Lesson plan


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Lesson plan

  1. 1. A lesson plan is a teachers detailed description of the course dealing with a class that has multiple intelligence, andof instruction for one class. A daily lesson plan is developed by different activities will cater to all types of students anda teacher to guide class instruction. Details will vary depending pupils.on the preference of the teacher, subject being covered, and Lesson plans will easily help you to achieve your goalsthe need and/or curiosity of children. There may be and objectives, and same can be said on the part of yourrequirements mandated by the school system regarding the students or pupils.plan. Lesson plans helps you get rid of problems or avoid them.Here are the essence of having a lesson plan: It gives you a reality check of your everyday performance. It is a one step backward two steps forward approach. Although can be difficult to do and requires tones of effort It improves the habit and attitude of your students or to accomplish at first, it enables you to save much time in pupils. the coming years, since the lesson plans that you just It definitely improves your teaching skills. made can be employed over and over again, but If updates is necessary do so though. Lesson plans is vital in teaching, it gives you the guide you need to pull through. Bear in mind that teaching is a difficult It allows you to manage your time, effort and resources since you are dealing with children or teenagers with raw efficiently. skills, knowledge, and wisdom. Finally, with lesson plans you It gives you a bird’s eye of view of things to be taught and will be able to impart the things they need to do the best of learned everyday. your abilities. It provides the teacher many ways to keep the teaching Advantages: Organization is the key to success. Lesson plans process not monotonous and redundant. Keep in mind allow teachers to ensure that they are covering all outcomes that the attention of your students and pupils is just that need to be taught. Students need structure and clear as equivalent to half of their age, and a lesson is the best well as defined outcomes and boundaries. A good teacher way to keep the interests of students and pupils interests knows how to deal with the tangents that arise mid lesson and all throughout. steer students back to the designated path. When the teacher has lesson planning, she can use the time rationally, always Since it is like a script in movies, lesson plans makes be up to the point. teaching mundane and easy. It makes you organized whilst teaching. Disadvantages: It requires extra time to plan a lesson really You can able to determine when to insert icebreakers and well, however, I wouldnt see that as disadvantage because of interesting facts and lessons to keep your student and time saved in presenting a well- prepared lesson and pupils glued to their lessons. satisfaction that brings. Sometimes your students dont ask the specific questions that you wished they would ask in order to Variations in the activities are easily whipped out which maximize their learning. In such a situation the teacher will will benefit your students. Bear in mind that you are usually pose a question or two to address this matter.
  2. 2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lesson-Planning 4. Teacher cannot work/teach independently.are as follows:Advantages of Lesson Planning 5. There is lack of flexibility in lesson-planning.1. It inspires the teacher to improve the further lessons. 6. The teaching process becomes more difficult.2. It helps the teacher in evaluating his teaching. Detailed Lesson Plan3. It develops self confidence in the teacher. I. Objective II. Subject matter(topic,reference,materials)4. Proper care is taken on take into consideration, the level III. Procedureand previous knowledge of students. A. Preparation B. Review C. Motivation5. The teaching matter is organized in a time-frame. D. Presentation6. It inspires the teacher to ask proper and importantquestions. E. Application7. It provides guidance to the teacher as to what and home he F. Generalizationshould teach. IV. Evaluation8. It helps in creating the interest of students towards the V. Assignmentlesson.9. It stimulates the teacher to think in an organized manner.10. It helps the teacher to understand to objectives properly.Limitations of Lesson-Planning1. In new or odd situations teacher feels himself helpless.2. Sometimes simple matters become complicated.3. More time is required to plan a lesson.