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Master teacher presentation

  1. 1. Master TeacherPresentationMisty GoetzCindi BerdingMegan YeagerMaster TeachersClermont Northeastern High School
  2. 2. Why do the Master TeacherProgram?• Effective January 2011 the State of Ohio created a new licensure structure.• If you complete the Master Teacher Program then you have completed one of the requirements for an advanced license.
  3. 3. More Reasons to complete theMaster Teacher Program!• an entry point for a teacher leadership position• school, district and community recognition• possible preparation for seeking National Board Certification• a benchmark to strive for in a teaching career• and some districts offer CEU’s
  4. 4. Senior Professional License• Master’s degree or higher• 9 years teaching (five of which under a professional license)• Successful completion of a Master Teacher Portfolio• Educator Standards Board is currently working on the renewal process for your Senior Professional License.
  5. 5. Lead Professional License• Master’s degree or higher.• 9 years teaching experience.• For the Demonstration of Practice at the Distinguished Level you have to have successful completion of the Master Teacher Portfolio AND earn the Teacher Leader Endorsement OR hold an active National Board Certification.
  6. 6. Teacher Endorsement• There are currently nine universities offering teacher endorsement programs: • Ohio Dominican University – 9 sem. hrs. online. Dr. Ted Ziegler - 614- 251-4783 • Kent State University – 12 sem. hrs. face to face. Dr. James Henderson – • University of Cincinnati – 15 quarter hrs. online. 556-3252. • Wright State University - • University of Findlay – 12 sem. hrs. online. Dr. Rife – • Walsh University – Jeannie DeFazio – • Muskingum College – 740-826-8038 • Lourdes College – 9 sem. hrs. face to face. Michael P. French – • John Carroll University – 10 sem. hrs. face to face. Dr. Mark Storz – *4 others have submitted proposals – Cleveland State, Ashland University, Rio Grande, and University of Dayton.
  7. 7. Master Teacher Information• Senate Bill 2 directed the Educator Standards Board to define a Master Teacher.• House Bill 1 was signed in July 2009 by Gov. Strickland and effective 2011 the Master Teacher program became part of the new licensure program.• They have actually been working on the Master Teacher Program since 2006!
  8. 8. What is a Master Teacher?• A Master Teacher is an excellent teacher that strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified in the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. They strive to achieve the distinguished level of the seven standards adopted by the State Board of Education.
  9. 9. Eligibility Requirements forMaster Teacher• Valid professional teaching license and certificate• Have taught a minimum of seven years (in 8th year of teaching.)• Work a minimum of 120 days during the current school year.• Work under a teaching contract employed as a teacher.
  10. 10. Master Teacher Portfolio –what is it?• The Master Teacher Portfolio is basically a year long analysis of your teaching and your roles as a teaching professional.• You are taking the Standards for Ohio Educators and applying them. You are analyzing whether or not your are at a proficient, accomplished, or distinguished level, and of course to be a Master Teacher, striving to be at the distinguished level.• And finally you are providing evidence to support your analyzed, written narrative of your teaching.
  11. 11. Master Teacher Process• Master teacher portfolio can be done on your own or through the Clermont County Educational Service Center.• The CCESC offers an online course that guides teachers to create their Master Teacher Application/Portfolio. • The course includes all of the paperwork and scoring rubrics for the application process. • The cost of the course is $150 for CEU’s or $240 for 2 graduate hours from Ashland. • The course requires no books and is at your pace.
  12. 12. Master Teacher Portfolio• Section I • Master Teacher Application/ Narrative • Candidate Information
  13. 13. Master Teacher Portfolio Section II – Writing and Evidence Guidelines• To be designated as a Master Teacher in Ohio, eligible educators must clearly demonstrate, through written narrative and pieces of evidence, the following criteria: • Consistent Leadership • Focused Collaboration • Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment • Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Content, Instruction, and Assessment • Continued Professional Growth
  14. 14. Master Teacher PortfolioSection II – Writing and Evidence Guidelines • There are many rules, or guidelines to writing your narratives and submitting your evidence for each of the criteria. • Here are a few: • References in your criteria answers and pieces of evidence cannot be older than 5 years. • Each of the criteria prompt questions must be answered, in about 2-3 pages because your entire narrative cannot exceed 12 pages. • Your responses to the prompts must refer to the Ohio Standards for Teaching. You will need to know these standards inside-out and backwards. Or you will after this process. • There are specific guidelines for the pieces of evidence as well, for example the evidence has to be referenced in the text and labeled. The piece of evidence should be labeled in the top, right-hand corner.
  15. 15. Criteria A:Consistent Leadership• Master Teachers ensure student learning and well-being by participating in decision-making and initiating innovations and improvements for school change. They are leaders who empower and influence others. They engage in a variety of leadership roles and perform thoughtful stewardship responsibilities for the school community and the profession.• The main statement to respond to: • Describe how you have demonstrated consistent leadership in your school community and the teaching profession.
  16. 16. Examples of Criteria A:Consistent LeadershipEducator Standards Board Misty Goetz Megan Yeager • Committee work on • LPDC committee teacher evaluation • Instructional Leader for • Assume a leadership position in a state Department professional • Mentoring programs organization • OIP committee • Conduct research on teacher quality issues • NCA representative • Member of a district • Serving as coaches and data assessment team advisors
  17. 17. Criteria B:Focused Collaboration• Master Teachers work with educators, students, families and communities to create relationships; share knowledge, practice and responsibility; communicate effectively and support student learning. They respond to the needs of their colleagues and students immediately and competently.• The main statement to respond to: • Describe how you have contributed to focused collaborative efforts with other educators, students, families and/or the community to support student learning.
  18. 18. Examples of Criteria B:Focused Collaboration Misty GoetzEducators Standards Board Megan Yeager• Teacher mentor • Mentoring• Teacher leader at • Student teacher building level • Peer tutoring with• CIP team students• PTO • Attendance at many• Highly visible in community events community events• Student award or • Cross-curricular recognition collaboration• After-school “math club”
  19. 19. Criteria C: Distinguished Teaching –Focus on Students and Environment• Master Teachers analyze individual and group student development to connect instruction to students’ needs, interests and prior knowledge. They strive to create an environment that engages learners in inquiry, promotes high levels of learning for all students and creates a culture of civility and success.• The main statement to respond to: • Describe how you have demonstrated distinguished teaching through a focus on students and environment, fostering rich learning opportunities and creating a safe, enthusiastic learning environment in which all students can achieve at high levels.
  20. 20. Example of Criteria C: Distinguished Teaching– Focus on Students and Learning Misty GoetzEducators Standards Board Megan Yeager• Evidence of adaptation of • Behavior learning to meet student needs expectation/rules/syllabus (acceleration learning vs. contract; introductory intervention) survey• Develops long and short range plans that includes • Many examples of differentiated activities (whole differentiated instruction class, small group, • Positive classroom independent) environment• Creates a learning environment that supports different abilities, • Specific activities and cultures attitudes. evidence of a learning• Data analysis on student environment that fosters assessments with a plan of different culture and ability intervention or next steps levels
  21. 21. Criteria D: Distinguished Teaching – Focus onContent, Instruction, and Assessment• Master Teachers have a deep and reflective understanding of the academic content they teach. They use multiple assessments to evaluate student learning and inform instruction. They continually reflect on student outcomes and make decisions to promote high levels of learning for all students.• The main statement to respond to: • Describe how you have demonstrated distinguished teaching through a focus on content, instruction and assessment.
  22. 22. Examples of Criteria D: Distinguished Teaching –Focus on Content, Instruction, and Assessments Misty GoetzEducators Standards Board Megan Yeager• A description of how the • Children’s geometry book teacher has continued to • OGT Olympics grow, extend and enrich curriculum by using the • Practice OGT analysis district priorities with Ohio’s • Explanation and sample of Academic Content Standards, projects/activities such as: student work samples tied to a specific • Financial literacy course learning activity • Different types of demonstrating evidence of assessment – AP differentiated instruction, psychology, mock trial curriculum mapping, teacher evaluation. • Improving instruction at• Different types of the district level through assessments OIP committee
  23. 23. Criteria E:Continued Professional Growth• Master Teachers engage in continuous professional development and reflection. They use multiple resources to shape the focus and goals of their professional development including student learning, assessment data, researched best practices and school and district goals. They evaluate their personal growth, understanding and application of knowledge and develop and appropriate professional plan.• The main statement to respond to: • Describe your professional growth activities from the last three to five years.
  24. 24. Examples of Criteria E:Continued Professional GrowthEducators Standards Board Misty Goetz Megan Yeager• Describe a professional • OMAP growth opportunity that had an impact on your • Mentor classroom instruction and • College Coursework how it improved student learning. • TI workshop• Create a table/resume of • Common Core workshop professional development • Think History opportunities and describe how it had an impact on • Moodle workshops your classroom and student learning.
  25. 25. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV – Scoring• Two Recommendation Forms
  26. 26. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV - Scoring• Complete the Candidate’s checklist for submission of material.
  27. 27. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV - Scoring• Final portfolio is turned into local, district Master Teacher Committee (possibly the same as LPDC committee)• Local committee will assign anonymity and send to the Master Teacher scoring consortium.• There is a complete set of guidelines for scoring.• At least 2 different people will score the portfolio (not from your school.)• You must achieve exemplary scores in four of five areas on the scoring guide.
  28. 28. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV - Scoring • Scoring guide
  29. 29. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV - Scoring• You will receive a score summary sheet.
  30. 30. Master Teacher PortfolioSection IV - Scoring• If your portfolio falls short in 2 or more areas you will only have to resubmit those areas to be re-evaluated.• Discrepancies in scoring will be resolved by a third reader.• Additionally, the appeals process set up with the Clermont County Consortium is a partnership with the Brown County Consortium.
  31. 31. Master Teacher Portfolio• DATES TO REMEMBER: • November 30th – letter of intent to your local Master Teacher committee. • May 7th, 2012 – Portfolios due to the local Master Teacher committee.
  32. 32. Thank you!• Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!• Misty Goetz •• Cindi Berding •• Megan Yeager •