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Details of some of our work with Virgin Media, adidas, Fred Perry, SanDisk and MTS

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JudgeGill Credentials Lite Version

  1. 1. JudgeGill
  2. 5. Our challenge To create a distinctive stand alone store for Virgin Mobile that represents the brand’s values and is a destination for Virgin Mobile’s core customer - 16-24 year olds. Our solution A lifestyle store that focuses on entertainment, celebrates youth culture and embraces mobile lifestyles
  3. 6. Environments for brands
  4. 7. Environments for brands
  5. 8. Environments for brands
  6. 10. Our challenge to re-design adidas’ sport performance retail concept - evolving key elements of the store’s dna, whilst creating a store that stays true to the adidas brand and delivers a more emotionally-charged, sports inspired atmosphere. Our solution the sport performance stadium concept - a retail strategy, store design and communications platform that brings the adidas brand attitude ‘impossible is nothing’- to life.
  7. 19. Adidas - Sports Performance Feedback Effectiveness “ The new Sport Performance environment is innovative and delivers our brand values. JudgeGill has created a consumer experience that’s easy to navigate… has impact and offers a more consumer-friendly environment” Ted Mager, adidas AG A DBA Design Effectiveness Award winner, the new design performed exceptionally well in consumer research and had a huge impact on sales - with some stores outperforming their older counterparts by over 100%
  8. 20. Our challenge Create an engaging, interactive in-store brand experience for adidas that reinforces its brand promise, boosts the store’s sporting credentials and positions adidas as a genuinly innovative sports brand Our solution miCoach Core Skills: an innovative, unique retail experience that invites visitors to adidas stores to test their core athletic skills using a range of exciting, interactive tools.
  9. 21. Environments for brands
  10. 23. Environments for brands
  11. 25. “ Core skills is a fantastic embodiment of the adidas brand promise. Visitors to our Paris and Beijing stores have been queuing to use the test machines. It’s succeeded in creating a more emotional, sports atmosphere in the store” adidas AG 7,500 active users completing over 23,523 tests since launch (in Beijing, Berlin and Paris), averaging 300 users per week, 88% returning visits. On-brand: over 75% of visitors said that Core Skills shows adidas’ dedication to sports Adidas - Core Skills Feedback Effectiveness Signed up: 8095 Activated account: 3250 Total Number Tests: 23523 Beijing Total: 18995 Paris Total: 2142 Berlin Total: 2220 Male: 19617 Female: 3908 Male Basic: 19042 Female Basic: 3846 Male Pro: 574 Female Pro: 62 Website: 155,637 visits Unique 5923 Visitor loyalty: 201+ visits, 67.2% Returning visits: 88.11%
  12. 32. O2 Wireless - Over 19,000 people passed through the SanDisk photobooth over the 4 days of the festival - that's 21% of all festival attendees - Over 10,500 meaningful engagements with consumers i.e they were Slot educated and had a full demo - Post-wave research demonstrated that brand awareness of SanDisk increased by over 40% with the core target of 18-28 year olds but more importantly the propensity to purchase a SanDisk memory card in the following 3 months increased by over 50% Way Out West - Over 4,500 consumers used the photobooth over the 2 days of the festival - over 25% of all attendees - 1,200 video mixes were downloaded from the video kiosks - Over 3,000 meaningful engagements between Slot Spotters and consumers - Over 25,000 photos were uploaded to the festival photo gallery SanDisk sponsored, MySpace, WakeUpYourPhone.com and Telia's (Swedish MNO partner) website, plus videos to YouTube - SanDisk marketshare in mobile memory increased 12% over Q3/Q4 08 in the Nordic region Sandisk - Client data
  13. 33. Our client MTS - the largest mobile phone seller in Russia with 91 million subscribers and 1,400 branded outlets Our brief Bring the MTS brand promise - ‘always offering the customer more’ - to life through MTS stores; engage a wide rage of mass market customers and raise product awareness
  14. 35. Environments for brands
  15. 37. Environments for brands
  16. 40. “ Clearly there was a big disconnect between the MTS brand and the existing, functional store environment. We needed to devise a retail, communications and environmental strategy that would result in an engaging store experience that was less focused on basic service and more focused on sales and education” A retail destination for all mobile needs - a first for the Russian high street and living embodiment of the MTS brand Our challenge Our solution MTS
  17. 41. Our challenge To put Fred Perry on the ‘retail map’ with an engaging store design that puts consumers in touch with Fred Perry’s rich history as well as it’s future as a fashion-savvy brand Our solution ‘ Authentic’ store concept - a blueprint for a store roll-out that evolves with the brand
  18. 42. Environments for brands
  19. 43. Environments for brands
  20. 47. <ul><li>“ The Fred Perry store [..at Westfield..] shows how, with thought and decent design input, </li></ul><ul><li>a brand can more than keep pace with the best that retailers can offer…” </li></ul><ul><li>www.Retail-Week.com </li></ul><ul><li>Like for like profit up by 126% Cheshire Oaks post fit-out </li></ul><ul><li>turnover per sqm up by over 37% Covent Garden post fit-out </li></ul>Feedback Effectiveness Fred Perry
  21. 58. Process We’ll help you put in place a strategy that goes on delivering an on-brand experience over time. Our process is focused on five stages – identifying the issues, defining the strategy, designing the experience, delivering the project then helping you improve and adapt it over time . Environments for brands
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