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Presentation task04


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Presentation task04

  1. 1. Images HA4 Task04By Paige Ward.
  2. 2. I filmed 4 different Doc Martens to show the audience that they can get avariety of different colours and patterns in the boots. The advert also showshow they can get them to go with a few different outfits. When I put the docmarten footage into my edit of my advert I ended up saving the footage asJPEG’s instead of using them as videos because it was easier when they’requickly going through the different doc martens on the grass. I used theseshots to show how they’re upper shaped and have yellow stitching.I also shown the black Doc Martens on their own on one of the girls ,who Iused to film, feet, I think this show looks good because the floor looks wetand this show the audience that they’re waterproof and wearable in badweather.
  3. 3. I filmed them skipping to show the shoes are comfy and in previousadverts it mentions how they have air cushioned soles instead ofsaying this I shown it in a way to the audience. Also it’s obviousthey’re in the rain so it also shows they’re water proof shoes.
  4. 4. I filmed them two different people walking down the street bothwearing different Doc Martens. It shows how the Doc Martens arewater proof, comfy and you can get a variety of different Doc’swhich go with your clothes. I shot the girls walking back and forth,instead of just filming the doc martens I filmed the girls as well likeprevious adverts which I have seen.