Megans music based programming


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Megans music based programming

  1. 1. Music Based Programming Review By MeganRobinsonAt the beginning, Damen gave us a booklet about the music based programming. I finished it all thenI decided to work with Paige for the radio studio. Before we started to produce, we had to researchabout different music radio, different radio jobs. But I struggled to listen to different radio stationson the internet, so Paige and Jessica (study support) did it together. They told me about them andexplainedwhat they researched. Damen then gave us another task to talk about three differentstyles; Broadcast radio, Internet Radio and In-Store Audio. To write about them, I used the notes ofPaige and Jess did and also some internet research.Paige and I were asked to produce a broadcasting radio and anin-store radio. At the beginning, wehad to choosenine songs each. Then we discussed our song choices and decided that my songs willbe on the broadcasting radio and Paige’s songs will be on in-store radio. Also we have to talk aboutthe songs so Damen asked us to research from Songfacts about the songs I chose and put that on thescript so me and Paige could talk about it. Next Damen told us we had to create two scripts – onefor broadcasting radio and one for in-store radio. At first we didn’t know what to write but weremembered what we researchedfrom other radio shows, and we looked back and see if they couldgive us ideas. The broadcasting radio script, we had a little conversation between us like friends aretalking to friends pretending we are in real life instead being in the studio. On the in-store radio,Paige chose 12 songs and on the script we talked about what they actually talk about in someone’sin-store radio like what’s happening in the shop and what songs were on there.When we had finished writing the scripts we went to the Radio Studio with Damen to look aroundand see what it was like in there. He also showed us how to use the equipment and gave us sometips. Next we went there for a practice and began learning how to use it. We had to practice quite afew times. Whilst we were practicing we wanted our show to sound better therefore we decided tocreate 7 jingles – (4 on broadcasting radio and 3 on in-store radio)and also we did the news and theband gossip. To record these we had to use voice recorders to record the sound on the jingles andnews and then we edited our jingles in the software called Reaper. We both edited them byourselves and made different jingles even though we only used at least two different jingles in eachshow. We enjoyed making jingles because we learnt a new skill and it was good to experiment.We went to the Radio Studio with Chris (Media Technician). He showed us how to create theschedule for our radio shows. We used our scripts to allow us to see where everything would go. Wealso had to estimate how long the live chat would be so we could plan how long our show would beincluding everything. This showed us if we had enough material or if we needed to add anything.Once we completed both schedules we were happy with the lengths and the contents of our scripts.Whilst Paige and I were practising with the soundboard at the Radio Studio, at first while we weretalking into the microphone we thought we had to switch between them however once we listenedback we realised that it was better to have them both up at the same time as then there was no gapsin speaking. When we were playing the songs we had to use the soundboard to introduce them,there were two options so you could play one song straight after another, these were called playlistA and playlist B on the soundboard. It was difficult to get used to using the soundboard because
  2. 2. sometimes we covered our speech with songs and vice versa. There were other minor issues that wecame across whilst using the soundboard and we will work on improving these when we practisemore.When Paige and I were speaking, we read straight off the script. This sounded staged and thereforeto make it more relaxed next time, we could have notes instead and therefore our DJ chat wouldsound more relaxed. The more we practiced, the more confident we became.Eventually we went to the Radio Studio to do our final recording of our radio shows. We had tochange small things in the script to make it better for our radio for example, we decided tointroduceourselves and say goodbye. We did our broadcasting radio first then Damen put it on mycomputer and we listened to them and see if they were okay and if not, we could go back and do itagain. However our first attempt at recording was good so we used that this for our final recordedBroadcasting radio. When we came to record our in-store radio we thought we would be muchbetter because we had lots of practice recording the broadcast one, however we had not practicedour in-store radio script therefore we made a few mistakes when recording this. At first Paige madea mistake by reading the wrong part so we had to restart it and record it again then when wefinished itwhen Damen uploaded it onto the computer and we listened to it, there are still somesmall mistakes but Damen says that these are fine and we can develop our skills better next time bylearning from these mistakes.The target audience for our broadcasting radio show will be teenagers/ young adults. Whenconducting our research we had a list of songs that we showed to our classmates and asked them tochoose some of their favourites. This helped us to decide which songs would suit our targetaudience. The songs we chose are by well-known artists that have been famous and the majorityhave been high in the charts. I think the broadcast show was good for my target audience because Ienjoyed the songs and I fit into the age bracket.The In-Store radio would be played in a Pulp store that sells merchandise from the different bands.The songs we chose were from these bands because we felt that if someone was shopping in therethen they would like the music from the bands they were buying merchandise for. Therefore ourtarget audience could be anyone who is interested in rock. We think our show was good for thetarget audience because it got them involved for example when we played a certain song whoeverwent to the till first won a signed T-Shirt by the Killers.Next time we record another radio show, if Paige and I make any mistakes we wouldn’t restart itagain, we could joke around which would make it more relaxed and sound like a normal radiostation as quite often you hear mistakes. I also would not read directly off the script as this would bemore casual and would be more likely to engage listeners. Another improvement I could make is toplan what I will say in the introduction to the songs because this didn’t work very well for our radioshows. Overall I have enjoyed planning and creating the radio shows but next time we will try to bemore organised and this will hopefully help our shows sound more professional.