What’s New at NWEA: Power of Teaching


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What’s New at NWEA: Power of Teaching
Fusion 2012, the NWEA summer conference in Portland, Oregon

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What’s New at NWEA: Power of Teaching

  1. 1. What’s Newat NWEA? FUSION June 2012
  2. 2. Our Partners Need More Evidence of Student LearningOur partners use MAP to answer important questions about their students’ learning: Is every child growing? Where will they be at the end of the school year?Many partners have expressed a need for more student data between MAP assessments. They want to know: Where are my students now? What progress are we making? What skills are they missing?
  3. 3. What’s NewChildren’s SkillsProgress Pointer Keeping Power ofLearning on Teaching Track
  4. 4. Power of Teaching
  5. 5. What is Power of Teaching? • Nine day program to improve classroom fundamentals delivered over a year • Focused on supporting research-based, effective teaching behaviors • Side-by-side work with coaches and school leaders to develop consistent observation practice, support, and feedback for struggling teachers
  6. 6. What Districts Benefit From Power of Teaching?Do you have schools that face these challenges?• Underperforming academically• High staff turnover• High % new teachers• Many staff certified through alternative programs• District coaches struggling to support change in classrooms
  7. 7. How Power of Teaching Can Help• Comprehensive approach to teaching fundamentals• Clear, research-based criteria for highly effective teaching behaviors• Programmatic system to achieve and maintain quality and consistency in every classroom• Support and structure for coaching struggling teachers
  8. 8. About Funding Availability… Education TURNKEY Report • Does your district have 5/31/12 Title I funds carried over from last year that have“Many superintendents to be obligated by are unaware of September 30th ? changes in Title I to • More than 1,100 districts allow training of all will receive at least a teachers in ‘identified’ $400,000 increase in preliminary district districts and to allow allocations due to use of similar products changes to funding in both Title I and non- formula Title I schools…” • Many districts will be receiving a 30% to 800% increase in allocations beginning in July
  9. 9. What’s in it for you…• Define, identify, and increase highly effective, research-based teaching behaviors district-wide• Provide your coaches and leadership staff with formal training on how to coach and support struggling teachers• Lay a foundation for excellence in teaching to achieve the kind of consistency you’re striving to achieve
  10. 10. Power of Teaching Learn more athttp://www.nwea.org/powerofteaching
  11. 11. Thank You!