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Presentation by Dave Lloyd of Adobe on Maximizing Enterprise SEO and Search Marketing at @AdTech SF 2013

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  • Iterative testingCore message (CTA static)CTA message (CM static)
  • Here are some additional signals that impact SEO performance.
  • Ad Tech - Maximizing Enterprise SEO - Dave Lloyd - Adobe

    1. 1. Maximizing Enterprise SEO How to Succeed in Organic Search in 2013 & Beyond April 10, 2013
    2. 2. Global team delivering Organic & Site Search strategies for all Adobe products Team Charter • Deliver industry best practices • Drive KPI-focused results • Align with Marketing Cloud product teams 12 years in Search, 15 years in DigitalDave LloydSenior Manager, Global Search Marketing@davelloyd1
    3. 3. Download Presentation
    4. 4. “Business has only twobasic functions: marketingand innovation.” – PeterDrucker
    5. 5. Search #1 Source for Information Online sources used to look for information about Tech business purchasesSearch Engines Search Engines 90%Brand/Vendor websites 84%Professional networking sites (LinkedIn, etc) 70%Tech Focused Community sites 66%Technology Media Sites (Tech Crunch, etc) 61%Trade Magazine sites 56%Social Networking Sites 56%Peer-generated Online Review sites 54%Video Sharing sites 50%Newspaper site 47%  Source: Google/Compete Tech B2B Customer Study, June 2012. (Sample of N=151 Marketing Management customers who research Tech productsOther on the internet). 40%
    6. 6. Key Message1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =SEO is your most cost-effective revenue channel@davelloyd1
    7. 7. Our Search Vision Paid Organic SiteMaximizeIntegration 7
    8. 8. Our Vision to Maximize SEO Add SEO DNA to workflow early & often• Strategic – Be customer-focused through competitive & audience analysis – Focus on BU priorities – Engage closest stakeholders in regular training – Don’t optimize for Google, optimize using best practices• Integrated & Data-driven – Begin with the end in mind on key business metrics – Be involved from beginning in full project lifecycle – Align Search best practices with ALL Content Marketing goals – Comprehensive search data-sharing and feedback loop across all channels• Comprehensive – Plan ahead to stay credible – Capitalize on market opportunity of global + non-brand keyword optimization – Reduce risk whenever possible
    9. 9. Next: Stakeholder Engagement1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue channel@davelloyd1
    10. 10. Search Engagement Process SEARCH DELIVERY VEHICLES Paid Organic Site Strategy Search Communication, KPIs, Objectives, Global, Segmenting Metrics & Stakeholders Reporting Engagement Demand Launches, Offers, Audience, Keywords, URLs Dashboards Marketing using Adobe Analytics and Campaign Landing Ad Copy Keywords Adobe Media Marketing Pages Optimizer Business Units Link Promo Content Copy Building Lead Generation Download/Trial Buy Now Sales & Marketing Database
    11. 11. Marketing Tiers & Search Strategy Consideratio Awareness Purchase nPaid Ad Copy Graphic Design Software Adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Creative Cloud – Create compelling vector graphics Hand off AI files faster than ever w/ Illustrator in Creative Cloud. w/ Creative Cloud. Join today! Get access to all Adobe CS6 tools when you upgrade. Only $29.99/mo. Ad CopyIllustrator: design software | Adobe Illustrator Graphic Graphic design software | Adobe Illustrator Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic design software Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic design Adobe Creative Cloud brings Creative Suite is the industrys premier vector-drawing software is the industrys premier vector- desktop applications, Adobe Touch Apps, and environment for creating graphics that scale drawing environment for creating graphics services together for a complete ideation-to- across media. that scale across media.Dreamweaver: publishing experience.
    12. 12. SEO Center of Excellence IT Web Social Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Production Quarterly Engagement Global Web TeamsStrategy (Loc) BU &Content SEO Analytics Formal & ad-hoc trainingOwners Team PaidSearch Product & MktgMedia Maintain an updated Store SEO Best Practices doc Execs Teams User Interface
    13. 13. Optimize team focus to SEO signals SEO Algorithm Team Priorities & Workload
    14. 14. Leader in Web Content Management
    15. 15. To consider for CMS integration• What’s possible out of the box? Search-friendly URLs, canonical updates, customizable templates, Rich Text editing, Page property inputs & tagging, Digital Asset Management, image optimization, – All these are true for CQ/Adobe Experience Manager• What’s possible with customization?• Who, when, & how can IT & Web Production help you technically add the SEO updates needed?
    16. 16. Content Siloing Disorganized Clear Themes and Relevance POWER TOOLS Cordless Hammers Electric Saws Gas Powered Cordless Power Electric Power Electric Tools Tools Tools Compressors Gas Generators Gas Electric Drills Cordless drills Electric Drills Generators Gas Compressors Cordless Electric Gas Gas Powered Planers Compressors Compressors SawsCordless Drills Cordless Planers Cordless Electric Saws Gas Powered Hammers Saws
    17. 17. Search-informed Content Marketing Challenges Strategies SEO not aligned Integrate SEO best practices strategically, early, & often regularly into entire content in publishing process authoring workflow Minimal influence of key Collaborate early on global global content assets content priorities to best leverage resources Content publishers don’t Tight SEO team alignment, know or execute SEO best training, and QA process with practices all who touch contentConstraints - Time, Resources, Optimal EngagementKnowledge
    18. 18. Top URLs shared with Stakeholders Keyword theme Target KWs Search volume Target URL Map your keywords to individually targeted search pages, globally
    19. 19. Content optimization elements Title tag URL H1 Image naming and tagsKeywords in body copy Anchor text links
    20. 20. Search & Social (Virtuous Cycle) Search keywords inform Social content strategy Social Social conversations conversations drive Search equity inform keyword & influence strategy rankings Search enhancements improve Social ranking 20
    21. 21. Socialize the Keyword & URL Plan1. KWs shared with Social teams2. KWs & URLs use in Social updates (where relevant)3. Optimize other owned content (Blogs, TV, Help) & link to target pages
    22. 22. Impact of Social on SEOKeyword“social analytics”December (1 week)- Rank from 28 to 2- From 7 TweetsFebruary (3 weeks)- Rank from 4 to 2- From 28 Tweets and 6 Facebook ActionsSource: BrightEdge 22
    23. 23. Setting up Google+ for Authorship1. Set up a Google+ profile Connect your Google+ profile with content you create Link other Social profiles & add About Me info Verify public visibility of Social profile with Rich Snippets tool Continue Social promotion best practices
    24. 24. Personalized resultsNot logged in to Google Personalized results
    25. 25. Personal Branding in SERPs
    26. 26. Ideas on how Site Search benefitsfrom SEO & Paid• SEO Meta Descriptions & Paid Ad copy used for Site Search copy• Top converting SEO & Paid keywords shared with Site teams• Paid Sitelinks applied to Site Search Suggest or Ad Copy equivalents• Help-related queries (who, what, where, how to, how can I, etc.) that can be monetized in Paid• Global Navigation informed by Site Search queries
    27. 27. & Structured Microdata• Helps search engines understand data at a very specific level• Users see the value of sites before they click through• Increases visibility and CTR• Set geo-specific (global & local) schema tags
    28. 28. Next: Localization1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue channel@davelloyd1
    29. 29. Localization Process1. In-country keyword research2. Each keyword mapped to SEO Keywords/PLPs preferred landing page3. Content localized using Content localization keywords (content, video, images, links) Search/Geo4. Reviewed by Editorial & SEO review & added to Sitemaps5. Localized & optimized content Page Launch goes live
    30. 30. SEO Localization ProcessBU Initiates Web Project NA Search Team defines Keywords localization keywords initiated• Project scope defined • SEO Keyword/Page • Intl PM initiates localization Search, Editorial Localization recommendations including with approved marketing notified project has kicked off keywords, link names are localization vendors finalized. Spreadsheet with terms handed off to IPMVendors validate keywords Keywords sent to IPM’s/for demand Vendors & GEO’s select Search Team for Final Keywords Review • Keywords are localized and • Vendors and Geo’s review • Keywords are sent to Intl PM validated (using Google /approve keywords based on and Search Team for final AdWords tool) for in-country good search demand and/or review/approval search demand. choose alternate keyword(s) for terms with low demand Keywords integrated into INTL. Web applies full SEO QA/Pages Go Live Page Elements SEO Recs. • Web pages sync in Idiom WS. • Full SEO Recommendations • Pages are QA’d by Search Keywords integrated into body implemented on pages ( team and INTL Web. SEO copy by Localization Vendor. keywords/title/metadata) by Content live for Launch. INTL Web
    31. 31. Localization Keyword, Ad Copy, Title, Meta Description • Adding new Photoshop CS6 features into localized ad copy increased click-through rate by 35% 31
    32. 32. Canonicalization for Global Content 9394
    33. 33. Href Alternate Language tagChallengeGeo sites are often outranked by the main English pages withmore link authority or are deindexed due to duplicate content – US/Global pages often outranked UK, Australian, Canadian and other pages in English. Swiss German and Austrian pages compete with German. Canadian French and Swiss French compete with French.SolutionTarget the correct website to the correct region, in source code &XML Sitemaps, so searchers find their localized pages. wer=189077
    34. 34. Meet Someone New 1 Minute Each 2 minutes1. What is your most challenging SEO issue?2. And where are you stuck in solving it? End
    35. 35. Next: Maximize Useful Tools1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue channel@davelloyd1
    36. 36. SEO & Analytics Tools we use• Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst, Discover)• Adobe Media Optimizer (AdLens)• Adobe Social• Google Webmaster Tools• Bing Webmaster Tools• BrightEdge• Google Insights & Trends• Advanced Web Ranking• SEOMoz• Xenu LinkSleuth• Screaming Frog• Web Position• Numerous plug-ins• + 5 others
    37. 37. Benefit of most plug-insMore efficient bot crawl1. Improves your domain value to engines (similar to PageRank)2. Increases the total number of pages crawled and indexed3. Increases long tail traffic
    38. 38. Web Developer (Firefox)
    39. 39. Backlink Explorer (Firefox)
    40. 40. Google Global (Firefox)
    41. 41. SEO Site Tools (Chrome)
    42. 42. Ayima – redirect paths (Chrome)
    43. 43. SEO Quake (Firefox & Chrome)
    44. 44. WooRank
    45. 45.
    46. 46. GTMetrix
    47. 47. Checklist for evaluating Dashboards Must-have Features Flexible Features• Customizable for our criteria • QA & broken link evaluation• Executive roll-up • Highlight KPIs• Stakeholder views • Paid integration• Data aggregration• Analytics integration • Actionable Recommendations• Robust Reporting • Task management• Link Management • Long tail recommendations• Keyword Discovery • Predictive Analytics• Trend monitoring • ROI Measurement• Monitoring & Alerts• Competitor Analysis • Country & language support• Training • Social signals• Case Studies
    48. 48. Next: Data Analysis & Reporting1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue channel@davelloyd1
    49. 49. Reporting & Metrics Qs to ConsiderWhy Where – Bother – Might you be out of compliance – Offensive vs. defensive metrics – To find metricsWho – To store – email, dashboard – Will gather – Will analyze When – Will you share with – How often will you change them – How often will you count themWhat – How often will you distribute – Is the risk – Metrics are possible How – Metrics matter most – Will you do Segment Governance – Can you do to impact change – Will you distribute – Will you share – Will you act on
    50. 50. Inherent challenge of Big DataYou can’t manage what you can’tmeasureAll that’s measureable should notbe managed
    51. 51. Technical SignalsAccessibility Linking Site Architecture• Content embedded in flash or java script • Internal related linking structures • Folder structure• Frames site construction • Internal anchor text usage • Internal linkage profile• Session ID’s, SAMCAP, Query • Internal cross linking • Link count per page parameters • External linking • Content taxonomy• Cookie acceptance requirements• Secure server setup• Entry page requires verification Nav Elements Site Performance • Top navigation • CDN requirements • Side navigation • 404 errorsContent • Image based navigation • Image file size optimization• Duplicate content • Footer navigation • Static file delivery• HTML page titles • Excessive links in navigation • Source order• Meta elements• Header tags• Java script usage Server delivery URL Structure• In-line CSS • Javascript redirects • Keyword usage• Alt attributes • 302 redirects vs 301 redirects • Directory structure• Flash AJAX HTML5 • Meta refresh redirects • Limit URL parameters• Lack of body content • Redirect chains • Session tracking in URL’s • Domain strategySearch bot crawling Robots directive• Use of Javascript links • Robots.txt file for blocking engines HTML Code• HTML sitemap • Robots meta tag usage • Source code order / structure• XML sitemap • Sitemap inclusion • Java script code • Use of specialty meta tags • Use of external files
    52. 52. Stakeholder COE + Key Metrics  Web Strategy, Editorial IT  Rank, HTML Suggestions, Bounce Rate, Web Search Queries, Formulaic Metrics (AOV, Social Production Order Rate)  Web Production Global Web  Minimize redirects, Crawl Errors, Page Load TeamsStrategy Speed, Internal Link trends, Robots.txt (Loc) errors, not followed or unreachable, 302 redirects, browser caching, using CSS sprites BU &Content SEO Analytics  ITOwners Team  Crawl rate, crawl errors, 404 trends, redirect chains, log file analysis, malware alerts Paid  SocialSearch Product & Mktg  Correlation of Social activity with SEO KPIsMedia  Global Store Execs  Country Web Ranking of key Teams terms, Localization benefit, Country growth User trends, Impact of Geo strategies, Canonical Interface issues  Analytics  Segment governance, Agree on KPIs, SEO as part of all revenue drivers
    53. 53. Common Mistakes of Analysis• Correlation vs. Causation• Data Bias – Making decisions based on a small sample size – Analyzing too much data (analysis paralysis) – Working with biased data (i.e. seasonal trends)In data analysis, 90% of the analysis takes90% of the time. The last 10% takes the other90% of the time.
    54. 54. Executive Summary• Keep it simple• Report on current trends• Provide context for data changes dummy data
    55. 55. Google InsightsUse Google insights to measure month over month search demandover a period of time.Measure your SEO performance relative to seasonal demand.
    56. 56. Webmaster Tools dashboard • 36 key metrics • Pulled manually • Monthly export • Stakeholder distribution & meetings • IT • Web Production • Global • Social
    57. 57. Pages not Found (404) dummy data• Track number of 404 PageViews and URLs Google couldn’t crawl on the site• Provide context and provide recommendations to Dev/IT (i.e. setup 301 redirects)• 404 PageViews data from Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst)• Google 404 URLs from Google WT
    58. 58. Global Revenue Reporting dummy data • Provide month/month and year/year change for the latest month • Present total results for the whole year and project current year SEO Revenue • Indicate data source, i.e. Adobe SiteCatalyst or Discover
    59. 59. Tracking KPIsDecrease in cross-links may reflect setup of GEO targeting tool (directories assigned to regional sites) dummy dataProject reporting: provide stakeholders with monthly reporton KPIs like Visits, Revenue, Members, Trial Downloads andOrders
    60. 60. Target Keywords vs. Competition dummy data• Provide month/month and year/year change for the latest month for yourwebsite and competitors• Provide context of the trends, for example, change in algorithm, provide recs• Identify source of data (i.e. WebPosition) and visibility score methodology
    61. 61. Big Data isn’t abouthaving more data.It’s about getting tothe data that matters,identifying patterns &anomalies, and thenexecuting.
    62. 62. Next: Scalable Plans1. Clear Vision +2. Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement +3. Relevant Localization +4. Maximize Useful Tools +5. Data Analysis & Reporting +6. Scalable Plans =Your most cost-effective global revenue channel@davelloyd1
    63. 63. Current Changes & GuidelinesWebmaster Guidelines Changes – 200 in 2H 2012 Search Works
    64. 64. Challenge of adapting quickly 2nd Law of ThermodynamicsOver time, all systems naturally move toward chaos.
    65. 65. Agile - proven & repeatable process Being Customer Centric INSPIRES Product Vision & Sustainable Project Plan Sprint Learnings & Benefits Quick Fixes Project Plan Customer Feedback REQUIRES Agile- INFORM next Sprint Immediate Gratification aligned Lean Teams deliverables Limit Big Problems Always Improve Teams EXECUTE & ITERATE on simple, short, and incremental Sprints (2 weeks)65
    66. 66. Maturity Model for Agile Marketing Modified Agile Agile Methodology + Scrum • Weekly Scrum meetings • Full stakeholder alignment • Consistent Sprints • Shared accountability • ScrumMaster leads daily stand- • Optional daily stand-ups ups • Optional user stories • Customer feedback loop Basic Project Management Integrated Project Management • Clear goals • Shared ownership & KPIs • Defined owners • Regular meetings • Agreed on deliverable dates • Getting Things Done mentality between groups Stakeholder CommitmentLoose Firm
    67. 67. Our Agile Scrum ProcessTwice-weekly “stand up” meetings Benefits 1. what you did? • Adaptable 2. what you’re doing? • Collaborative 3. challenges? • Accountable • OrganizedPrioritized 200+ team projects • Celebrate Quick Wins Weekly
    68. 68. White Paper – Valtech & Adobe Principles of Agile apply to any discipline that operates in conditions of complexity, uncertainty and change. 5 years from now, Agile will broadly influence Marketing departments
    69. 69. Takeaways Vision Engagement Global THANK YOU! Tools Data Plan RESULTS