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Executive summary v2


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Executive summary v2

  1. 1. _contents_Status Quo / What you told us inthe briefing Our interpretion of the briefing What challenges is adidas facing Strategic insight (consumer,brand) Proposition Our proposed solution How this solution fulfillsbusiness objectives How this solution transitionsover time How we will measure successOverview about our approach tothis project How we plan to do it Who will do it What will it costWhy are we the right partner foradidas for this project What next? Contact
  2. 2. _seamless discovery,play, customizationand becomes a richproductized experience thatcaptures the inherent connectionsbetween adidas brands, content,products and teen life. Itcreates the context often neededto inspire purchase and subtlyintroduces products into brandedcontent. It weaves the disparatebrand experiences together into acoherent whole.
  3. 3. _adidas “one-site”platform project:a vision for a moreprofitable future and a plan of howget there
  4. 4. _the RFP:create a holistic, non-fragmented,customer experience that showcasesthe best of adidas’ brand, commerce,and personalization under one roof– the sum will be greater than theparts. This experience will drivecustomer satisfaction as measured bydramatic increases in sales, brandaffinity, and engagement.
  5. 5. _brand visionfor adidas
  6. 6. _a brandedhouse, not ahouse of brandsone house, many distinct butinterconnected roomsdevelop an experience that leveragesand unites all Adidas contentmerge brand, shop, and customizationcontent in a way that creates a nto anatural interconnected journeyholistic, cross-platform consumerexperience that is richer, morerelevant, more engagement, andmore valuable
  7. 7. _digitalnativesborn with a mobile phone in theirpocket, a computer in their lap, andan average of 3000 marketing messagesin front of them on a daily basisa fractured experience is their wayof life – bouncing from site to site,online to offline,brand to brand – isstatus quogetting their friends’ attention isjust as important as getting theirs.they like to talk back. They want totell you what they think and how youcan make it better. Let them.if you can create the context – tellthem a story, create a world, connectthem to their network – you cancreate the engagement
  8. 8. _this ishow they liketo browse
  9. 9. _this ishow theylike to play
  10. 10. _this is howthey liketo communicate
  11. 11. 
_this is howthey liketo shop
  12. 12. _currentbrowsejourneywatchvideoexiti am hereto buyi am hereto looksearchproductoverviewproductdetailplaygamereadarticleexitshopjourneycheckout
  13. 13. _heritageyou told us there was element ofbeing ‘stuck in the mud’ infiltratingthe adidas brand. heritage andhistory are important, but nostalgiaisn’t the best sales tool to marketto 14-19-year olds.your heritage shouldn’t be a balland chain round the adidas brand.embrace your history but revitaliseyour approach to enhance and expandthe customer experience. adidas doesnot have a stale background. it hasa rich and prestigious foundationthat can be built upon in a fresh,postmodern and stylistic and re-expression iseverywhere in the mash-ups andinteractions of today’s ugcgeneration. it lends an air ofauthority and tradition to productsand brands and enriches audiences’understanding of them.adidas is no stranger to re-invention: the innovation cycleitself – used to create betterequipment, clothes, technologies –is based upon consistent and regularimprovements to what already exists.don’t reinvent the wheel. pimp it up
  14. 14. consistent actions across brands (social influence)connected actions through common audiences within brands (behaviour)innovative ideas that can be leveraged brand to brand (tactical)Efficiency, effectiveness and insight encouraging longer,deeper cross-site journeys and user engagement_leveragingthe networkeffect
  15. 15. _leverage the powerof the aggregate tobuild richer morerelevant audienceexperiencesshared learningcommon behaviorcommon socialbehaviorcross brand behaviors analysisbehavioral andattitudinal clustersmulti- channel dashboard
  16. 16. _futurevisit1visit2visit3browse+shop
  17. 17. _creativestrategy
  18. 18. _insert the adidasbrand into the webwith confidence andcommitment, balanced byan honest respect forthe surrounding pages
  19. 19. <adidas><///>
  20. 20. _the strategytakes inspirationfrom interventionarchitecture
  21. 21. _interventionarchitecture“a creative way to breathe new lifeinto an existing historic context,while reinventing an economicand social value”
  22. 22. _at its core the strategyis a team of insertablepage elements that driveconsistencySCREENSHOT OF EXAMPLEELEMENTS
  23. 23. _the structure is aperfect balance of twomodels_house of brands _branded house
  24. 24. _it meets the challengeof being the mostpersonal sports brandby providing a bigcanvas for adidas totell big stories
  25. 25. _the master brandplays a network role,making the experiencecoherent while freeingup the main stage forPerformance, Originalsand Style to beas great as they can beon any given daySCREENSHOTS SHOWING PAGEVARIETY
  26. 26. _through these storiesadidas can be the mostrelevant brand in everystreet and field aroundthe world
  27. 27. _and by being re-usableoff-platform, theelements give adidas theopportunity to insertitself into the widerculture of the web,following the brandheritage of being anauthentic part of socialhistory
  28. 28. _the impression we wantto create is that adidasis the most personallyrelevant brand on the web
  29. 29. <adidas><///>
  30. 30. _creative visionachieves businessgoalsEngagement: User journeys expandedthrough navigation layers that mergedisparate experiences.Sales: Paths to purchase shortenedthrough a fusion of brand andcommerce content.USP: Natural and desirablepresentation of relevant andcontextual content to encouragerepeat visits.Flexibility:Site structures andorganization able to incorporate andleverage historical content as wellas introduce new content.Efficiency: Solution enables ease ofdevelopment through standardizedtemplates, common infrastructure andintegrated sites.
  31. 31. _experiencestructure
  32. 32. _nike VSadidas
  33. 33. nikeStrong onpersonalisationChoose your local site firsttime you visitCustomisation link is availableeverywherePopular topics and currentevents are promoted wellStrong onnavigationConsistent navigation designStreamlined purchase path,starting at the home pageWeak oncircularjourneysHard to reverse out ofa sub-siteLittle promotion acrosssub-siteshompageheaderfeatured infoshopby lineschooseyour locationcustomiseby linesbrowseby sitesfootersitesvideosshop by lineswomenmengirlsboysshop byproductssportscollections
  34. 34. adidasStrong on diversityLots to doExperimental layoutsStrongly branded experiencesWeak on navigationUnstructured purchase path, oftenstarting deep into the experienceLinks bump the user out to externalsites
  35. 35. _experiencedesign
  36. 36. PrinciplesEnsure the site is easy to use andnavigate (and is seen to be so)Allow people to find relevantinformation easily, but also takehorizontal journeys around unrelatedcontent to explore the full breadthof the adidas brandStart by giving people theopportunity to self-select thejourney that is most relevant to themMake it easy to shop from anywhere,puttingthe start of the purchase pathwithin a swipe of the mouseBring customisation to the top of theexperienceexperience layerswelcome to adidasdesign yourown/shopnavigation
  37. 37. products productsdesignyour ownnavigationmore likethiswho’swearingitsharebuy whatson thepageget moreinfowhat’sgoing on