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  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative MediaProductionFilm, TV and RadioHA4 – Objects of DesireProduction LogName: Paige WardProduction: Doc martensDate Action Taken15/04/13 I chose what product I was going to advertise and started to produce a mind map about theproduct. I also looked into the codes and conventions for a TV advert for the product and lookedat how it has been advertised in the past. I also looked into the legal and ethical issues andidentified my target audience.22/04/13 I was given a time to pitch my mind map and how I was going to advertise my product in myadvert because my time was around 10.30am I spend an hour and half adding more to my mindmap and also included images to make it easier to understand and also previous adverts.29/04/13 I was given my recorded pitch back to listen to and upload it to my blog. Once this was finished Ihad a brief idea on what exactly I was going to do and how I was going to film my advert so Ifinished my synopsis and then looked at the destination in which I was filming and completed arisk assessment for my destination. Once I finished this I started to produce my storyboard.30/04/13 I finished my storyboard and was happy with it so I carried on filling in the appropriate pre-production paperwork this includes my location plans/clearances and equipment booking. I alsosorted out my actors and arranged a day which they and I were free to film.7/05/13 I finished off all the appropriate pre-production paperwork before I was ready to start filming. Ialso checked to see if my actors were ok to film on the Sunday coming up and I had a camera andtripod booked to do this.12/05/13 I spent the day filming since it was only going to be a 30 second advert I didn’t need to spend afew days filming but I did get a variety of footage for when it comes to editing.13/05/13 I uploaded all of my footage onto the computer and started my edit. I finished adding all of myfootage together and I also added the logo towards the end.20/05/13 I added the song to my advert and faded it in towards the beginning and faded it out towards theend. I rendered it and put it into a video format and made sure everything went well and it lookedright.