Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige WardIain went through different types of music videos and show...
Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige Wardwhich we could film so we had to change that. When we disc...
Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige WardMegan and her friend getting ready for prom doing their ha...
Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige Wardreally unsteady. We also had to reshoot the shot where Meg...
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Dance with me tonight final evaluation


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Dance with me tonight final evaluation

  1. 1. Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige WardIain went through different types of music videos and shown us examples, he told us wewould be creating our own music video and we had to do research for it. I created threedifferent mind maps for performance based, concept and narrative music videos, I had tofind three different music videos which fit them and all three were different genres. I had toresearch each song and music video and had to talk about the use of digital effects, theediting, camera techniques, genre, tempo, target audience and their needs and the lyrics. Ialso included print screens from the music video to help explain certain parts better. Once Ifinished the mind maps I had to research the purposes and benefits for the artist/band andtarget audience, Iain gave me a table which I had to fill in about each music video I hadalready researched about on my mind maps.Once I finished the research for the different types of music videos I had to create moodboards on the genre I was going to do which was rock, what camera angles has been used inpast music videos, what clothes they would be wearing, what sort of setting I would want touse and props which I may use. I also had to write about each and why they’re importantwhen producing your own music video. Once I finished the mood boards I had to go ontagxedo and find certain images off Google which included the genre I wanted my musicvideo to be and props which I was going to use. The words which made the images had todo with the image I was trying to create so I went onto Wikipedia and copied certaininformation which was useful. I found a lot of images I wanted to use didn’t look right as aword image, even though it was easy to use tagxedo I found when I inserted the images andthe words the image didn’t look like what it was supposed to it was complicated and took awhile to get some right and how I wanted them to look.I had to write about what job roles which are needed when producing a music video forexample director, camera person, sound operator and lighting. Even though there are manymore people within the crews I only had to research about these four. I then had to plan outhow much producing my music video would come up to, I was given a budget of £4000. Ihad to plan how much the producer, director, cast, camera, lighting, sound recording kit,locations, art dept. and much more would cost. I had to do research on how much eachwould cost Iain gave me different websites which I could book certain items for. Once Ifinished the budgets and costs I had to produce a list of what equipment I needed and howmuch it would be to book it for 3 days. I then had to produce a proposal it had to include abrief of what exactly I wanted to happen in my music video, what song I was going to use,the general concept, my guidelines, rules which I was going to apply, the crew, concerns andpegs. In the pegs I included print screens from certain music videos and the link to themusic video.Me, Megan and Michael separately planned a music video script when we finished ourownscripts we spoke about which script we was going to use and which would easiest.Once we decided which script would be easiest to film we spoke about what would have tobe changed for example there was a car in the first script and we didn’t have access to a car
  2. 2. Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige Wardwhich we could film so we had to change that. When we discussed everything and decidedand which script we was going to use we rewrote Megan’s script separately, once wefinished changing the scripts we spoke about which would be the easiest and which one wepreferred. Even though a lot got changed from the original write out of the script we stillthought some of the script which we chosen could be changed. Instead of separatelychanging the script me and Megan sat together and changed certain parts together once wewas happy with our script we started planning on making the music video.We planned where we were going to film the music video we chosen three different placesfor example Salford Quays, Megan’s house and college classroom. Once we agreed on thedestinations we took images and wrote about them for our blog while Megan was writingabout the images I started the risk assessment for each destination. Michael hadn’t been insince we spoke about the scripts so it was just me and Megan producing everything beforewe actually went out filming. We also had to produce Production Schedule and Call Sheetsfor each location which we were filming at. Once everything was completed and we knewexactly what we were doing we decided on a day which we was all able to film and asked avariety of people if they would do it. We booked a camera for the days which we wereplanning to film as well as college times we filmed them in our own as well. Michael stillhadn’t come back into college so me and Megan had to film everything ourselves withMegan being in the music video because we struggled to get people to do it at the times anddays we only could I had to film the parts she wasn’t in on my own and Megan filmed theparts she wasn’t in with my help on telling them what to do. Once we finished taking all ofour footage we uploaded them onto Q drive and renamed them then copied them onto my Edrive. Then I started adding all the footage together and completed my rough edit. Once Icompleted my rough edit I had to write an evaluation about what I want to change whencompleting my final edit, once I did this I uploaded them to my blog.I made a second copy of my rough edit and saved it as ‘final edit’ instead of remaking itcompletely I went off my rough edited and added the new footage which was taken and Iwent off my rough edit evaluation other than my script and storyboard when remaking it.While doing all this I had a music video diary which I had to complete and write in detailwhat I did each day I worked on my planning and music video.I like how my final music video edit is quirky in some places for example when Megan andMichael are in the classroom and they’re pulling faces at each other, when filming some ofthe footage out of that scene they didn’t know which made it look better in certain footagebecause they was messing about and looked happier than when they knew it was beingfilmed, because they wasn’t just acting this made the footage look real. I also think it goeswell with the song and the story in our music video goes with some of the words especiallywhen they’re dancing together in the prom scene towards the end. The prom scene gives abit of humour to the music video because of how they’re dancing in the music video. Howthe music video jumps back and forth in certain parts makes the music video looks good forexample when Michael is throwing the stone at Megan’s window to get her attentionbecause she can’t hear him. It goes back and forth to Michael outside throwing the stone to
  3. 3. Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige WardMegan and her friend getting ready for prom doing their hair and makeup. At first whenMegan was sneaking out it was simple because we got more footage of this and filmed itfrom a variety of different angles when the footage is together it looks good with how thecamera follows her in a way.I dislike how it ends with her dad suddenly happy with them being together which doesn’texactly make sense. Once Michael tells Megan he loves her Megan’s dad is happy they’retogether and apologies. Also I think when we took the footage of the buildings we shouldhave got more because majority of the footage which we took wasn’t the best quality. Alsowhen Megan’s mum is coming downstairs I don’t think the shot is the best and it could havebeen shot at a different angle. When Michael and Tom are walking down the road to goshopping I think they could have acted a little happier to go with the song, also in the scriptit says they go in a variety of shops and you see them come out where we only filmed themgoing in, coming out and eating in the shopping centre. I think we should have filmed themcoming out of certain shops but we chose not to and crossed them out on the printed scriptwhich we had with us when filming.I changed the beginning of the music video by starting it off with the prom scene wherethey’re all dancing, then going to Megan getting dragged away, her friends looking upsetbecause they’re getting dragged away and then her dad talking to the teacher. I keptmajority of the class room bit the same where they’re pulling faces at each other but I madethe whiteboard when it says ‘5 hours earlier’ so the hand only goes across once to wipe it off.Also in my rough edit when they was eating their dinner it went on a little too long andsome parts wasn’t good quality because the shot was hand held. I cut two different clipsdown and put them together and tried to avoid the bad quality parts. We didn’t reshoot thispart because we thought it looked quirky. I had to remove one of the buildings which wefilmed because towards the end it was a little blurry and the camera moves too fast, eventhough it went well with the next part of the video it was obvious it wasn’t good quality. Ialso deleted Michael singing in the classroom because he didn’tLook happy and it’s meant to be a happy music video. When changing all the footagearound from my rough edit and improving I still tried to stay to my script as much as Icould but I did switch a few parts because they didn’t make sense or look right after eachother.Me and Megan re shot certain footage once we finished our rough edits of the music videobecause we didn’t think certain footage was good quality. Majority of the footage we reshotwas at Megan’s house we filmed them hand held at first and when watching our rough edita lot of the footage which was filmed there wasn’t good quality. When we first filmed thesneaking out scene there was only Megan on her own because her friend had to go eventhough we’ve filmed it as if she’s still there but you can see her we thought it would lookbetter if her friend was there and is noticeable she is when filming. When we first filmed thisscene we stuck to certain angles so instead when we were reshooting we got a variety off thesame footage but from different angles. Also when we first filmed this scene the camera washand held and even though it went with the song it wasn’t the best quality and parts were
  4. 4. Olly Murs – Dance With Me TonightFinal Edit EvaluationPaige Wardreally unsteady. We also had to reshoot the shot where Megan is at the window to Michaelbeing outside, when we first shot this it was hand held and wasn’t steady, it was terriblequality.If I was to shoot it again I would get a majority of Michael singing instead of just like 4/5shots, we should have got him to lip sing majority of the song so we had a better variety. Ialso think we should have picked a different place for the prom scene even though it looksnice because the first footage we got was too dark and didn’t look right when we edited in tomake them brighter we had to reshoot when it was light and because a lot of the people whodid it the first day couldn’t we had to get different people to do it last minute so we didn’thave that many people.