Mission:• Build the first integrated enterprise level Facebook couponing campaing mgmt. solution.• Motto: now it s time to ”like back!”
    5. 5. The team
    6. 6. The wishlist• Facebook app w/ great usability and high value for the fan• Seamless backend integration in existing campaign mgmt. solution (aic suite)• Targeted coupon campaigns• Advanced Fan Insights and Analytics (Wisdom) for wiser marketing decisions
    7. 7. Questions we need answers for:• Whom of my fans are my customers?• Whom of my customers are not yet my fans?• Which affinities and interests do my fans have?• What differs my “fan-Customers” from my “non fan customers”?
    8. 8. About AIC GroupFounded 1999Holder Privately heldHeadquarter Lüneburg (Hamburg), Germany Lüneburg (Hamburg), GermanyCompetence Software Development & ConsultingSoftware ai.suite® - Enterprise Marketing AutomationConsulting Customer- and Business IntelligenceReferences Retail, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Non Profit
    9. 9. Closed Loop Campaign Management 6 1 Efficieny Measurement Strategy & Planning ROI-Measurement Compilation of a campaign plan Market Research & high-level concept Campaign Reporting Profile Business 2 5 ResponseAnalyse Plan Intelligence Analysis & SegmentationResponse Management Identify relevant internal and externalOffline/Online Response Management Target Group potentialDuplicate & Validation Management Execute Channel 4 3 Campaign Execution Campaign Design Supply of Address Data Definition of Master Data, Channels, Channel Communication, Levels and Business Rules, Campaign Delivery Assignment of the Address Structure
    10. 10. Segmentation MSTR DWH-based Social Graph-based Dynamic qualification of  The segmentation is based on customer segments by: Objects and Attributes of the  Attribute Elements and Social Graph Attribute Qualifications  Can be extended to also use  Data Mining scores DWH Attributes & Metrics  Application of filters  Rule-based (on the fly), only  Application of metrics rules are defined in the Segmentation can be easily ai.suite extended with new characteristics  These rules can be defined along the insights gained from external sources can be Wisdom integrated  Pre-calculated Target Group Size of Segments / Target using the standard Groups is calculated on the fly mechanisms
    11. 11. Offer DefinitionProduct or Product Category Metadata, such as: - Name - Description - Price - Image - etc. Conditions Availability Discount Type Validity Response Elements / Codes Geography etc. Y35JB
    12. 12. Now we want to use Facebook as a new channel for our Campaigns…
    13. 13. The missionSeamlessly integrate Facebook as a new channel among the existing channels ofour Campaign Management solutionAutomated publication of Offers and Coupons to the desired audience on theFacebook platform via a Facebook appEnrich our existing Data Warehouse with data from FacebookMeasure and track the Responses generated by these OffersUse this data to improve our next Campaigns (Closed Loop!)Be able to use the User Permissions to generate Tokens for the usage of WisdomMake use of the advanced features of Facebook to generate virality
    14. 14. Architecture Use PublishFacebook App ai.suite Segment Use MSTR BI Get Token Facebook API Enrich DWH
    15. 15. The solutionCreate a Facebook app which can be customized via standard mechanismsIntegrate the app into an existing PageCollect permissions for our app to get access to the Social GraphSegmentation is done either Rule-based or via Pre-calculated Target GroupsGenerate the personalized Coupons on the flyUse the Open Graph functionality to support the virality of our Offer
    16. 16. Use CaseNow we want to use Facebook as a newchannel for our Campaigns…
    17. 17. Benefits• Higher fan loyalty• Transparent performance measurement (multichannel)• Higher return rate of fans to page• Higher engagement rate of fans• Best CRM database ever!• Make fans to customers• Measureable ROI per Fan
    18. 18. 5 Steps to Success1. align your Social Strategy to you value creation chain (do the right things)2. Create value for your fans!3. Avoid Silos!4. Segment, target, shoot!5. Compete on analytics!
    19. 19. Live-Demo- Aufruf der Facebook-Seite und Anzeige der Angebote- Aufruf ai.suite Kampagne im Bereich Varianten-Liste- Erklärung der dort aufgelisteten Angebote- Verschieben eines Angebotes - Aufruf der Facebook-Seite und Zeigen der Wirkung- Aufruf eines Angebotes und Änderung des Angebottextes - Aufruf der Facebook-Seite und Anzeige der Änderung- Klick auf ein Angebote zum Coupon- Download mittels pdf-Generierung
    20. 20. Contact Info: AIC GroupTobias MüllerProject Manager BI / CRM+49 4131 40052-30tobias.mueller@aicgroup.de