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Presentation task05 editing

  1. 1. Editing Task05By Paige Ward.
  2. 2. Before adding any of my footage and deciding on where I’mputting it all I added the song which I planned to use. Then Icut it down to the 30 seconds of the song which I wanted toused, I used the beginning of the song.
  3. 3. I edited my advert on Adobe premiere Pro, I added the sound to start with so I knew if itwent well with my advert or not. Then added 3 different Doc Martens to start the advertit’s obvious what the advert is about from the start because of this. Once I added the threedifferent Doc Martens and I sorted out the exact time I wanted them to switch to eachother I started looking at my footage and decided on which footage I wanted to start with.I decide on the skipping because they skipped to the beat of the drums to the start of thesong so they worked well together.
  4. 4. Looking at different previous adverts while editing I thought whensomeone walking back and forth looking good and since I had filmed myfootage like this I added her walking back and forth. I cropped down thefootage and this shot doesn’t only show the doc martens and the girlwearing them but it shows how they’re waterproof.
  5. 5. Even though I thought when she walks back and forth looks good I didn’t likehow it just went straight to her walking the opposite way so I tried adding differentvideo transformations I mainly looked at the ‘dissolves’ I tried a variety ofdifferent one for example the addictive dissolve, dip to black, film dissolve but Ididn’t like any of them because it made my advert look too edited. I ended upadding the cross dissolved even though it was simple it went well with the twoclips.
  6. 6. Before I added this footage I didn’t know how to break the two girls walking up becauseit didn’t look right so I added the footage where the camera slowly zooms into the Docmartens which the girls wearing straight view for around 4 seconds. Instead of using thecross dissolve to break up the girl walking back and forth I used the addictive dissolve.
  7. 7. Towards the end I used 4 different Doc Martens to show you can get the in different colours and stylesI switched back and forth to these every 3/4 seconds to the beat of the song. Instead of keeping themas video clips I changed them to JPEGS because it was easier when making them smaller.
  8. 8. Once I finished editing my advert I went onto Google images and got adecent sized image which looked professional and faded the last imageof doc martens into it so the company logo comes up at the end like Iplanned.
  9. 9. Once I finished with all the editing and I rendered it which I did as I wentalong I listen to it with the sound and I didn’t think it sounded right so IBrought the song a little forward so it started as the girls started skipping. Itstarted off louder and when more beats get added to the drum beat I turnthe sound down a little and kept it at that level throughout. I slowly turnedthe music down as it got towards the end so at the logo their was no music.