5 tactics to personalize your email message for better results final


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Personalization is about striking delicate balance. Using it as a marketing tool for gaining trust and encouraging further engagement requires strategically adding a human element to email content while still conveying an effective marketing message.

This MarketingSherpa (www.marketingsherpa.com) webinar presentation will show you:

-Creative ways to add a personal touch in copy and subject lines
-How to get just the right amount of information from the consumer
-Why you should extend personalization to the landing page
-Tips on how to quickly personalize a template

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5 tactics to personalize your email message for better results final

  1. 1. FEATURING THE LATEST RESEARCH Email Marketing Five tactics to personalize your message for better resultsSponsored by:
  2. 2. IntroductionsDaniel Burstein, Director of Editorial ContentMECLABS/MarketingSherpa@DanielBursteinCourtney Eckerle, ReporterMECLABS@courtneyeckerle
  3. 3. Join the conversation#SherpaWebinar
  4. 4. Chart 3.30 Tactics utilized to improve email relevance and engagement Which of the following tactics is your organization using to improve the relevance and engagement of email content delivered to subscribers? Automatically send email based on triggers 39% Segment email campaigns based on behavior 37% Dynamically personalize email content Dynamically personalize email content (e g (e.g. name in subject line, geo-… first first name in subject line, geo- location content) 36% Segment email campaigns based on sales cycle 28% Allow subscribers to specify email preferences via a robust preference… 21% Include surveys, trivia or games 18% Use loyalty / reward programs 14% Dedicate resources to produce content for each stage in the buying process 12% Make use of animated GIF images or video in design 11%Source: ©2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark SurveyMethodology: Fielded December 2012, N=626 4
  5. 5. Chart 4.21 Email campaign element testing and optimization Which of the following email campaign elements do you routinely test to optimize performance? Please select all that apply. Subject line 86% Call-to-action 62% Message (eg greeting, body, closing) Message (e.g. greeting, body, closing) 58% Days of the week sent 48% Layout and images 47% Time of day sent 46% Landing page 44% Target audience 44% Personalization 42% From line 32% Layout and images specifically for mobile viewing 26% Other 2% None of the above 2%Source: ©2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark SurveyMethodology: Fielded December 2012, N=264 5
  6. 6. Self- assessment…How often do you test personalization tactics?
  7. 7. What you are going to learn…• Creative ways to add a personal touch to email sends• Personalization in subject lines• Why you should extend personalization to the landing page• Tips on quickly personalizing a template• How to get just enough information from the consumer
  8. 8. Not this… The “batch and blast” approach Many marketers fall into the pattern of sending general emails to an entire database over and over again – batch and blast – because they are unsure of how to move to a more targeted approach.
  9. 9. But this….Humanize content
  10. 10. Three key ideas: To increase the odds that your emails will find 1 a receptive audience, add human elements to your email. These elements make emails seem more personal, 2 even if you don’t necessarily incorporate any personal information. 3 With the rise of social media, your customers expect more than information; they expect personality.
  11. 11. * Personalize your templateWith an already created template, it is often easy topersonalize it with a few quick changes: • Personalized with full name • Comes from an actual person (“From:” field) • Signed by an actual person • Conduct A/B tests by sending different versions of an email to different segments of your list
  12. 12. Chart 3.34 Subscriber segmentation attributes Can you segment subscriber data into separate lists based on the following attributes? Email engagement behavior 55% 29% 16% Purchase history 53% 30% 16% Location in sales pipeline 38% 43% 19% User-declared personal preferences 38% 43% 19% Email viewing device habits 28% 49% 22% Yes No Don’t knowSource: ©2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark SurveyMethodology: Fielded December 2012, N≥115 13
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  14. 14. Download your FREE excerpt Visit bit.ly/emailbmr for your copy!
  15. 15. Case StudyChallenge• Marketing team was moving away from batch and blast in favor of trying targeted marketing for the first time.Campaign• Chose a group of subscribers who were one-time big spenders on the site.• Sent this audience a one-time promotion to generate revenue, as well as test the viability of the audience as an email segment• Instead of the generic, vague messaging common to batch and blast emails, they focused on a personal connection.•Source: Email Marketing: 208% higher conversion rate for targeted emails over batch-and-blast
  16. 16. From: DevinKimura, CEOSubject:Exclusive 20%discount just foryou, Cortney,From Artbeads’CEO DevinKimura
  17. 17. Case StudyChallenge• Aweber knew that personalization in subject lines and greetings improved results at other companies. However, they were skeptical it could work with their audience.Campaign• Marketing team decided to conduct a test to find out if personalization really made a difference.• Rather than testing one email, the team chose to test seven consecutive emails throughout the month.• Team sent basic A/B test on each of the designated days. A random half of its list would receive a normal, unaltered email (A) and the second half would receive a test email (B).•Source: Email Marketing: 17.36% higher average clickthrough rate in 7 personalized subject line tests
  18. 18. A/B subject line testsEmail A:Email Marketing Advice From 2 Guys (Who Know WhatThey’re Doing)Email B: [First Name], Email Marketing Advice From 2 Guys (Who Know What They’re Doing)
  19. 19. Results higher average open rate for personalized5.13% subject line over regular email higher clickthrough rate for personalized17.6% subject line over regular email What you need to know: Focusing on a single change to a single! part of the email across multiple sends allows a definitive conclusion to be drawn from results.
  20. 20. What you need to know: !Never lose sight of keeping a compelling offer and clear call-to-action when developing creative, eye catching email content.
  21. 21. Case StudyChallenge• Helzberg’s charms jewelry were such a strong seller that customers were almost too familiar with the product.• The online marketing team wanted to promote them, but needed to find a way to make them catch customer’s attention again, and speak to them directly.Campaign• The team designed a promotional campaign that addressed the customer directly, by having the charms spell out their name as a greeting. •Source: Email Marketing: Helzberg Diamonds garners 288% sales lift with animated, personalized promo
  22. 22. Subject:This free bracelet has yourname on itPersonalization:Charms spelling out thesubscriber’s name wereanimated to swing backand forth on the chain
  23. 23. Results increase in sales compared to the288% previous week promoting the same collection to the same audience higher open rate than Helzbergs average for55% promotional emails higher clickthrough rate85%
  24. 24. Case StudyChallenge• Moosejaw wanted to find a creative way to insert a human element that would help them stay relevant and sell an experience to their customers.Campaign• Moosejaw used “madness” campaigns centered on things such as a break-up service, a kissing service that helped customers kiss their crush on New Year’s Eve, and a pizza bribe service that helped subscribers motivate friends and family through food.• They actually performed these services, and posted several videos of their representatives on YouTube having these conversations. •Source: Email Relevance: 8 tactics for leveraging timing, segmentation and content
  25. 25. ResultsFor Moosejaw, thisapproach was bothhuman, and reflective ofthe brand.The tone of thecampaign mirrored thepersonality of thecompany.The electroniccommunicationswere a translationof customer As many disengaged subscribers opened theinteractions andexperiences in- 2X “100% madness” emails as opposed to those featuring product information or special offers.store.
  26. 26. What you need to know: Once you personalize your email message,you can see even more benefit by followingthrough with a personalized landing page. ! Following through with personalization from email to landing page can distinguish even mundane sends.
  27. 27. Case StudyChallenge• HP Education Services sent out print catalogs for their IT pro courses, but began testing web and email as costs mounted.• Needed to convey huge amounts of information in an email campaign, and have a long life.Campaign• The team merged their most powerful resources – an online course catalog at HP.com and a database of thousands of past customers.• Instead of speaking generally, the email sent suggested one course based off of one they had taken in the past, and the location was chosen to be near to their office.• The customer’s first and last name were in the URL of the landing page they were directed towards. •Source: HP Tests Personalized Web Landing Pages for Email and Direct Mail Campaigns -- Data & Samples
  28. 28. HP’s personalized email,featuring:• Call-to-action to go to personallanding page• A recommended course• Information on that course• Ability to browse full schedule HP’s personalized landing page, featuring: • Recommended class • Value proposition • Location • Registration • Full course catalog
  29. 29. Results email recipients went to their personal landing16.5% pages. of those visitors clicked again to either register63% or surf other course options on the site. of those who visited the site converted into31% purchasing courses
  30. 30. * Collect information gradually It is a delicate balance for marketers to obtain necessary customer information, without asking for so much that it creates friction for " the customer.
  31. 31. Chart 3.24 Form data collection Which form data do you collect in the registration process for your email program? Email address 100% Name 70% ZIP code 35% State 35% Telephone Number 33% Country 29% Street Address 26% Other 22% Age 12% Gender 12% Salutation 8% Fax Number 3%Source: ©2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark SurveyMethodology: Fielded December 2012, N=347 36
  32. 32. Don’t Go Overboard
  33. 33. Don’t go Overboard Effective email marketing goes back to relevancy – catering to the needs and interests of individual customers. This should be the foundation of a marketing campaign.• If you ask for too much information, you can kill the conversion rate on the registration page. If you ask for too little, it can be difficult to segment your database.• One effective tactic can be to gradually ask for information from a customer, as they become more comfortable with your company.
  34. 34. Case Study Challenge• Scotts Miracle-Gro, a lawn and garden products company, wanted to use their email newsletter to deliver locally relevant content to their subscribers. Campaign• Once a consumer registered on Scotts’ website, Scotts invites the consumer to become a subscriber to their email newsletter, Lawn Care Update, to receive expert advice and special offers.• By using one simple request of a subscriber’s zip code, Scotts was able to provide valuable product information based on that region’s soil or climate.• By providing specific links in the newsletter, the email can lead the consumer back to website for further information and help.•Source: Email Marketing How-to: 5 steps to improve your email newsletter
  35. 35. Case Study Challenge • Marketing team wanted to keep the barrier to sign up for their list as easy as possible. • Still wanted to capture all the information they needed, but they only captured email addresses, so until a purchase was made and they could begin targeting based on purchase behavior, they had nothing else. Campaign • The marketing team bypassed the challenge of asking for too much too fast through what they called “progressive profiling.” • Launched a three part new series of welcome emails that would be sent out over the space of seven days. • Helped improve segmentation without hurting conversion rates, increased revenue by 27%.•Source: Email Marketing: New tactics for display ads, segmentation and discount promos
  36. 36. Freshpair.com welcome series Email #1 Email #2 Email #3Sent at sign-up Sent day four Sent day seven Capture product Reassure subscribers Discount offer preference This send emphasized the If subscribers had not New subscribers first value proposition surrounding Freshpair’s yet purchased, they receive an email that email program. received this third and asks them to select final welcome email which types of Noted that subscribers three days after the products they prefer, would receive: first notice second (seven days men’s or women’s – of sales, product after the first) that gave them a first information and expert offers them a discount. datapoint for knowledge, first notice of segmenting their list. new products.
  37. 37. Thank You!Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial ContentMECLABS/MarketingSherpa@DanielBursteinCourtney Eckerle, ReporterMECLABS@courtneyeckerle