Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge- Day Two


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Day Two

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Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge- Day Two

  1. 1. Day Two
  2. 2. A brief recap of day one would tell you that this romance sim, John David “Jay” Morgan was in the lead with a whopping 116 points and a double crush from some unobserved flirt after breakfast. Popularity sim Connor Vetinari left the house with the lowest score of 6 and that two other of the boys seemed to too distracted by other things to give our lovely bachelorette Brooke much more than a second glance. “I got this in the bag.” Jay seems pretty relaxed with his impressive lead but today calls for some time in the hot tubs and a single chat with each of the contestants. The rest of the day will be free will interactions.
  3. 3. And to kick things off, a picture I forgot to include in the day one post. Juno in his undies. He put himself to bed last night and is fairly low on neat points. Expect to see the green undies many times.
  4. 4. Once Connor was all moved out it was time for the hot tub dates. All of the boys are asked to join all at the same time while the game is paused. Whoever makes it to Brooke's tub will get some big relationship bonuses for the day.
  5. 5. Hmm, I see green skin and undies. “Guys! She's out there in a black lacy bikini all by herself!”
  6. 6. Juno Jones from Lorinsv60's Romancing The Apocalypse, William Loste grandson of sim self tlhs0- writer of the Barsoom Legacy and Bernardo Mobacy spare gangster from joandsarah77's The Mobacy will be Brooke's companions for the afternoon.
  7. 7. “Umm, Juno didn't you bring any swim trunks?” “Never wear 'em. Too confining.” Yes, Juno has 10 outgoing points. Berni and Will continue to build their friendship with some mutual splashing.
  8. 8. Byte Pinch from mountainshade1's A Measure Of Things OWBC, Fred Pie son of sim self BlueBerryPie360 and John David Morgan from fireflower314's Morgan Legacy ended up in the second hot tub. Byte and Fred were distracted by the poker table and Jay had been heading upstairs for a shower and hence were last out the door. “Does it seem awfully cloudy to you guys?”
  9. 9. “Makeup?” It's a little hard to see the face that Berni is making but fashion doesn't seem to be his favorite topic. Will approved though.
  10. 10. “Whipped topping?” Juno looked frightened.
  11. 11. “Kissing?” “I certainly hope so.” This concludes all the the exciting day two hot tub talk. One mention of kissing, a food related innuendo and a debate on whether or not make up is a good thing. Most of which Berni objected to without any minus relationship scores. Other people have great hot tub discussions in their BC's - I get the weather.
  12. 12. Berni? Where are you going? “I've got to get out.” This is a good opportunity for you to get to know Brooke better. Maybe you should make good use of it. “She talks about things I don't like. Also...”
  13. 13. “That guy is naked! And he's sitting right next to me!” Now you notice. You don't hear Brooke complaining any about Juno's nakedness. “It's not manly to hang around in hot tubs with naked men.” … Berni left the hot tub party to go play darts.
  14. 14. After what was a fairly boring hot tub date with the most interesting conversation being about fashion and Berni's premature exiting of the hot tub it was time for an early dinner. Jay grabbed a seat right next to Brooke as did Juno and his green undies.
  15. 15. Fred also managed to find some food and grab a seat to join the conversation about making friends. It would be nice to think that Byte and Will were standing there waiting to speak or play with Brooke but that is not the case. Juno is very popular in the house and everyone wants to do things with him. If I were Brooke, I think I would be a little offended.
  16. 16. The only thing on the schedule for day two was for Brooke to have a one on one chat with each of the boys. This would be a good place for the shy and easily distracted to make up some ground. Since Fred was at the bottom score-wise I had her start with him. “What do you think about the government's decision to not step in and take over control of the capping of that leaking oil well in the Gulf?”
  17. 17. “Environment, huh? I though sure you would want to talk about kissing again.” “We're past that Fred. That was yesterday. I know you're an intelligent guy so let's hear it.” He thought about the question.
  18. 18. “We made laws during the Exxon Valdez accident that mandates that the oil companies are responsible for every aspect of the recovery and clean up and I think BP should be held up to them but the massive delay in getting a cap on the leak and the confused reporting about just how much oil is actually leaking makes me very suspicious! These mega corporations can't be allowed to devastate an ecosystem and then just walk away. The President and Congress had better make sure that there are some penalties attached due to BP's delays.” It was a very animated argument. I like your passion Fred.
  19. 19. “See I knew you were smart.” “You make me nervous.” “So... You agree that corporate responsibility should be a priority for the White House rather than bailouts and sub-prime loans?” “I thought we were talking about the environment not politics?” “This day and age you can't possibly talk about one without addressing the other.” Overall a positive, if not agitated conversation. Good job Fred. Just don't talk about flowers again and you'll be golden.
  20. 20. Next up to bat, Juno and his green undies... “So, you seem really good at making friends Juno. Do you have many friends back where you come from?”
  21. 21. Notice the handcuff conversation Jay is having with Will in the background? Where was that kind of talk out in the hot tubs? “A fair number. I'm actually a pleasure sim in my original neighborhood but Lorin said I should have rolled popularity or family instead, whatever that means.” “My best friend was popularity through high school but she was so shy that she only managed to make two best friends before getting to college. It's a good thing she became a fortune sim, she was miserable as a popularity.” “I'm not so great at the hedonism myself. I know how she felt.”
  22. 22. “Do you like skiing?” Pause- It's a perfectly innocent question and if Maxis coding made any sense she should accept the sports question given that her new LTW is to be an all star athlete, right?
  23. 23. Wrong! Even with MATY LTW sanity fix in somethings just don't mesh up right. “Eww! No! Who wants to be sweaty and cold all at the same time?” Sorry about that Juno. Sometimes women just aren't logical.
  24. 24. Next! Berni, who she caught up to as he was quietly sneaking away from the dining room. “So.” “So.” “You got out of the hot tub a little fast this afternoon. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you.” “Naked guy!” “I understand that you come from a mob family. I imagine that fortune sims are almost mandatory in your family.”
  25. 25. “What!” “What I mean is, that since your family is so tied up in the crime syndicate that money must be very important to you.” “La la la! I can't hear you!” “That's really rude, you know.”
  26. 26. “Don't talk to me about money! I don't want to hear it or your talk about fashion or anything else!”
  27. 27. “Leave me alone.” Jo informs me that Berni's real hobby is fitness instead of music and dance but I still hold with my opinion that no matter how fit he might be, this Bernardo is not cut out to be a mobster. It's a good thing he's a spare. With this attitude there would be few children and even less money for the Mobacy's if he were in charge.
  28. 28. Let's move on to someone slightly less unpleasant, shall we? “Byte, what do you think of the food they have been feeding us?” “It's all right. But ohh, I'd love to have some eggs right about now. Fried in a lake of butter with yummy sausages and some crisp toast and sweet jam.” “That does sound good but it's not very healthy for your heart. All that fat and simple sugars.” “Life too short to eat boring food.” “Are you a good cook?”
  29. 29. “So, so. What about you?” “I didn't mean to make you mad.” “You didn't. Maxis coded mean sims to make this face randomly during conversations. Your creator isn't showing the plus-plus relationship bonus I just gave you for talking about food, so now I look like I didn't like what you said. But really I do.”
  30. 30. “I would kill for a chocolate sundae about now, with lots of whipped topping and a sweet maraschino cherry on top. Heaven!” “I have to still look mad at you but I like sundaes too. Though I could come up with some better uses for that whipped cream.”
  31. 31. “'Cause baby, you're hot!” Honestly, he enjoyed the entire conversion There wasn't a single minus sign to be seen.
  32. 32. Oh look! Juno in his green undies again. “What is he doing?” “I have no idea.” I just noticed, you can just barely see the plus-plus relationship do-hickey disappearing above Byte's head.
  33. 33. Brooke left Byte and Juno to their tickle fest and tracked down the last two victims err, contestants before bed time. This would allow all of the morning time for free will encounters.
  34. 34. First, William. “Hi.” “Hi.” Personal note to tlhs0- this guy is cute with a capital C! “Let's see... What do you think about all the bank closures? Do you think that the economy is really in an upswing from the recession or is this just a leveling off period?”
  35. 35. “The banks that are closing their doors got their by their own doing so I'm not too concerned about that. As for whether or not we are coming out of the recession, I think it's too soon to tell. The stock market crash of the late twenties had repercussions well past a decade in length. And the way the global economy is doing overall... I think it's too soon to tell.
  36. 36. “Huh? Wow! That was a good answer. You seemed sort of like the jock type and I was testing you.” “I took economics in college too. I'm not just a handsome face with a great free throw average, you know.” Anyone else find it funny when your sims come in and view the cabinets like paintings?
  37. 37. “I apologize I made an assumption without actually checking my facts.” Will and Brooke continued their positive conversation about money and politics. Then Will pulled her into a game of red hands which is always a good move. Then I spotted something odd.
  38. 38. Oh, dear. The first aspiration desperation of the game and it's from Jay. Apparently he hadn't rolled any wants for all his flirts and tickles he handed out the night before. Everyone else is managing okay. Brooke is borderline but that's mostly because she won't stop rolling up a want for that stupid fridge! Even the knowledge sim is managing.
  39. 39. “You're really pretty.” “Thanks.” Ahh... What exactly are those two doing in the background? This challenge has a PG rating guys! Yes, I now they are just playing rock, paper, scissors but that's not what it looks like from this angle.
  40. 40. “What do you want to talk about?” “How about music?” “I love music! I play the violin and one of my adopted Moms is a rock star.” “I'd love to hear you play sometime.” “I'm sure that could be arranged. Do you play an instrument?”
  41. 41. “Not very well. Have you ever thought about being a music teacher? I'd bet you would be great at it and you could give lessons out of your home so you could stay home with your children.”
  42. 42. “Eww! No. I'm not that fond of other people's kids and I most certainly do not want to teach them.” Okay, sue me. That was a terrible conversation write up but I'm running out of ideas here. Needless to say, Brooke isn't too keen on talk of school or maybe it's just algebra. I'm kind of with her on that one.
  43. 43. Beddy-Bye time! “Stupid hot tubs. Didn't get there fast enough. Have to be quicker tomorrow. Nummy Brooke.” Let's leave them to get some rest.
  44. 44. Morning Jay! How's that aspiration looking? “Lousy. I don't suppose you let me talk to someone about a hobby?” Sure. Why not? But only one of the other bachelors. Brooke is in the same boat except I can't have her fulfill that hobby talk want as it would be against the rules. I'll figure out something before she goes completely cookoo.
  45. 45. Breakfast time and nobody joins her. I can't recall who the empty plate belonged to but she is just sitting down to eat. Maybe it was Byte.
  46. 46. Juno stood around just waiting for her to finish so he could give her a hug. Aww! Isn't that sweet? “Suck up.” “Quiet you. I'm trying to make up for some lost points.” Will cleared the table like a good boy.
  47. 47. Where is everyone else? Jay found himself a nice comfy sofa to rest on after a long nights sleep in a comfy bed. Lazy! Byte and Berni are playing darts and Fred is watching. Byte, “She talked to me about whipped creme. She likes me.” Berni, “I wish she would have talked to me about whipped creme. I would have liked that.” Fred, “I was better prepared for the kissing talk but she didn't ask me that.”
  48. 48. Back in the dining room... “I didn't mean to make you mad by bringing up skiing.” “I wasn't mad. I just don't like sports.” See the clock in the background? Twenty minutes till noon! Go Juno for tying Brooke up in a hang out interaction.
  49. 49. That didn't last long though as Brooke was needed to use the bathroom. But they soon all clotted up in the parlor with Will grabbing her again for a red hands game and everyone else just hanging out.
  50. 50. Will is a bit stronger than he realizes given that he has driven his arm through Byte's torso. This is when it began to occur to me that something was amiss. See Jay back there? He was all cued up to tickle Brooke and Will hopped in and distracted her with his game. It seemed innocent at the time...
  51. 51. Noon! Time for the elimination!
  52. 52. Day Two Scores Contestant Total Score Modifiers Boltage Change Jay 126 Friend/D. Crush 3 +10 Will 118 Friend 2 +63 Juno 118 Friend 2 +85 Berni 44 -1 +13 Byte 55 2 +37 Fred 36 1 +29 As you can see Fred didn't quite make up the difference for today. Missing out on the hot tub really hurt him because all other interactions were positive. Jay is still in the lead but that lead was cut down significantly by Will and Juno. Jay's failure to make it to Brooke's tub cost him as well and the negative conversation didn't help. He also did not initiate any autonomous romantic interactions like he did on day one. I don't know why. Will and Juno both made huge gains for the day and Berni, despite leaving the hot tub early and the bad conversation still gained 13 points. Even though Fred earned more points it just wasn't enough to move him out of last place. Byte- He already knows what he needs to do.
  53. 53. So we must say goodbye to Fred. He was one of my three favorites because of his Reaper genes and all the obvious story potential that goes along with them. But stick around big guy! You can move in with your dad, thls0 and your half sister Liz. Maybe I can find someone else for you to bond with.
  54. 54. “I really thought we were going to talk about kissing today.” Thanks for reading! Day three will be out soon.