Lead Generation Maturity Assessment


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Lead Generation Maturity Assessment

  1. 1. Lead Generation Maturity AssessmentLead Generation Success Drivers Scores RecommendationsStrategy, Process & SkillsLead Generation Strategy (objectives, initiatives, targets, measures) 3 Use a Lead Generation Strategy Scorecard to gain approval from senior management.Program Prioritization 2 Prioritize projects quarterly to evaluate fit, feasibility, and business value.Process Definition 3 Use a Lead Acquisition Model to document lead generation processes.KPI Tracking & Measurement 4 0Skills & Resources to Execute 1 Determine skill/resources gaps and hire or outsource as required.Marketing Automation & Lead ManagementLead Scoring 2 Build a Lead Scoring Index to rank leads based on profile & activity.Lead Nurturing 5 0Lead Assignment 3 Establish a lead assignment business rule and automate this process if possible.Lead Alerts for Sales Reps 1 Research vendors who can provide hot lead on website sales alerts.Auto-Response Messaging 2 Write auto-response messages that can be automatically delivered to web visitors.Automation Rules 4 0Direct & Database Management
  2. 2. Email Marketing Systems 5 0Dynamic Variable Insertion 5 0Centralized Contact List 4 0De-duplication 2 Evaluate data de-duplication applications that can integrate with your CRM system.Offline Advertising Results Measurement 3 Set up unique 800 numbers or microsites to track offline campaign results.Marketing List Size & Quality 4 0Website, Blog & CommunityWebsite Effectiveness 3 Leverage your websites ability to communicate with key stakeholders 24/7.Competitive Website Ranking 1 Conduct a Competitive Website Analysis to rank your site with your competitors.Web Marketing Strategy 4 0Blog 5 0Customer Support Forum or Community 1 Consider using an online customer support portal or forum to save on support costs.Website Usability 4 0Conversion & Landing PagesWebform Management 3 Integrate your website forms with your marketing or CRM system.Microsites 1 Research how microsites and personal URLs (PURLs) can improve conversions.Landing Pages 4 0
  3. 3. Incomplete Form Data Capture 2 Detemine if your web forms have the ability to capture partial completions.Blocking of Personal Email Addresses 1 Use a form engine to block free, non-work email addresses.Form Customization & Progressive Profiling 3 Research progressive profiling as a techniques to gather incremental information.Analytics, SEO & Paid SearchIndividual User Web Analytics 1 Use a marketing automation system to gain insight into individual web visitor stats.Daily Web Visitor Reports 1 Configure automation rules to send website visitor activity reports to Sales reps.Total Web Traffic Analytics & Reporting 2 Ensure that lead source is captured in your CRM system to track ROI from Paid Search.Search Query Monitoring 2 Ask your I/T department if they can generate reports for search queries on your website.Blocking of Personal Email Addresses 2 Use a web analytics solution to identify unregistered users by their IP address.Reverse IP Lookup (WHOIS) 2 Perform a keyword analysis exercise to determine your natural SEO rankings.Associations, Partnerships & ChannelsAssociations & Networking 4 0Partnership Program 3 Develop a parntership program that is formalized and aligned with business objectives.Partnership Lead Tracking 4 0Channel Marketing Support 2 Examine existing channel support programs and materials and revise if necessary.Strategic Partnerships Formed 4 0CRM & Marketing Systems Integration
  4. 4. CRM/Marketing Systems Integration 3 Determine if your CRM & Marketing systems can be integrated and at what cost.Lead Source Required Field 2 Customize your CRM system to ensure that "Lead Source" is a required field.Prospect Activities Viewable in CRM 1 Integrate your marketing automation system with your CRM to provide more visibility.Lead Pulling from Sales to Re-Qualify 1 Assess stalled opportunities with sales management and pull back from sales reps.Lead Score/Grade Field Viewable in CRM 2 Work to integrate lead scoring/grading processes into your CRM system.Campaign Measurement & ReportingKPI Identification & Tracking 4 0Ability to Measure ROI 2 Audit gaps in your reporting process to determine how to close the loop.Benchmarks for Key Metrics 2 Collect metrics to set benchmarks and measure improvements over time.Closed Loop Reporting 3 Run reports on total campaign costs and revenue generated to determine ROI.Marketing Dashboard 3 Build a simple marketing dashboard to provide visibility to senior management.
  5. 5. WeightingCustomize this tool by changing the weighting scale for each assessment category. Weighting Scale Marketing CRM & Strategy, Direct & Conversion & Analytics, Associations, Campaign Automation & Website, Blog Marketing Process & Lead Database & Community Landing SEO & Paid Partnerships Systems Measurement Total Skills Management Pages Search & Channels & Reporting Management Integration 20% 15% 5% 0% 10% 10% 20% 10% 10% 100%
  6. 6. Self AssessmentRank your organizations compliance with each best practice using the drop-down box in the Score column. Strategy, Process & Skills Description of Best Practices Score Notes/Comments Our lead generation strategy is documented in a clear, concise fashion, and approved by the CEO. 3 Lead Generation programs are prioritized on a regular basis to ensure proper allocation of resources. 2 Lead Generation processes are defined, repeatable, measured, and managed diligently. 3 Senior Management clearly understand Mobile Marketing and how it can benefit the business. 4 We have the required skills internally to implement our lead generation strategy. 1 Marketing Automation & Lead Management Description of Best Practices Score Notes/Comments Leads are scored for quality based on explicit prospect profile criteria and implicit buying behaviors.. 2 Leads are nurtured with drip marketing campaigns to align purchasing and sales cycles. 5 Prospects are automatically routed to the appropriate sales person based on lead assignment rules. 3
  7. 7. Prospects are automatically routed to the appropriate sales person based on lead assignment rules. 3Sales people are alerted when prospects give a buying signal (visit website, whitepaper download, etc).` 1Auto-responder emails are sent when a prospect interacts with your website (completes a form, etc). 2Automation rules are in place to streamline and automate key marketing processes and communications. 4Direct & Database ManagementDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsEmail marketing campaigns can be executed with links that track prospect activities (opens, click-through). 5Dynamic variables such as prospect name can be automatically inserted into email marketing campaigns. 5Marketing contact lists can be created, imported, stored, and updated in centralized database. 4De-duplication of prospects and customers is automated based on unique identifier such as email address. 2Direct Mail & Advertising Campaigns are accurately measured based on (800) number calls, or microsites. 3We have a number of effective list building programs, and are happy with the size of our marketing database. 4
  8. 8. Website, Blog & CommunityDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsOur website is the focal point of our lead generation strategy and communicates our brand effectively. 3We have compared our website with competitors, and our website provides a competitive advantage. 1We have a clearly defined web marketing strategy with goals, objectives, measures, and targets. 4Customers can interact with our organization via a blog that keeps our website content fresh. 5We have launched an online customer community (forum) application to promote self-service. 1Our website is simple to use and has clear navigation paths. 4Conversion & Landing PagesDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsWebforms can be created directly by marketing to convert prospects into registered, qualified leads. 3Microsites are used to track leads generated from Direct Mail, Advertising, or other offline campaigns. 1We have designed unique landing pages to optimize conversion rates for paid search and online ads. 4
  9. 9. We have designed unique landing pages to optimize conversion rates for paid search and online ads. 4Data can be captured from web forms that have not been fully completed/submitted by website visitors. 2Forms can block invalid/free email addresses (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) to increase contact rate. 1Form fields can be customized and set up to capture additional information during subsequent web visits. 3Analytics, SEO & Paid SearchDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsIndividual visitor website activity is tracked for both registered and unregistered prospects and customers. 1Daily website visitor activity reports are automatically generated and sent to sales & marketing users. 1Paid/Organic Search traffic is tracked and compared with actual revenue generated to measure ROI. 2Internal website search queries are tracked and tied to individual prospect and customer activity history. 2Unregistered/non-converted website visitors are identified by WHOIS database to determine company name. 2We show up in the top 1-2 pages of search results for our top keywords. 2Associations, Partnerships & Channels
  10. 10. Description of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsWe have joined all relevant associations for our industry and regularly network with our affiliates. 4Our Partnership Program is clearly documented and aligns with our strategic objectives. 3We can monitor the amount of leads/business that is coming in from each channel partner. 4Channel marketing efforts are well supported with documentation, sales training, and product support. 2Strategic partnerships have been formed to provide our customers with additional value & resources. 4CRM & Marketing Systems IntegrationDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsCRM and marketing systems (email, marketing automation, direct mail, advertising, etc) are integrated. 3Lead source is a required field in our CRM system to ensure we can measure marketing program ROI. 2Prospect activities (website pageviews, email opens, downloads) can be easily viewed in CRM system. 1Leads that are not actively pursued by sales after 60 days can be pulled from CRM system and re-nurtured. 1Lead Score/Grade field is automatically populated & updated in CRM system contact records. 2
  11. 11. Lead Score/Grade field is automatically populated & updated in CRM system contact records. 2Campaign Measurement & ReportingDescription of Best Practices Score Notes/CommentsKey Performance Indicators for marketing programs are identified prior to campaign execution. 4We are able to determine revenue generated and return on investment for all marketing programs. 2Benchmarks are in place for key marketing metrics (campaign metrics, cost/lead, ROI, retention rates, etc). 2Our lead generation systems integrate with our CRM system to tie costs to opportunities won (ROI). 3We have a markteing dashboard in place to communicate marketing metrics with senior management. 3
  12. 12. Lead Generation Assessment Criteria Score Lead Generation Maturity Index Strategy, Process &Strategy, Process & Skills 2.6 Skills 5.0Marketing Automation & Lead Management 2.8 Campaign Marketing Measurement & 4.0 Automation & Lead Reporting ManagementDirect & Database Management 3.8 3.0Website, Blog & Community 3.0 2.0 CRM & Marketing 1.0 Direct & DatabaseConversion & Landing Pages 2.3 Systems Integration Management 0.0Analytics, SEO & Paid Search 1.7Associations, Partnerships & Channels 3.4 Associations, Website, Blog & Partnerships & CommunityCRM & Marketing Systems Integration 1.8 ChannelsCampaign Measurement & Reporting 2.8 Analytics, SEO & Conversion & Paid Search Landing PagesWeighted Readiness Score (out of 100) 53