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In 2006, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and EnvroMedia Social Marketing Inc. developed and launched the innovative Nobody's Waterproof campaign designed to encourage men ages 18-34 and their friends to "Play it Safe" while recreating on lakes Travis and LBJ. In 2007, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and LCRA collaborated to take the campaign's unique and successful strategy to niche audiences across Texas. Now wrapping up its fourth year, this presentation highlights the accomplishments, survey data and future needs of the program.

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  • Welcome and Introductions of me and Tim and Bill.
    One of the most popular recreation areas in the state according TPWD
    One of the largest concentration of marina slips according to Texas A&M’s Sea Grant marina Database
    Unique aspect is unrestricted access due to the fact that majority of land both above and below the water surface is privately owned. Because of this fact, we are dealing with crowding issues that many of you will not experience for some time to come.
  • First water safety campaign of its kind. What makes it unique is that we take the message to those who need to hear it most. The folks who attend a water safety fairs, presentations and events are already safety conscious minded.
    Those who are at the greatest risk of drowning are not and therefore there is a need to reach them with no conventional means.
  • Past efforts focused on a more heavy handed approach. Don’t do this or this will happen. But the fact is that our young demographic which accounted for most of our drowning:
    doesn’t fear death,
    doesn’t feel it will happen to them,
    and studies have shown that the human brain isn’t even developed even to fully evaluate risk until the age of 25.
    As you can see we have quite a challenge in Texas and on one of the most popular of our lake….Travis.
  • So when we created the Nobody’s Waterproof Campaign our objective was to reach young males 18-34 years of age because this was the group involved in the majority of our drownings.
    This particular group does not respond well to hearing negative messages from a middle aged bureaucrat like myself, but they do respond well from what they here from there friends and family, which are the people whom they trust.
    So we also sought to reach a secondary audience that influences our primary audience.
  • At first, it was a bit intimidating to reach out to this crowd. And we had to provide special training to our outreach staff because they might become exposed to behavior they had not been exposed to in the past.
    During the first year, folks thought we were selling things and let us know they were not interested in talking to us.
    But as time passed, the word about our fun activities and cool giveaways spread from one person to the next and before long our outreach team was a welcome sight on the lake.
  • The first year of our campaign, we used a young attractive tri athlete to appeal to our target group. The second year we added a new spokesperson and a new loaner boat provided by Yamaha.
  • The second year of the campaign is also the first year we partnered with TPWD. TPWD not only took the campaign efforts statewide.
    But they also brought Kevin Fowler to the table as the new spokesperson.
    Kevin Fowler is an up and coming country western singer with a “wild” reputation. Kevin’s reputation made some of us a little nervous….but you have to keep in mind who our target audience is.
  • As I mentioned Yamaha provided this brand new boat through their loaner program and as a result of the campaign success, we were able to convince our agency to purchase the boat for its continued use in subsequent years.
  • The on the water outreach is the main component of the campaign.
    The boat with it’s flashy wrap design, helped draw attention when we arrived on scene and its jet propulsion eliminated the concern of swimmers approaching the boat, which increased along with the campaign popularity.
    The outreach staff was intentionally selected to reflect the target audience we were trying to reach.
    Games and trivia where participants could earn premium prizes increased knowledge of water safety in a fun and sometimes competitive way.
  • We gave away t-shirts that had a designed which incorporated the campaign boat along with other low cost items to help keep the fun in the experience.
    Bill Hagy revised the t-shirt design for the past summer which actually increased the wear rate of the t-shirts. If we could manage to put a a gothic spin to PFDs, it might also help the wear rate of them as well.
  • So in summary we have found that this approach works.
    But you have to keep in mind who your target audinece is.
    What interests them
    Who they will listen to
    And not to try to do too much.
    I also found that because I am not in the target demographic, that if I like it, it is probably wrong.
    And it is not about improving our agency’s name recognition or reputation, it is about getting results, which is saving lives.
  • Of course, in order to be successful, we all have to be able to justify the cost of our programs to those who approve the funding for it.
    You can see that in the first year, the media loved the campaign as evidenced by all the free air time we got and by the fact that all of the media outlets were interested in covering the campaign.
  • This exceptional media coverage continued the second year and the values here are just for the Austin area. Keep in mind that this is the same year we partnered with TPWD and they we share some fo their success stories with you in just a few minutes.
  • In fact we had so much media coverage that the outreach stated that they sometimes found that a good deal of time was spent shuttling media between the shore and the where the fun was happening, that it sometimes competed with their efforts to interact with the public.
    But you have to always keep in mind that all good things might come to an end and so you have to find other ways to measure your success if you want to continue to demonstrate this to those who can make or break your campaign.
    And this may also require some advance planning.
  • In 2007 we conducted a baseline observational study using the methodology develop by JSi for measuring the increase in the lifejacket wear rate. We then conducted a follow-up study this year and you can see the there has in fact been an increase.
    2007: All Boaters = 32.6%
    2007: Non-PWC boaters= 27.6%
    2009: All boaters = 42.5%
    2009: Non-PWC boaters = 31.5%
  • We also conducted recreational boating studies on three of our areas lakes in 2008 and found that the recognition of the campaign was very high.
    The studies survey waterfront property owners, marina slip tenants and public boat ramp users.
    You can see that Travis and LBJ are showing a much higher percentage but this is expected because most of our outreach efforts have been through the campaigns outreach events and we did most of those on Travis and LBJ, where almost 1 out 3 people surveyed were aware of the campaign.
  • At this time I want to introduce Steve Hall, with TPWD who will talk about the statewide partnership.
  • Nobody's Waterproof

    1. 1. ““Going Where They Go!”Going Where They Go!”
    2. 2. Highland LakesHighland Lakes - +1 million visitors/year to parks - <90 min. from almost 4 million people -20 minutes from major universities - Open access both public and private Colorado RiverColorado River
    3. 3. About Nobody’s WaterproofAbout Nobody’s Waterproof • First-of-its-kind campaign to prevent water fatalities by encouraging target audience to “play it safe” on the water • Interactive, playful outreach resonates with younger target audience and encourages changes in their behaviors and attitudes about water safety • Winner of state, regional and international boating safety and public relations awards in 2007 • Partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    4. 4. • Focus on enforcement or fear – “BWI=DWI” – “Don’t let your lake party turn into a search party” – Little business support – Public Service Announcements • Males 18-34 continue to drown – Texas 3rd in the Nation for boating fatalities (2007) – 75% of water fatalities drowning – Lake Travis “deadliest in Texas” History Of Water Safety CommunicationsHistory Of Water Safety Communications
    5. 5. Nobody’s Waterproof Campaign GoalsNobody’s Waterproof Campaign Goals • Objectives – Create and launch experiential campaign – reach males 18-34 • Begin to change attitudes and behaviors in measureable way • Leverage fun to engage people in conversations about water safety
    6. 6. Would you approach this crowd?Would you approach this crowd? Our goal is to reach: – Men 18-34 who think they are invincible or bulletproof – To engage them in fun conversations or games – Educate and change behavior – Reduce fatalities – Make the water safer and more enjoyable for others
    7. 7. 2006 • Launched in middle of May • 80% media attendance • Professional triathlete delivered message – Not law enforcement – Not “official” • Coverage carried through Memorial weekend 2007 • Partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to Launch in Highland Lakes Area • Used “new” Boat and spokesperson Kevin Fowler to garner attention • TPWD held separate launches in other cities in Texas • Coverage carried through Memorial weekend
    8. 8. 2007 Highlights2007 Highlights • Statewide Campaign • Campaign Spokesperson Kevin Fowler
    9. 9. Target AudienceTarget Audience
    10. 10. Nobody’s Waterproof BoatNobody’s Waterproof Boat
    11. 11. On-the-Water OutreachOn-the-Water Outreach • Cool outreach boat draws attention • Young outreach staff relates to target audience • Trivia and games engage target audience • Premium giveaways promote campaign • Pledge to play it safe reinforces messages
    12. 12. Campaign Promotional ItemsCampaign Promotional Items • T-shirts • Fun noodles • Koozies • Mini beach balls • Temporary tattoos 2007 Campaign T-shirt Design
    13. 13. SummarySummary • Social marketing works • Audience… – What interests them – Who they’ll listen to – Don’t try to do too much • If you like it, you’re probably wrong • It’s not about motive, it’s about results
    14. 14. 2006 Campaign Highlights2006 Campaign Highlights • 8,000+ face-to-face • 3,555 web visits (Avg. +4 minutes, 2 clicks) • 180 minutes of free air time • 100% of media • Public and elected official support in editorials • Picked up on “party” web sites • Requests from partners for more • Sponsor interest
    15. 15. 2007 Highlights2007 Highlights Media Relations RecapMedia Relations Recap Television • Added Value: $86,379 • Impressions: 1,246,242 Print • Added Value: $93,949.45 • Impressions: 262,804 Total Added Value: $180,328.45$180,328.45 That is 3.6 times the campaign budget.
    16. 16. 2007 Highlights2007 Highlights Newsworthy Campaign • 20+ stories in print media • 100+ stories and mentions on local TV stations • More then 6,300 visits to the Web site
    17. 17. Life Jacket Wear Rates (%)Life Jacket Wear Rates (%) Lakes Travis & LBJLakes Travis & LBJ 0 10 20 30 40 50 2007 2009 All Boaters Non-PWC
    18. 18. Boater Education / SafetyBoater Education / Safety Awareness of “Nobody’s Waterproof” Campaign?Awareness of “Nobody’s Waterproof” Campaign? • 12.4% on Lake Austin – Source: TV & Radio • 28% on Lake Travis – Source: TV & Lake-based Activities • 37% on Lake LBJ – Source: TV & Lake-based Activities
    19. 19. ““Going Where They Go!”Going Where They Go!”
    21. 21. AnotherAnother Nobody’s Waterproof BoatNobody’s Waterproof Boat
    22. 22. 2007 Statewide Successes2007 Statewide Successes • Partnership licensing agreement and MOU • Partnered with water safety coalitions (Houston, Dallas, South-central Texas, Austin) • Focused on major metro areas • Marketing, graphics, news releases, public relations forged
    23. 23. 2007 Statewide Successes2007 Statewide Successes • Outreach staff co-trained with LCRA and Environmedia • Boat drivers completed NSBC Close Quarters Handling course • Pre-planned each event with local partners and boat drivers
    24. 24. 2007 Statewide Successes2007 Statewide Successes • 6 on-water & shoreline events • 3400 additional impressions • 3 additional live radio remotes • Over 800 in-person surveys
    25. 25. 2007 Statewide Lessons Learned2007 Statewide Lessons Learned • WEATHER is king! • Keep boat fully staff but not overloaded • Outreach staff personalities and endurance are key factors • Hydration and proper eating habits keep staff ship shape • Game wardens/local marine enforcement positive contacts prior to events • Purchase items well ahead of time
    26. 26. 2008 Statewide Successes2008 Statewide Successes • Hired 3 interns • Doubled number of shoreline and on-water events • First river events – highly successful • Winter boat shows – build partnerships prior to summer efforts
    27. 27. 2009 Successes2009 Successes • Team Lead and 2 interns • Lead focused on event pre- planning and supervision • Introduced wear rate study at statewide locations (Canyon, Conroe, PK) • Secured bottle water donation • Over 6,600 direct contacts at on-water shoreline and outreach events
    28. 28. 2009 Successes2009 Successes • Teamed up with LCRA on Austin-area lakes • Completed VNR – video news release for promo use • Completed event at paddle craft loaner site during anniversary celebration • New lakes (e.g. Texoma) • Weather and drought provided continued impacts in 2009