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Three paths leading to product nirvana (Part 3)


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Oliver Bogner, Founder and CEO, Brandable; Cricket Lee, Founder and CEO, Fitlogic; Corrine Ruff, Editor, Retail Dive, Kevan Wilson, General Manager, Retail Partnerships, b8ta

Published in: Retail
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Three paths leading to product nirvana (Part 3)

  1. 1. Kevan Wilson GM, Retail Partnerships
  2. 2. The Impact of the Internet
  3. 3. The 1st time ecommerce surpassed brick-and-mortar. Black Friday 2017: Online sales rose by 18% In-store sales dropped by 5% Consumer Purchases continue a dramatic shift online.
  4. 4. Physical Retail Store closures continue to escalate
  5. 5. For established or commodity brands maximizing retail distribution points is key But to innovators, brand control is key It’s allowed brands to launch and grow without a physical retail presence
  6. 6. Many established online innovators are moving offline …but doing it themselves >>>>>>> Many smaller innovators choose to delay entry into brick and mortar thus giving online retailers an edge In short, many cool brands are avoiding traditional retail because it wasn’t designed with makers in mind
  7. 7. Confidential • b8ta, Inc. Why online brands avoid offline retail….. 1. Product selection is curated by a retail buyer with his/her own agenda 2.Brands want to retain control over the brand experience 3.Speed to shelf is an issue for many innovative makers 4.A broad, confusing and costly array of charges that impact their profitability 5.Lack of any real actionable quantitative and qualitative data
  8. 8. Did we really need another brick and mortar retailer? No! Unless, it is one that…. …focuses on being an extension of the brands themselves
  9. 9. b8ta believes that consumers are “shopping ” differently. Shopping is just as much about discovering trying and learning as it is about buying. It’s the reason Ecommerce sales numbers are up, but store traffic hasn’t been impacted. While more purchases are happening online, the discovery is still happening in stores.
  10. 10. So….what if an offline, brick and mortar retailer….. Didn’t care where a consumer purchased the product, even if it was from a “competitor”? Could leverage the trend of “show-rooming” to help brands do better? Could offer shoppers everything they want and none of what they don’t? Approached retail…. as a service?
  11. 11. Hello, retail. Introducing b8ta, the software-powered retailer designed for new product launches b8ta is retail as a service
  12. 12. Make selling products Offline as easy, and more valuable, than Online Embrace the trends of show-rooming and online purchasing versus competing with them Address the needs of makers as primary Use proprietary software to give offline brands the data and insights they get online+ Leverage the inherent strengths of physical stores to engage with consumers Our Key Focus
  13. 13. Confidential • b8ta, Inc. We’re about the Discovery of Innovative Products
  14. 14. We believe in hands-on experiences with no boxes or barriers, ever
  15. 15. With highly trained, highly engaged people
  16. 16. The power of the b8ta experience for the consumer….. EASE OF USE LEARNTRYDISCOVER Products you’ve never seen, especially in person. Touch, ride, drink, play. Demo every product before you buy. Highly specialized experts excited to engage and explain
  17. 17. The power of the b8ta experience for the maker…. Sign up to Shelf in just weeks. Brands decide products & locations. 1 2 3 Out-of-box “HERO” placement Hands-on discovery & demos for every product 4 5 6 A customizable digital display Designed to educate and entice. Full control over message & pricing and all in real-time Consumer-focused product experts Know the product and ecosystem. Focused on consumer engagement All for one simple fixed monthly charge Quantitative and Qualitative Insights Traffic, discoveries, dwell time, engagements, demos, purchases and consumer feedback in near real-time 100% of Sales Revenue Yup, 100%
  18. 18. Create Excitement with Innovative Products Drive Repeat Traffic With Ever-Changing Mix The power of the b8ta experience for other retailers…. Reduce the Costs and Risks of On-boarding New Products Store Specific & Product Specific Intel and Insights Educate and Demonstrate We are friend, not foe
  19. 19. Confidential • b8ta, Inc.
  20. 20. Confidential • b8ta, Inc. b8ta’s growth December 2015 1st store in Palo Alto November 2016 3 store pilot with Lowe’s December 2016 2nd & 3rd flagship stores December 2017 9 Flagship locations 70 Shops with Lowe’s Much more to come in 2018
  21. 21. Thank you