Edld 5352 technology action plan troy gragg iii


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Edld 5352 technology action plan troy gragg iii

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Technology Action PlanIntroductionThe following professional development seminars will target our need toimprove Teaching and Learning, along with Educator Preparation andDevelopment. Our school received a rating of Developing as a result of thesurvey. This will, hopefully, address the fact that our teachers are not yetcomfortable with the many, many programs and applications our schooldistrict provides.Professional Development Activity ChartProfessional Person Purpose ofDevelopment Timeline Resources Responsible Activity ActivitySmartboard Smartboard 8:00-3:30 Computer - (noviceTraining Representatives (once per lab; teachers toSession for semester) Smartboard Smartboardbeginners software; software) the note-taking basic setupSmartboard material and use of theTraining Smartboard;Session for design aexperienced lesson usingteachers the Smartboard - (experienced teachers to Smartboard software) to develop lessons to use in the classroom; design various lessons over many units within curriculum for use during the
  2. 2. semester - the session will also help the teacher organize the lessons to gain maximum benefit in the classroom - technology director and assistant present during development activity so they can take notes and be able to assist in development for the futureC-Scope Representative 8:00-3:30 Computer - our district isCurriculum from the Lab; moving to C-Training creators of C- application Scope next Scope notes and year, and note-taking many of us materials have started using it this year - it would be beneficial to learn more about the curriculum from an expert - learn how to use the program to best aide our students
  3. 3. - to learn how to apply the curriculum to the classroom effectivelyStaR Chart Mrs. Duyen 8:00-12:00 Teaching - to informInformation Blanton Theater; teachers andSession (Technology notes for staff of the Director) teachers; purpose of the note-taking StaR Chart materials Survey - what information is presented to the state and district? - What are the reasons and benefits for taking part in the survey? - to explain how this data helps administration to organize and apply funding to various technology equipment and applicationsEvaluationAdministration, along with the technology director, uses the data to decide wherewe need to focus our technology funding. The principal, along with thetechnology director, examines the data from the survey to establish a plan tosend to the superintendent. They will make a plan that aligns with the campus
  4. 4. and district improvement plan to best utilize the funding made available. Forexample, Cscope requires a lot of paper that really increases the cost of printerand printer supplies. It is important that the teachers are taught how to properlyuse the curriculum in his/her classroom. If the teacher is not properly taught howto utilize the program, then they are unlikely to use the funds to its maximumbenefit.Once the plan has been established and sent to the superintendent, then thisindividual needs to research the plan to see if it is applicable and will use thefunds properly. The superintendent will analyze the AEIS reports, AYP reports,etc. to see if the plan aligns with the needs in these reports. This individual willthen balance the budget to see if the plan can be funded in its current nature. If itcan, then he/she will make a proposal to the school board. If the superintendenthas some questions, then he/she will meet with the principal and technologydirector to solve the problems and tweak the proposal to make it work moreeffectively. Once the money has been made available, and the plan is in effect, itis important that the plan is monitored effectively. The principal, and any peoplehe/she designates for oversight, must keep a constant, watchful eye to makesure it is followed well. First, the principal must make sure the teachers and staffare provided with the training so they can learn how to use a particular programor application effectively. Once this has occurred, then the teachers and staffmust have constant reinforcement throughout the year so improvements can bemade. The principal, along with the technology director, must make sure theteachers are utilizing the information well, and they are improving their statuswithin each program to best enhance the learning environment of the students.