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Black box

  1. 1. introduction
  2. 2. Blackbox: The Online Marketing SuiteThe BlackBox online marketing kit consists of comprehensive range of optimization applications for visitoracquisition, conversion, online analytics and channel analytics and works on a unified script concept. The product ismodular and flexible, allowing customers to tailor the suite to meet their specific business requirements. Customerscan utilize individual products, a combination of products and services or the entire suite.
  3. 3. Black.Box framework{ }{ } With Engage, marketers can create user sites to Plumb helps marketers quickly identify the most capture user insights and behavior by way of profitable paths through their Web site, determine blogs, reviews, and surveys, polls, rating where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online scales, videos & shadow application and identify key product factors by measuring user marketing campaigns. sentiments for each product{ }{ } Customers have an increasing number of choices for QuanT5 allows you to perform complex data how they interact with a business—store, call mining queries on historical click-stream data center, ATM, Web site—and correlating information and other keyword crawling across the web and across these channels can provide marketers with report user buzz, ad buzz and reputation mining. unique insights into understanding customer behavior. It also gives you the flexibility to generate Multimedium provides business intelligence analysts targeted re-marketing lists based on specific with the ability to gain rapid and deep business segments of visitors‘ online behavior. insights across all customer touch points
  4. 4. Summary: Employing Black.Box for Marketing• Helps in measuring website traffic and help theuser create visitor database What’s• Helps in understanding visitor behavior on the happening?website and create custom communications• Helps in managing closed loop processing in terms Why did itof email communication and get them registered happen?• Helps in engaging his registered customers bybuilding social sites and use them as effectivefeedback system by setting up focused What is likely todiscussions, surveys and polls happen?• Helps in monitoring customer sentiments aroundhis products What’s the• Helps in research activities by crawling across blogs prescription?and review sites and find product related sentiments• Helps in collating all data sources containing userinformation and overlay data to study user buyingtrends
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Consumption Cycle ANALYTICAL SERVICES Data •Applying Analytics to the available data Collect Insights •Measure your responses •Derive Insights to Align and reanalyze the data for new insights Communicate Create •Send out communication •Develop Communication and track all sources for based on insights responses DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES
  6. 6. BlackBox Distribution by Components
  7. 7. walkthrough
  9. 9. TRAFFIC SOURCES Get a roll down on referral traffic based on Affiliate Campaigns, Mail Campaigns, Adword Campaigns or even social media sources You can set the campaign URLs or Campaign pages to the attribute manager to understand the conversion funnel. This helps in measuring campaign’s performance and ROI
  10. 10. CONTENT Content Analytics covers • Page Wise Analytics • Page Popularity by Location • Page Popularity among user groups • Entry Analytics • Exit Analytics • Share Analytics • FB Like Analytics • Page level heatmap If recommendation widget is enabled, then we can get data on recommendation click-throughs
  11. 11. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Content Optimization Features 1. Heat Map 2. Variate Tests 3. Page Load Content Optimization for Search 1. Semantic evaluation 2. Title Checker 3. Keyword Density Checker 4. Site Map Creation
  12. 12. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Create Banner options/HTML boxes that you need to test Collect Embed code and add it to your variant test pages Analyze impressions and click through and gather publishing insights
  13. 13. VISITOR ANALYTICSUser demographic details, OS, Browser, Provider, Company is also available for each user. This individual report is part ofthe visitor roll-up report
  15. 15. VISITOR ANALYTICSEngagement tab covers the site feedback, survey, poll participation reports and the buzz tab covers the userspostings, user comments and sentiments about the product
  16. 16. CONVERSIONS Create behavior based win-back forms to enable contact generation The site offers scripts to enable site feedback widget for data collection Automate condition based or location based value offers on the fly Hi, You seem to be interested in this {product}. We can offer cool custom deals. Activate Chat when a visitor has achieved a Please leave your contact address particular goal path
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION Send emails to the contact generated Import email lists for mail campaigns and run mail campaigns Enable drip workflow for mail campaigns if the follow-ups need to automated Understand the effectiveness of the campaign by analyzing open, click through and opt out data Measure effectiveness of email message
  18. 18. ENGAGEMENT The Engage configurator The Site Admin can configure a community site for his users Features • Discussion board- support text, images and video comments • Surveys • Polls • Tasks • Points • Contacts • Groups • Screeners The site can be configured for both public or private domain Since this medium is mostly one-on- one, analyzing buying behavior of an individual user within the community will get more streamlinedThe site owner can login to his user management console and track every individual user’s siteactions. This data with the help of custom patterns can inform fine-grained user reports in terms ofusage, survey or poll answers, blog content and its buzz weight. The administrator can now drivecustom communication based on analyzed user profile and insights.
  19. 19. ENGAGEMENT- USE CASEThis engagement model was configured to create a Microsoft Azure Community @ the Café When we register the user, we capture profile information, which will help in understanding the user group Each participation accounts to user insights which will help in publishing custom content The Manager @the Café can group his users by any of the demographic filter and send out group messages within the café The Manager can send out one-on-one messages to any user and learn more about the user The User can invite friends, import contacts, post text/video discussions, rate, review and recommend interested products, participate in a survey, take a poll and earn points
  20. 20. BUZZ ON THE DEEP WEB – USER COMMENTS AND SENTIMENTS Get user sentiments across the web by specifying keywords Get reports across facebook, twitter, blogs, discussion forums, video sites and other pages available on google search You can automate this process and monitor brand reputation
  21. 21. BUZZ ON THE DEEP WEB – USER COMMENTS AND SENTIMENTS Cross-sect brand mentions and understand the user perspective of your brand in terms of features Know who your brand influencers are and neutralize negative influencers Identify positive influencers and reward them for referrals
  22. 22. PLUG OTHER SOURCES The current import feature supports dat. Sav, csv, xls data formats Automated data normalization Customization for Analysis requirements Basic cross tab reports Deck Generator
  23. 23. SCORES BY RELATIONSHIP Visited twice directly scores for source Visited twice Integrated Scores scores for frequency Scores from External data 8 models 6 3 Complete One FB Post Conversion Funnel Scores for FB scores for path Posting and its influences 3 7 completions One Review 67 Transactions Scores for External 2 12 scores for successful transactions and Postings wish-list additions about the brand 12 3 Participated Twice 11 Recommended Once scores for Took the SiteSurvey recommendations and and Feedback survey Used FB Likes thrice forwards scores for FB likes
  24. 24. comparison
  25. 25. Feature Omniture SiteCatalyst Google Analytics BlackBox PlumbAds / Conversions / Goal Tracking Omniture uses the SearchCenter Because Adwords and Analytics Integrating PPC providers application to integrate PPC can be directly linked, the including Adwords for an providers including Adwords for conversion tracking for PPC goals additional cost can be provided. an additional cost. Conversion is free and simple to setup. Smart PPC campaigns can help in tracking can be tedious and Conversions tracking on Google grouping users following the confusing in Omniture. can also group users that follow same funnel the same path on the site before a conversion.Dashboard/Customized Reports Can email hourly reports in Excel, Can email daily reports in PDF, Can email hourly reports in Excel, PDF, HTML & Word. Larger XML, CSV, and TSV. Limits each PDF, HTML, XML & Word. Larger reports can be slow during high user to one default reports can be slow during high traffic periods. dashboard/report per site. traffic periods.User & Access Management Administrators can assign access Google Analytics only allows two Administrators can assign access at many different levels and levels of access (read-only or at many different levels and organize people into groups. admin) and users must have a organize people into groups. Their contact info is also retained Google account. No contact in SiteCatalyst. information is stored on Analytics.Data Accuracy The number of visits recorded Many people have found that The number of visits may vary may vary depending on how Google Analytics under reports based on script configuration. No extensively the site owner their page visits. This might be loss of data due to browser configures SiteCatalyst. Tracking caused by slow loading pages and settings as we serve first party code will not function on users leaving the page before the cookies for on-premise browsers with high security tracking code loads. Tracking installations settings due to third party cookie code will not function on delivery browsers with high security settings due to third party cookie deliveryCosts Annual Packages. Cost for both Annual Packages. Limited Annual Packages. Cost for framework and resources impressions. Cost for Resources framework and resources
  26. 26. Feature Omniture SiteCatalyst Google Analytics Decisive BlackBoxSite Overlay Tools Omniture offers ClickMap which Google’s site overlay feature Referred as Heat Map, we create is installed and run from the (sometimes referred to as popularity of the site elements users’ computer to view content “heatmap”) runs through Google within a page using page tags and popularity of the site elements servers, so it doesn’t require the analytical intelligence. It doesn’t within a page. There is a delay user to download and install require the user to download and issue when accessing data for anything. It allows the user to install anything. It allows the user ranges larger than a day. look at content popularity data to look at content popularity data Compatibility with new browsers from any given date range over a from any given date range can also be an issue. 2 year period without any time lag.Importing Data Data can be imported from Analytics does not allow any data Data can be imported from various sources like video usage importing various sources. Custom import and mobile traffic. feature for any data source can also be createdExporting Data ExcelClient plugin allows direct Tatvic Excel Plugin uses the Excel plugin allows direct data data export into Excel for analysis Analytics API to pull data directly export into Excel for analysis & & custom-formatted reports. into Excel for analysis. custom-formatted reports.Custom Variable / Event / Link SiteCatalyst allows the user to Google Analytics has the ability to Blackbox allows the user to trackTracking track different types of variables track only 5 custom variables on different types of variables to to help organize the traffic any one page, which can be help organize the traffic metrics metrics in multiple groups. limiting. The Custom link and in multiple groups. Custom Custom events, and links can also event tracking is comparable to events, and links can also be be tracked which are useful for Omniture. tracked through JQuery Methods tracking user actions that do not refresh the page or lead to pages without tracking code installed.Application Support Omniture has a 24 hour support No guaranteed support from Is not a self service model yet. line and a complete online Google, but their forums are Framework delivered based on resource with common questions regularly monitored and updated request and information about its with support information. There applications. They also use are also Google certified Twitter to answer support consulting companies that questions. provide support.
  27. 27. Feature Omniture SiteCatalyst Google Analytics Decisive BlackBoxTraffic Filtering Not as many filtering options as Traffic can be filtered by domain, Traffic can be filtered by domain, Google, but traffic can be filtered IP address (or range), site section, IP address (or range), site section, by a IP address (or range). geography, referrer, client browser geography, referrer, client browser settings, and more. settings, and more.Rollup/Multi-Suiting For an additional cost, Omniture Analytics does not have the rollup All kinds of rollup reports available allows you to track overall page capability, but its ability to display for subdomain, subsites or even views, unique visitors, and to metrics for a specified group of multiple sites. Needs perform correlations for different sites together allows the user to customization, but no extra costs traffic segments via multi-suiting do similar analysis. This data can for managing multiple Web sites. be sorted by day, week, month Another way to manage multiple and year and the user will also see sites in Omniture is by using Rollup the percentage change from the accounts. This feature is limited previous time period. Google also because correlations cannot be has a multi-tagging feature to setup for specific traffic segments, gather traffic data for multiple and data is delayed for about 2 sites. The key advantage for days. Google is that all of this is available for free.Segmenting/Correlations Each segment must be manually Very flexible – allows for custom Very flexible – allows for custom setup and all of the data is not segments and is already setup with segments and is already setup with retroactive unless setup using many segments allowing for many segments allowing for another Ominture product called almost instantaneous analysis of almost instantaneous analysis of DataWarehouse. This can take up correlated, retroactive data correlated, retroactive data to 72 hours to process new But works for small Data reports.System & Account Limitation - The number of users is limited by - Page views are limited to 5 Account limitation for on-demand contract million per month unless the user version is based on impressions. . has an active Adwords account On-premise version has no - Correlations are limited for each (spending $1/day) account limitations report suite, and rollup report . suites cannot have any - Limited to 50 profiles per correlations. account, but you can have multiple . accounts - Variable limits exist for custom variables
  28. 28. Feature Omniture SiteCatalyst Google Analytics Decisive BlackBoxTracking Tag Performance The response times varies Response time is very consistent The response times varies slightly, but it doesn’t have a ensuring good page slightly, but it doesn’t have a significant effect on page performance. significant effect on page performance performanceImplementation / Configuration Customizable tracking code is The same tracking code is added A single tracking code is added to added to each page the user to each page the user wants to all the pages for basic /generic wants to track on the site. The track on the site. Google analytics. For advanced analytics, configuration can be very generates the code we need to create custom track advanced and could require automatically, and setup is not code and if necessary add additional training, but it gives very difficult to understand. different scripts on targetted the site owner more options That’s not to say that some skill pages isn’t required to configure conversion tracking.Conditional Winback forms - - Behavior based forms can be activated based on rules for contact generation of the visitor. Rules can be based on visits, frequency, geo locations or a particular funnelSite Feedback Allows the site owner to run a site feedback widget for visitor conversation. You can even set this widget to hold a survey or a poll or even integrate a siteChatRecommendations Using the analytics data, our reco engine can provided recommendations which can be rendered on your page using a embed script.
  29. 29. roadmap
  30. 30. Integrate all data mediums + enable analytical models Websites/ Campaigns Mail InfoKiosks Comm Data Sources Acquisition Offline Media: Organic IPTV/QR Search Codes Risk Cross Sell Analytical Models Offline Customer Source Paid Shops Search 360 Tone UpSell Affiliate Loyalty Marketing Value Attrition Communit Deep Web ies Search Social Sites
  31. 31. Integrate all data mediums + enable analytical models as an on-demand model
  32. 32. thanks Stay aligned.