Contest Entry Round Three, Part two


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Entry for Extreme Makeover- Home Ed. at

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Contest Entry Round Three, Part two

  1. 2. Task: Remodel the Twikki Beach Hotel First of all let me explain my thinking on this project. I love this hotel. I use it all the time and was never bothered by the décor except for the silly placement of the espresso machine in the kitchen. No real chef would ever have guests just randomly wander into the kitchen to make themselves a cup of coffee! That being said, I did give the place a makeover using textures from the Glamour Life pack as well as Bon Voyage and Mansions and Gardens. The exterior only had some minor changes. A blue roof and a distressed stucco treatment along with some stacked stone to make the building look a bit older and less like a big white block.
  2. 3. Even the odd two story sign post stayed. It looks much better wrapped in stone.
  3. 4. Mostly, I paid close attention to functionality during game play. I want this lot to actually work with moving sims. So there is a lot less clutter than the house in the last round. On the beach side I added a side walk to all the sets of stairs that should have been there in the first place and removed all the open archways in the restaurant.
  4. 5. The front desk area was kept clean and simple but now has a beautiful salt water fish tank and Tiki masks and a statue to bring the hotel good luck. A whitewashed tin ceiling was installed to reflect the older aspects of the hotel and add visual interest to the ceiling.
  5. 6. Looking off towards the stairs you can see the space has been enlarged and a grand staircase has been installed.
  6. 7. Tucked away behind the screen you saw in the previous picture is a nice sitting area that takes advantage of the two story window.
  7. 8. Additional seating in the center of the lobby lets guests relax and enjoy the rich finishes of the lobby. Here you also see the one major structural change I made. The room that you see the door to was originally much larger and a normal double stair case was present. This has been my first opportunity to use the sweeping staircases that came with M&G. The changes downstairs also required the reduction of the size of the room immediately above this one as well. You will also notice that the lobby now actually has more than one light. The original was very poorly lit and absolutely horrible for taking pictures in.
  8. 9. Sticking with the public spaces of the hotel for now, the once empty pass through area is now a small coffee bar and gathering area. The hula instructor will also now use this area to teach guests.
  9. 10. Inside the restaurant I went upscale red and black. The arches were replaced with windows to protect the patrons from inclement weather and a seating area has been added for those who arrive before their table is ready.
  10. 11. A quick pop into the kitchen shows that I removed the impractical wood paneling, changed out the sink and removed the infernal coffee maker.
  11. 12. Where the hula lessons used to be offered is now a bar. At the moment it is fairly sparse but after some play testing I may add more seating and décor. A glass ceiling will protect those who choose to imbibe from the frequent thunder storms.
  12. 13. The beach was not changed but I did upgrade the lounge chairs to something a bit more modern.
  13. 14. Now for the rooms… As it was suggested that we incorporate a little bit of each of the vacation destinations, I went the obvious route and included three themed rooms. The first is a log cabin.
  14. 15. Faux log walls and a rustic floor and furnishings.
  15. 16. Including a desk that someone might get some work done at as well. The veranda still hosts the table and chairs but the rustic theme was carried out there as well.
  16. 17. Because of the necessary moving of walls to accommodate the grand stair case, this room now boasts the largest bathroom in the hotel. Neutral and green tones help continue the rustic theme.
  17. 18. The sink area is large with plenty of space to set out your toiletries.
  18. 19. Across the lobby is the tropical room. Stepping away from the green, gold and black that was here before, we now have a tiki hut inspired space.
  19. 20. I still needed to supply the basic amenities so no hammocks in here. Bamboo walls and a sand and blue carpet meant to reflect the beach and ocean set the color palette.
  20. 21. A cozy little loveseat that could be used to sleep a third guest along with tropical décor adds some beach flavor without being too themey.
  21. 22. In the bathroom blue tile replaced the brown and crisp white fixtures add some pop.
  22. 23. In the last themed room, we head to the orient.
  23. 24. A mixture of far and near east, the room has sleeping space for three.
  24. 25. The usual hotel amenities are of course present.
  25. 26. This bathroom also became just a bit larger during the construction and the vibrant red continues in here as well.
  26. 27. The themed rooms are fun but upstairs is my favorite area. At the top of the stairs another sitting area has been added along with a bookcase for those guest who like to read.
  27. 28. The construction led to the creation of an odd little nook which was the perfect spot for that silly coffee maker. Now guests can help themselves without being under foot of the waitresses. Though I suspect the maid will not appreciate the extra work cleaning up all the coffee cups.
  28. 29. This leads us to the last room I’m going to show you. While they were all redecorated, this one is my favorite.
  29. 30. Simple, modern and clean.
  30. 31. The bath has a double sink and white marble on the floors and the walls of the tub area.
  31. 32. This room has the largest veranda with views of the village rather than the beach.
  32. 33. Out here is a nice sitting area for a couple to relax or a businessman (or woman) to have a quiet meeting. And that’s all the pictures I have for you. I did redecorate all the rooms upstairs but they are all essentially the same as this one. I like this room so much that I will most likely go back and redo the themed rooms to reflect this last room’s style so that the hotel is consistent throughout.