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Past simple tense
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Past simple tense

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  • 1. Teacher: Ana Furtado
  • 2. USEThe Past Simple is used to talk about actionsor situations in the past. It is also called SimplePast.Examples:I visited Berlin last week.Andrew watched TV yesterday.First I got up, then I had breakfast.
  • 3. AffirmativeREGULAR VERBS (ED) IRREGULAR VERBSI played I wentYou played You wentHe played He wentShe played She wentIt played It wentWe played We wentYou played You wentThey played They went
  • 4. NegativeREGULAR VERBS IRREGULAR VERBS(didn’t + verb) (didn’t + verb)I didn’t play I didnt goYou didn’t play You didn’t goHe didn’t play He didn’t goShe didn’t play She didn’t goIt didn’t play It didn’t goWe didn’t play We didn’t goYou didn’t play You didn’t goThey didn’t play They didn’t go
  • 5. InterrogativeREGULAR VERBS IRREGULAR VERBS(did+subject+verb) (did+subject+verb)Did I play? Did I go?Did you play? Did you go?Did he play Did he go?Did she play? Did she go?Did it play? Did it go?Did we play? Did we go?Did you play? Did you go?Did they play? Did they go?
  • 6. Regular VerbsVerbs ending in: How to form the Examples: Past Simplee Add -d live-lived date-datedconsonant + y Change y to i try-tried add -ed cry-criedVowel + Repeat the tap-tappedconsonant consonant commit-committed add -edOther verbs Add -ed boil-boiled fill-filled
  • 7. Irregular Verbs To beI wasYou wereHe, she, it wasWe wereThey were
  • 8. Irregular verbs Infinitive Past tenseHave have hadDo do did
  • 9. Other Irregular VerbsVerbs which don’t change: cut-cut hit-hit fit-fitVerbs which change their get-gotvowel: sit-sat drink-drankVerbs which change go-wentcompletely bring - brought teach - taught
  • 10. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the Past Simple.1. Yesterday, Mary ____________ (go) to the shopping.2. She ____________ (like) the film she saw last week.3. Last year, they ____________ (move) to Paris.4. Tina ____________ (be) a very good singer.5. We ____________ (do) many things last weekend.