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Rachel Anderson

  1. 1. + Rachel Anderson Work Portfolio Career highlights featuring writing, marketing and video samples.
  2. 2. Augsburg Fortress Publishers Marketing Experience MARKETING COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST, AUGSBURG FORTRESS PUBLISHERS MINNEAPOLIS, MN 9/6/2008-4/6/2009 Communications consultant between product managers and marketing communications. Responsible for developing strategic plans for all marketing communications projects. Publicist Responsible for managing all corporate branding and internal and external communications via print medium, advertisements, corporate intranet sites, events, press releases and newsletters. Social Networking Site Administrator: Responsible for creating social networking sites with the + intent of expanding Augsburg Fortress’ market reach and increasing sales. Designer, administrator, and responsible for running Google analytics to track usage and sales results. MARKETING COORDINATOR, AUGSBURG FORTRESS PUBLISHERS MINNEAPOLIS, MN 11/18/2006-9/6/2008 Maintained databases (FileMaker Pro and SharePoint), ran reports and analyzed data—reported marketing trends to the marketing team. In 2008, 687 projects were executed, 97% were completed on time or ahead of schedule. Managed life cycle and coordinated workflow for all marketing communications projects (printed pieces, websites and e-communication). Ensured that deadlines and budget goals were met. Point person between the marketing department and any internal and external customers. Measured, evaluated and modified processes used to ensure quality and efficiency of work. Marketing copyeditor (for print projects, e-newsletters and websites). Interim publicist for academic books line.
  3. 3. + Spark Sunday School Brochure My role: Copywriter Can Jesus see me? Spark is a Sunday school faith formation program designed for ages 2 – grade 6. Spark’s innovative preparation tools help you and your teachers quickly prepare for Can each week. Spark is easily adaptable to your congregation’s needs, no matter what curriculum model you Brief 3-5 minute lesson preparation videos currently use. The program includes resources provide an overview of each lesson. Easy- Jesus A SUNDAY SCHOOL for Classroom, Lectionary, and Rotation to-follow lesson plans ensure teachers have curriculum models. the information they need to convey the key points of each lesson in an age-appropriate [DIE-CUT] Spark equips you and your teachers with lesson way. fly? preparation videos, online forums to share ideas CURRICULUM DESIGNED with other Christian educators, and lesson flexi- Each lesson includes activities and crafts that bility that allows you to teach the Bible story in can be completed using basic materials like the way that works best for you and your students. markers, colored paper, and crayons. ACTIVATE TO Kids open their Bibles each week and engage in Scripture! Watch them grow in faith by encountering God’s Word, while participating in activities that reinforce the lessons. Can Jesus hear us? FAITH! activatefaith.org 800.328.4648 What can we do to reach kids Kids learn about their faith in different ways. Spark Lectionary Spark Rotation who learn in different ways? Some kids learn best through hands-on is designed to help includes an “All Kids”option, activities. Other kids learn best through congregations connect the making it easy for smaller writing and reading activities. Still others readings from worship to congregations or congregations learn best through a combination of activities. lessons in Sunday school. who prefer a multi-age Sunday Spark has been designed by children’s school program format. education experts to accommodate all of The Lectionary curriculum model follows stories in the The Rotation model provides 8 workshop rotation options. the different ways kids learn. Revised Common Lectionary. Throughout the three–year cycle, In this model, kids spend more than one week on each Bible each lesson comes from a Bible story in the Old Testament, the Gospels, or Acts, story and visit a different workshop each week in order to Kids explore their faith through interactive so the story kids learn in Sunday school coincides with readings used in worship. experience that same story from a different perspective. activities and games, colorful lesson leaflets, creative art projects, and engaging music. This model is designed for classroom use and works best for congregations who are Each workshop rotation for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 6 is focused on a rich Bible looking for a curriculum that connects readings from worship with Sunday school. story or group of Bible stories. Workshop rotations include: Art, Bible Skills and Games, Spark is designed to Computer Lab, Cooking, Creative Drama, Music, Science, and Video. Preschoolers will accommodate all of the experience an in-room rotation with Storytelling, Art, Snack, Music, and Game stations. different ways kids learn. Spark Lectionary covers the 3-year cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary. Each week the The curricular resources are organized into four separate age groupings: Preschool (in-room rotation) Lower Elementary (workshop rotations) Bible story comes from the Old Testament, the Gospels or Acts. Below is the scope and sequence for Fall 2009, Lectionary Year B. All Kids (K—Gr. 6 workshop rotations) Upper Elementary (workshop rotations) Lectionary 24/15 Pentecost Peter’s Faith Mark 8:27-38 Spark Rotation offers a total of 48 story options that cover key Bible stories and influential Lectionary 25/16 Pentecost Who is the Greatest? Mark 9:30-37 Bible characters. Below are the Spark Rotation story options available for use this Fall. Lectionary 26/17 Pentecost Share God’s Love Mark 9:38-50 Lectionary 27/18 Pentecost Adam and Eve Genesis 2:4-25 Creation Genesis 1:1-31; 2:4-25 Lectionary 28/19 Pentecost A Rich Man’s Questions Mark 10:17-31 The First Sin Genesis 3:1-24 Lectionary 29/20 Pentecost James and John Mark 10:35-45 Joseph and His Brothers Genesis 37:1-28 Lectionary 30/21 Pentecost Bartimaeus Sees Mark 10:46-52 Joseph and Pharaoh Genesis 39:20-41:57; 45:1-15; 50:15-21 Lectionary 31/22 Pentecost A Message from God Deuteronomy 6:1-9 Queen Esther Esther 2:5-18; 3:1-6; 8:1-17 Lectionary 32/23 Pentecost The Widow’s Offering Mark 12:38-44 Banquet with Simon Luke 7:36-50 Lectionary 33/24 Pentecost Be Ready Mark 13:1-8 Ruth Ruth 1:1-22; 2:1-17 Reign of Christ Christ the King John 18:33-37 Jesus Is Born Matthew 1:18-25; 2:1-12 ; Luke 1:26-58; 2:1-20 Complete scope and sequence is available at activatefaith.org Complete scope and sequence is available at activatefaith.org activatefaith.org 800.328.4648
  4. 4. + New Year/New Product Mailer January 2009 My role: Concept, Image Selection, Copywriter Dotted lines are fold lines. Turn o fold guide layer before output. Minneapolis, MN Permit No. 533 Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage At Augsburg Fortress, we PAID have renewed our mission of supporting your ministry— providing faith formation and worship resources that inspire Lutherans of all ages and backgrounds to get involved and to live their faith. P.O. Box 1209. Minneapolis, MN 55440-1209 augsburgfortress.org Grow your online order of $75.00 25.00 Use promo code: GROW25. O er Receive good through June 30, 2009. o Worship Bibles PRJ013554-0309 Evangelical Lutheran Worship Lutheran Study Bible $ Respecting the many expressions of worship that are used Inviting and reader-friendly, Lutheran Study Bible (NRSV) helps throughout the church, grounded in our faithful heritage readers encounter Scripture in a fresh, new way! and new ideas that keep worship vibrant. New Product Mailer-ELCA.indd 1 3/19/09 12:27:22 PM
  5. 5. + sparkhouse PRODUCT DESIGNER, SPARKHOUSE MINNEAPOLIS, MN 4/6/2009-PRESENT Co-creator of a new children’s curriculum centered in environmental awareness and advocacy. www.wearesparkhouse.org/ renew Responsible for product design, branding, sourcing, editing and marketing new products for sparkhouse. Responsible for helping to build the sparkhouse brand, public relations and marketing strategy Event coordinator for internal and external events. Customer service and social media management in a start-up business environment.
  6. 6. + Product Design ReNew: The Green VBS was created during the summer of 2009. ReNew is an environmentally- focused VBS curriculum for church communities that easily empowers kids to make positive change for themselves, the community, and the world as they grow in faith. I served as co-product designer and marketer of the product.
  7. 7. Going Green with ReNew! Combined with teaching Jesus’ Parable of the Sower, ReNew focuses on ecology and caring for creation in all aspects of the program, from the activities kids do each day to the program materials. + Going green is a process—some changes are easier to make than others. While the core ReNew activities are based on “green” practices, the curriculum offers many options to go “greener” or “greenest” to meet the church’s needs. Going green may not be the “easiest” thing to do, but growing as environmental stewards and caring for God’s creation are active ways to demonstrate faith. As kids and adults work together to change their world, they celebrate and share their gifts and talents with all creation.
  8. 8. + Establishing the ReNew Team To create ReNew, we gathered and worked with an amazing team— combining environmental education experts (Marcie Oltman, Ami Voeltz, April Rust), artists, musicians, writers and theologians from many different religious denominations. Our collaboration resulted in 360 pages of curriculum, a music CD, sheet music, an overview and decorating DVD and amazing learning tools for kids!
  9. 9. + The Challenge of Creating a Truly Green Resource ReNew focuses on ecology and caring for creation in all aspects of the program, from the activities kids do each day to the program materials. It was really important throughout the development process to think of the entire life cycle of the product and how people engage with the product in order to create a resource that is truly green and inspires kids and adults to care for the earth. We decided to manufacture all of the ReNew resources using recycled materials and to make them recyclable. Many of the resources can also be used after the VBS week is over.
  10. 10. Responsible Resources
  11. 11. + Beyond creating a curriculum that is environmentally focused, we set out to create an exceptional learning experience for kids. To do so, we worked with educators to design an experience that is age appropriate, addresses different reading levels and involves the multiple intelligences of children to engage them in active learning. A Fun & Transformational Experience for Children Although current threats to our environment can seem scary, ReNew is about hope, opportunity, and service. Kids and congregations lead the way as stewards of the earth
  12. 12. + Age-Level Appropriate Resources
  13. 13. + Visually Telling A Story The challenge: Help customers visualize what a “green” learning environment may look like. The plan: Partner with decorating volunteers to create activity site environments out of recycled and repurposed items only, over a period of three days. The location: Wayzata Community Church during their annual rummage sale (the largest rummage sale in the Midwest). My role: Scriptwriting, overall set design and talent manager.
  14. 14. + What a green learning environment could look like…
  15. 15. + What a green learning environment could look like…
  16. 16. Decorating Focus Practical for customers Recycled and Repurposed Materials Safety for Children Inspirational, Tactile, Room for + Wonder and Free Play. Colorful Could easily be replicated in different environments. Visually telling the Bible story and explaining green concepts in a variety of ways.
  17. 17. + An Age-Appropriate Environment for Preschoolers Tactile (all materials that make up the flower wall are attached to the background using Velcro, so kids can move the items and re- imagine the environment) Room for Wonder and Free Play Safety At an appropriate height to engage preschoolers
  18. 18. + ReNew Decorating Video Final Product Featuring Sasha Andreev, of HGTV’s Decorating Cents and Curb Appeal   To View the Decorating Video, please visit YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enLjNbAfUYI
  19. 19. + ReNew Marketing The ReNew marketing goals are to reach 55,000 congregations via mail, print advertising, email, web banner ads and social networking. I was responsible for the overall marketing plan and execution of tactics.
  20. 20. + The ReNew Website The site focuses on giving customers an opportunity to preview ReNew: the Green VBS online. Activity site, Samples, Decorating Tips, Daily Themes, Program Overview, Music Samples, Clip Art. www.wearesparkhouse.org/renew
  21. 21. + The ReNew Commercial My role: Concept & Scriptwriting   To View the ReNew Commercial Video, please visit YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAr76ESFgw8 The ReNew Overview Video This particular video is part of a three video series explaining the ReNew product line. My role: concept, scriptwriting and presenting.   To View the Overview Video, please visit YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsNEkrhzcmw
  22. 22. + ReNew email campaign (emailed to 50,000 customers) My role: Concept and copywriting ReNew Postcard Building Awareness for the Brand My role: Concept and copywriting Does your VBS experience have the power to change the world? 2800 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408-2108 Sparkhouse is a new resource design group— collaborating with church communities to reimagine our future. THE GREEN VBS™ Grow in Faith. Have Fun. Change The World. Get ready to grow in faith, have fun, and change the world. ReNew: The Green VBS™ brings God’s word and ecology together in a fun and engaging experience for kids. wearesparkhouse.com Get ready to care for God’s creation together. Preorder your starter kit at wearesparkhouse.org Parable of the Sower ReNew Postcardv3.indd 2 9/22/09 11:25:23 AM
  23. 23. + ReNew Ads (appearing in Children’s Ministry Magazine) My role: Concept and copywriting Grounded in Jesus’ Parable of the Sower, ReNew: The Green VBSTM empowers kids through hope, opportunity, and service. Does your VBS experience have the power to change the world? Grounded in Jesus’ Parable of the Sower, ReNew: The Green VBS TM empowers kids through hope, opportunity, and service. ™ wearesparkhouse.org To learn more and order your starter kit, visit wearesparkhouse.org/renew PRJ014562-1109 Are you ready? Visit wearesparkhouse.org to get started!
  24. 24. Social Networking I established the following social networking sites to help market the ReNew brand. Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#/renewvbs?ref=ts + The ReNew blog: http://renewvbs.blogspot.com/ Watch ReNew intro and decorating videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/wearesparkhouse Download samples at the website: www.wearesparkhouse.org/renew
  25. 25. Additional Leadership Experience Video Coordinator: Responsible (2007 & 2008) for the execution of a video promotional piece, sent to over 10,000 customers, that resulted in a total revenue of over $1.6M (2008). Rebranding: Member of rebranding team responsible for the 2009 launch of Augsburg Fortress’ new corporate identity. Responsible for catalog redesign and the continued communication of strategic marketing objectives and brand enforcement. + Intranet development: Member of team responsible for building the new corporate intranet site. Develop and post new content, report on usage and train users on functionality. Leader of the Augsburg Fortress “Go Green” team: Campaign for environmental advocacy, ensures cost-effective and environmentally friendly business decisions, manages $2000 annual budget, responsible for coordinating vendor relationships when partnering on environment- focused business objectives. (10/2007-present) Representative of Augsburg Fortress at numerous national sales events. Responsible for event preparation, sales and marketing during the event, and post event analysis. Average 2-3 events per year
  26. 26. + Rachel Anderson 4964 Emmit Dr. N. Unit 8 Hugo, MN 55038 612-384-3246 rajoroja@gmail.com Thank you for viewing my profile Please contact me for more work samples and professional references.