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AIMS™ Content Manager puts rapid elearning creation at your fingertips. Designed to revolutionise your learning and development strategy, AIMS™ Content Manager lets you create and deploy relevant content directly to your learners in minutes. Find out how!

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AIMS Content-manager

  1. 1. DatasheetAIMS™ Content Manager Authoring Tool mindleaders.comCreate, assess and report on your own custom elearning courses AIMS™ Content Manager puts rapid elearning creation at your fingertips. Designed to revolutionise your learning and development strategy, AIMS™ Content Manager lets you create and deploy relevant content directly to your learners in minutes.For an elearning authoring tool to deliver value it must be easy, intuitive and offer flexibility to the creator in terms of the size,structure and layout of the course. Luckily, we do all of that! AIMS™ Assessment integrates seamlessly with AIMS™ Publisherto form AIMS™ Content Manager.AIMS™ Content Manager gives you the ability to quickly create business critical learning and development without the need forinvestment in bespoke elearning solutions. You’ll have the power to create your own learning on topics that are relevant to yourorganisation, employees and business model.You can use your existing in-house digital training material, create courses using the common PC applications such asMicrosoft PowerPoint or even third party “off the shelf” rapid elearning tools. Once your course is published your course youcan then use the AIMS™ learning management system to report on learner progress.Implement rapid elearning in your organisationAIMS™ Content Manager uses our simple four-stage wizard to guide you through each step of creating a course. Alternatively,you can create courses in whatever way you choose by using the freestyle method. Help is provided for both course creatorsand learners to ensure ease of use. The only limit is your imagination. Create courses to meet any training need, including: • Induction training • Standard operating procedures • New product launch training • Health and safety training • HR policy and procedures dissemination • Company specific training courses • Sales training – new menus, new sales promotions, special offers • Management trainingThere is extensive flexibility for defining the composition and structure ofcourses. Choose from a wide variety of content options, allocate time foryour employees to sit the course and then monitor and trackcompletions. Other valuable uses of AIMS™ Content Manager includeproviding your employees with quick and relevant training on criticalissues such as: • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) • HR Procedures / Regulations • Brand Standards • Induction Training • Sales Training – new menus, new sales promotions, special offers • Just-In-Time Training (JIT) – eg. New IT system trainingAvailable online or via our el-box™, AIMS™ Content Manager is deployable in any learning and development programme andmakes it easy to complement your existing range of compliance courses from MindLeaders with additional company-specifictraining. Like Us Follow Us Watch Us Find Us @MindLeaders Search “MindLeaders”
  2. 2. DatasheetAIMS™ Content Manager Authoring Tool mindleaders.comWhat files types can be in an AIMS™ Content Manager course?AIMS™ Publisher allows you to upload many different file types, giving you the flexibility you need to create engaging courses. • MS Word (.doc and .docx) • MS Excel (.xls and .xlsx) • MS PowerPoint (.ppt and pptx) • Web Pages (URL) • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) • Audio (mp3) • Flash Video (.flv, H.264) • Windows Media Player (.wmv) • Flash (.swf) • Images (.jpg,.gif,.png)Implementing your AIMS™ Content Manager strategyLike all great software, AIMS™ Content Manager is unobtrusive. It allows you to focus on delivering engaging learning contentthat addresses your needs.But to get rapid elearning right, you’ll need a disciplined approach which draws on subject matter expertise within yourorganisation and applies best practice in terms of instructional design. We are here to provide you with all the support andguidance you need on hand to implement a high performing strategy. Support from MindLeaders includes: • Regular Content Manager networking events to share best practice with our partners • An online resource hub at for instructional design tips • Personal consultation with our experienced implementation teamIf you use el-boxes™ we can also help you to manage the deployment and rollout of courses to your el-box™ estate.How is AIMS™ Content Managerdelivered?Administrators who will be creating and publishing courseswill access AIMS™ Content Manager from their main AIMS™interface. A new menu is added called “AIMS™ ContentManager”. Learners who have been assigned coursesyou have published will see the course titles in their courselaunch list as they do now.Preparing for AIMS™ Content ManagerWe can work with your IT team to ensure that the PCs usedto access the courses you create with AIMS™ ContentManager have the appropriate players and viewers installed.For example, if you publish a course with a flash animation,a PowerPoint file and a pdf, you’ll need to have Flash Player10, the PowerPoint application or viewer and Adobe Acrobatreader installed. Like Us Follow Us Watch Us Find Us @MindLeaders Search “MindLeaders”
  3. 3. DatasheetAIMS™ Content Manager Authoring Tool Assessments features in AIMS™ Content Manager AIMS™ Content Manager allows you to accurately assess and measure both your learner’s knowledge retention and the effectiveness of your training. You can select your own pass mark and set specific retry thresholds for each individual assessment. There is flexibility for the number of questions you set and the time you allocate for your employees to take them. You can also randomise the question and distracter order to help prevent cheating, making sharing answers between learners a pointless exercise. AIMS™ Content Manager is deployable online, via our el-box™ or as a local load to your desktop. Further flexibility and benefits are provided by: • Flexible test durations (10-60 minutes ) for timed assessments • Double randomization feature to prevent cheating n all question types o • Question level feedback, to indicate whether learner answered correctly, or if not, display the correct answers • Assessment Completion Dates can be added for completion critical assessments • Bulk import of assessments via template • Assessment Assignment through the familiar AIMS group tree • All AIMS™ Content Manager Assessments are fully searchable by Assessment, Name, Creation date and/or Creator.What can you use AIMS™ Content Manager Assessments for?MindLeaders partners use AIMS™ Content Manager Assessments to achieve a number of different goals. Common purposesinclude: • Evaluate knowledge retention, internalization and understanding from any training course • Reinforce brand standards to maintain operational excellence • Conduct employee induction and exit surveys • Assess your own elearning contentSurvey AssessmentsSurvey assessments allow you to measure your employees’ opinionson issues affecting your business. The assessor is provided with astandard survey template which has the following question types:1. Open Questions with free text response fields2. Select One or Select multiple with up to 12 response options3. True / False statement question4. Yes/No response question5. Select one response question with up to 64 options6. 5 Point Rating ScaleEach survey can also include instructional content that precedes thequestions, transforming Survey Assessments into a rapid elearningtool. Like Us Follow Us Watch Us Find Us @MindLeaders Search “MindLeaders”
  4. 4. DatasheetAIMS™ Content Manager Authoring Tool mindleaders.comKnowledge Check AssessmentsKnowledge Check Assessments allow you to measure theimpact and retention of your rapid elearning courses. In orderto provide you with the flexibility to suit your assessmentneeds, there are two ways of creating assessments:1. You can import pre-written questions from an external datasource (.csv file), which saves you time and effort, andenables assessments to be rapidly deployed to youremployees.2. Alternatively you can use ‘Create New’ and enter eachquestion sequentially. You can enter up to 50 questions fromseveral different question types: • Multiple Choice Question 1 correct answer from 4 options • Multiple Choice Question 2 correct answers from 5 options • Matching Click and Drag Questions • True/False QuestionsSystem requirements • Intel Pentium III or equivalent • 2GHz processor • 512MB RAM • 100MB free hard drive space (excluding course content) • 1024 x 768 resolution display with 16-bit colour depth (thousands of colours) or higher • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition/Windows XP Professional/ Windows 2000 Professional • Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 or above (pop up blocker disabled, active X control enabled) • Adobe Flash Player 10 or aboveAbout MindLeadersExpanding the boundaries of training technology for over thirty years, MindLeaders reaches out across the world to changelives through learning. Our elearning solutions, cloud-based learning management systems and pioneering learning servicesdevelop talent and drive performance in more than 2,500 organisations across thirty countries.We are proud to be a global partner for digital literacy programmes and a leading provider of work-based learning andelearning content to the hospitality, health and social care, education and corporate sectors in the UK. MindLeaders offers avast portfolio of business and IT professional courses which are integrated with a complete talent development system.MindLeaders customers range from schools, colleges and care organisations to national governments and some of theworld’s most wellknown brands. Our popularity is based on award-winning course design and delivery solutions, unrivalledcustomer service and a firm commitment to our company values. Contact us today to talk about partnership opportunities. Like Us Follow Us Watch Us Find Us @MindLeaders Search “MindLeaders”