Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge Day Four


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Day four of my BC

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Brooke James' Bachelorette Challenge Day Four

  1. 1. Day Four
  2. 2. Day four begins a little bit late as my almost forgetting the flirting put me behind schedule. Let's get this hot tubbing done before it gets dark, shall we? Byte and Jay waste no time and are first and second in the tub respectively.
  3. 3. And Will finishes out the four. Juno got hung up in the shower area and didn't make it down in time. As there is no point in making him sit in the tub by himself I made sure he was showered and fulfilled any low needs.
  4. 4. “Whipped creme?”
  5. 5. “I like whipped creme.”
  6. 6. “Chilli?”
  7. 7. All right! Let's just move on since you guys can't talk about anything other than food today. On the script we have: Share interests and some more flirts in the morning... I think I need to develop my own set of rules for this challenge. Something with a little more meat to it. These are very bland. Any way, first up is Will and Brooke starts out with a very popular topic in this house. The weather. “Did you see how much it rained last night? The big tree out front was hit by a lightning bolt and caught fire but all the rain put it out.” Will doesn't really seem to be paying attention. I told you Juno was popular.
  8. 8. But Will wasn't about to drop his game face yet. “It did rain a lot last night. I must have slept right through the thunderstorm though.” Oh look, a spatula!
  9. 9. Brooke then moved on to Jay and the near and dear subject of money. “I can't believe how high the price of gold has gone. It's completely outrageous.”
  10. 10. “I agree.” “And the value of the dollar...” Lets' just move on. Jay was happy to talk money with Brooke but I'm out of good replies.
  11. 11. “Hi!” Juno, please get out of the way! “I want to talk to her too.” That's awesome! Wait your turn.
  12. 12. The dishes were cleared by Byte and Brooke caught him in the kitchen. “Did you hear about the warship that was sunk off the coast of South Korea? They claim the evidence proves that it was caused by a North Korean torpedo. They of course deny all of it. It's kind of scary to think that they could go back to war.” I'll say- My father was in the Navy during the Korean war.
  13. 13. “A torpedo you say. I know a few people back home I'd like to sink. Maybe I should get one.” Juno! Go away! “I wanna talk to her now.” In a minute. Byte's time was up and I sent him to the rest room before he wet himself and guess who swooped in...
  14. 14. I bet you were thinking of someone else. “Mmm Mon Cherie. Your skin tastes divine. I could just eat you up.” Will did this all on his own and just upped the ante of the whole game. There has been no kissing yet. That's on the schedule for tomorrow.
  15. 15. “Will! You're heavy!” “And you're so strong.” “Well, I do work out some.”
  16. 16. Oh dear! “Someone's behind me aren't they?” “Hi Juno.” I'm cringing waiting for the sounds that should be coming. But, they never do. Go romance mod! It could be thought of as kind of cheaty in a way to have kept it in but I prefer to think that in a real reality game show like this, jealousy, while it surely still exists, rarely blows up and destroys everyone in sight. But don't think that Juno is going to take Will's forward actions lying down...
  17. 17. I have Brooke move on to the share interest she has to do for the evening. “Clouds?” “I like clouds.” What is it with you guys and the weather?!
  18. 18. “What about the sun?”
  19. 19. “The sun is good.” I'm rolling my eyes.
  20. 20. “You let Will jump into your arms.” “I like Will a lot. I like you too.”
  21. 21. “So, you wouldn't mind if I flirt with you down here in the kitchen?” “Not at all. You can flirt with me anytime.”
  22. 22. “Ahh... Juno...” I apologize for changing side on you. These pictures looked better to me.
  23. 23. … Juno's lack of a nose makes this look a bit odd but it was all his idea. And it was a very sweet kiss.
  24. 24. “Call me!” Well wasn't that fun. It's late! Everyone to bed. Busy day tomorrow!
  25. 25. The flirts chosen for the day were: sweet talk, hit on and hold hands. Problem was that hit on was not available for any of the guys so instead I did two sweet talks and one hold hands. Not very exciting. After last night, there was nothing here that William was going to refuse. I was tempted to up the game and go for a caress with everybody today, but I didn't want to purposely cause someone to lose points and I wasn't sure if Byte would accept Brooke touching his face just yet.
  26. 26. No problems with the hold hands and no red hearts.
  27. 27. Juno of course accepts the sweet talks.
  28. 28. And the hand holding. No red hearts.
  29. 29. And no one should be surprised by Jay accepting these flirts either.
  30. 30. The hand holding was good.
  31. 31. Very good. But still no red hearts.
  32. 32. And finally Byte who manages to get through the sweet talks fine and with significantly less face shielding today. Will he accept the concept of holding hands?
  33. 33. Excellent! I was a little worried that he would reject this being so shy. I suppose I was a little conservative with the flirts but as I said before, I didn't want to handicap the shy sim just because he was shy.
  34. 34. Flirting time over, it's now time for breakfast and some free will fun before noon rolls around. Byte helps himself to some more points by joining Brooke for some jello.
  35. 35. Jay didn't seem to want to join them but they still did some talking.
  36. 36. Will had no trouble joining the crowd but Juno wasn't hungry so he didn't bother.
  37. 37. After the dishes were cleared up I noticed Brooke suffering from her somewhat denied aspiration again. She had a want to dance with somebody so I thought this might be a good thing. Turn on the stereo and see what happens. Will jumped right in and asked her to dance. Was he preventing Jay from doing the same? I'm not really sure.
  38. 38. Jay was having some other issues of his own.
  39. 39. Quick! Jay talk to Byte about your favorite hobby of choice to fix your aspiration. Nobody look! * shakes head * tlhs0 were kidding when you told me you saw this boy as competitive. Free will folks! The only thing I did here was tell Jay to talk to Byte.
  40. 40. “He's kissing that sweet neck of hers, isn't he?” * eye twitch * I'm afraid so. I'm just so glad that everyone is taking it so well. “Excuse me.”
  41. 41. Juno hopped up and grabbed Brooke into a hug as soon as the make out with Will was finished. The look on Jay's face says a lot. Has he just realized that he now has real competition for Brooke's attentions?
  42. 42. Given that as soon as Juno let go, he pulled her into a dance, I would say yes. And the clock is ticking. Just after they started dancing it became noon and I paused to look at scores.
  43. 43. Well, okay. Five minutes after noon. But those five minutes don't make a difference for the one who is leaving today.
  44. 44. Day four scores Contestant Score Modifiers Bolts Change Jay 153 B. Friend/D. 3 +13 Crush Will 152 B. Friend/D. 2 +21 Crush Juno 145 Friend/D. Crush 2 +16 Byte 139 Friend/D. Crush 2 +11 Sadly, we must say goodbye to Byte and his shy, solitary nice point. While he did very well the day before, he just wasn't aggressive enough to keep up with the other boys. Today was definitely Will's day. The assertive kissing and hugs pushed him within one point of Jay's lead. I have to wonder if Jay's low aspiration isn't slowing him down. I've been keeping a close eye on everyone as I didn't want a sim to be sidelined by desperation behaviors, as funny as they might be. He wasn't that low. The talk about hobby pushed him back up into green and he hadn't been doing the worry hands thing till right around noon. Juno- The kiss came out of the blue. If he had gone for a make out it might have pushed him to second. This is going to be one close finish.
  45. 45. Time to go Byte. I'll see if I can't come up with that elusive perfect girl that Shadey says you still haven't found in her hood.
  46. 46. “Who's your daddy?” Thanks for reading! Day five will be up soon.