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Symvionics general overview

  1. 1. Corporate Overview and General Capabilities
  2. 2. Our Business Philosophy QUITE SIMPLY... ... dedicated to meeting and exceeding all project efforts with high-integrity quality services and products reasonable cost
  3. 3. About SYMVIONICS KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS  Proven Performance & Customer Satisfaction  Breadth of Contracts and Experience  Refined Corporate Infrastructure and Quality Management System  Financially Strong (including bonding)  Collaborative Business Operations  Individual Integrity & Leadership  Incorporated in 1988  A diverse support services company – Engineering/Scientific – Technical – Management/Operations  Existing corporate infrastructure to support multiple, technically diverse programs located anywhere across the Nation  Strategically positioned resources to provide for immediate and effective start-ups and deployments for on-demand support  Top Secret facility clearance and personnel ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  4. 4. Corporate Locations Dayton Edwards AFB Palmdale Lexington Orange Park (Jacksonville) Headquarters located in Arcadia, CA SYMVIONICS supports its customers both from its own facilities, as well as from on- site customer locations. NASA Ames Orlando On-site Customer Location SYMVIONICS Location Pensacola NAWCTSD Orlando Arcadia
  5. 5. Diverse Customer Base* • Air Force Test Center (AFTC); Edwards AFB, CA • Air Armament Center (AAC); Eglin AFB, FL • Air Combat Command (ACC); Langley AFB, VA • ASC Development Planning; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH • Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division; Orlando, FL • Naval Facilities Engineering Command; Worldwide • Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center; Port Hueneme, CA • SPAWAR Systems Center; New Orleans, LA • NASA Dryden Flight Research Center; Edwards, CA • NASAAmes Research Center; Moffett Field, CA • Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate; Fort Eustis, VA • FAA Technical Center - Atlantic City, NJ • Northrop Grumman • L-3 Communications • Boeing • ASC/Training SPO; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH • SOF Directorate; WR-ALC, GA • Space Missile Command; Los Angeles AFB, CA • Lockheed Martin • Walt Disney Imagineering NAVY NASA FAA ARMY Commercial & Prime Contractors AIR FORCE *Representative list – not comprehensive
  6. 6.  GSA Schedule 70 for Information Technology  GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES)  NAVAIR Training System Contract III (TSC III)  NAVAIR Fielded Training System Support III (FTSS III)  Seaport-e (NAVSEA, SPAWAR, NAVSUP, NAVAIR)  PEOSTRI STRICOM Omnibus II  USAF Air Combat Command (ACC) Contracted Assistance & Advisory Services IV (CAAS IV)  Army CECOM Rapid Response Program (R2CSR)  Army Operations/Planning/Training/Resources Support Services (OPTARSS)  AMCOM Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (EXPRESS) - Technical & Logistics Domains Contracting Vehicles
  7. 7. High Performance Products Services & Product Support Engineering, Scientific, & Technical Services Hardware and Software Product Development Technical & Management Collaboration C U S T O M E R S A T I S F A C T I O N
  8. 8. High Performance Products  IADS® • Interactive Analysis and Display System. • Real-time and post-test monitoring of test events for analyzing the structures of aircraft, land vehicles, sea vehicles, missiles, spacecraft, and weapon systems. • Control room and desktop applications. • Safety of test monitoring. • Selected as the standardized display and analysis software for the Joint Strike Fighter.  DeltaSym® • The ultimate solution to a complex reconfigurable simulator equation. • High-fidelity, reconfigurable cockpits for flight simulation and training devices. • Quickly reconfigurable from one aircraft configuration to another. • Designed to simulate all of the single-seat fighter aircraft in the DoD inventory (and some foreign systems). • Current configurations are F-16C Block 50 and F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter). Sym
  9. 9. Engineering, Scientific, & Technical Services  Systems Engineering  Software Engineering  Hardware Engineering  Modeling & Simulation  Training Systems  Flight Test Engineering  Weapon System Development  Program Management Support  Contracted Advisory & Assistance Services (CAAS)  Acquisition & Life Cycle Management Concept Total Life Cycle Design Implement Operate
  10. 10. Systems Engineering  SYMVIONICS’ Systems Engineering (SE) process ensures compatibility with our customer’s management process for successful program execution  Establishes complete understanding of the requirements prior to any design, development, and test activity  SE process evolves program maturity as details are incrementally and methodically refined, leading to build-test-integrate-deploy success  SE approach adapts “best practices” and customer-specific processes to address: • Design Studies & Trade-off Analyses • Requirements Traceability • System Safety & Fault Management • Detailed Specification Development BUILD EMPLOYMENT Rqmts. Definition & Reviews Mission Needs PROGRAM MATURITY Preliminary Design & Review Critical Design & Review Design Implementation Component & System Integration Operation & Maintenance Training Documentation & Config. Control Transition & Turnover OPERATIONS CONCEPTS ARCHITECTURE DEVELOPMENT DEPLOYMENT VERIFICATION INTEGRATION TEST EMPLOYMENT DESIGN • System acquisition & life-cycle management • Life cycle cost analysis • Independent assessment & analysis • Verification and Validation PROGRAMDETAIL
  11. 11. Software Engineering  SYMVIONICS’ formal Software Engineering Processes are mature and well documented, providing reliable and repeatable software product development  SYMVIONICS uses an Iterative/Incremental Development Process (I2DP)  Approach involves the user throughout the development process, to provide effective feedback to the software development team  Risk Management is performed throughout the software development process using metrics collection and analysis  Application of military and industry standard procedures and discipline to deliver high quality software products & services – with comprehensive documentation and total life-cycle user support  Software IV&V Software Requirements Analysis Architectural Design Implementation Build Cycle Concept Development Production Build Deliveries Iterative: Utilization of systematic refinements based on prior releases Incremental: Each pass through process adds additional capability Our I2DP Process is well-documented in a formal Software Development Plan (SDP) Communicate Control Identify Analyze Plan Track Communicate Control Identify Analyze Plan Track SEI RISK MANAGEMENT MODEL
  12. 12. Hardware Engineering  Full-spectrum, experienced electrical/mechanical design, drawing/drafting, and fabrication capability  Specialized capability for complex flight simulators and training devices.  Minor Sheet Metal Fabrication  Computer Component Selection/Specification  Digital I/O Selection/Specification  Mechanical Design of Simulation Components  Aural Cuing System Upgrades  Electrical/Electronics Hardware Design • Cable Manufacturing • Over140 years of aircraft wiring experience in-house Flight Simulator Control PanelFlight Simulator Cockpit Light/Dimmer Drawer
  13. 13. Modeling & Simulation  Applications to aircraft R&D, training systems, and flight test support environments – as well as Air Traffic Control systems (DoD, FAA, NASA)  Design, development, V&V, and use of simulation (real-time and non-real-time)  Development of complex, crew-in-the-loop, flight vehicle, and full mission simulations  Specialties in tactical and electronic combat environments  Expertise in Distributed Interactive Simulation, High Level Architectures, and High Performance Computing Air Warfare Mission Simulator Shipboard Reconfigurable Trainer F-16 Block 50 Cockpit
  14. 14. Training Systems NAVY TOWER OPERATOR TRAINER  Total system design, development, production, and support capability  Extensive experience in aircraft flight/mission and Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulation, with additional experience in maintenance training systems  Expertise in all simulator subsystems (computational systems, visual/sensor systems, control loaders, etc.)  Avionics LRU/OFP stimulation/simulation experience  Specializing in low-cost, reconfigurable, and deployable systems B-2 FLIGHT/MISSION SIMULATORT-45 OPERATIONAL FLIGHT TRAINER
  15. 15. Flight Test Engineering  Broad engineering development and systems integration expertise by direct involvement in all phases of flight test engineering support to other major aerospace projects and facilities  Support provided to National & International range communities, as well as test pilot schools  Extensive experience in the concept development, design, operational development, and fielding of real-time and post-flight analysis systems used for supporting all Test and Evaluation activities  Past contract support to “airframers” in the Los Angeles area: • Northrop Grumman (B-2 stealth bomber) • Lockheed Martin (F-22 fighter) • Boeing (C-17 transport) IADS®APTAS Infrastructure Customized T&E Analysis Tools Post Test Analysis Real-Time Analysis Control Rooms
  16. 16. Weapon Systems Development  Extensive experience in the development of operational weapon systems  Avionics Systems • Both federated & integrated systems • Support to both the avionics system and ground based labs used to develop those systems  Crew Systems • All aspects of crew systems and Pilot Vehicle Interfaces • Human Factors Engineering, design, and Test & Evaluation Mission Radar Comm NAV Mission Federated Avionics Radar Comm EW Common Integrated Processors Integrated Avionics Laser Eye Protection AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS F-35/JSF F-22 C-130 AMP B-2 B-1 C-17 A-10 F-15C/D/E F-16 F/A-18 MC-130H MH-53J CREW SYSTEMS • • • • • • AVIONICS • • • • • • • MODELING & SIMULATION • • • • • • • • •
  17. 17. Program Management Support  Program management support • Advisory and support services to headquarters, regional, and field division activities • On-site analysis and support assistance to field activities on operational & management effectiveness • Transition planning • Public affairs support  Program analysis/studies support • Collect data, perform analyses, and develop findings on related programs associated with the administration, operation, and management of relevant programs • Analysis of financial data and operational budgets • Benchmarking and process improvement  Program training support • Oversight of all program training • Curriculum development and instruction of training courses • On-site, regional, and worldwide training Training Services Management Services
  18. 18. Contracted Advisory & Assistance Services (CAAS)  Support during all phases of planning, programming, acquisition, and implementation cycles of various Government systems and programs  Support includes providing information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training, and services to complement Government’s technical expertise  Typical tasks include: • Management and professional services (planning, policies, data analysis, lessons learned, reporting, etc.) • Studies, analyses, and evaluations (recommendations on new approaches/technologies, performance assessment, budgeting, modernization, organization roles & approaches, etc.) • Engineering and technical services (training, independent verification & validation, life-cycle management, transitional operations & maintenance, recommend proposed engineering changes, etc.)
  19. 19. Acquisition & Life Cycle Management  Systems acquisition support  Program/project management support services  Documentation/Technical Manual preparation and updates  Life-cycle management support (including maintenance, repair, supplies & engineering logistics to technology-based systems)  Test planning and support  Operation and maintenance (O&M) support  Financial planning, budgeting, and cost estimating  Technology transfer/insertion/migration  Configuration and data management  Specialized training & operations support  Administrative and technical support
  20. 20. Corporate Overview Summary  Proven PRIME and SUBCONTRACTOR  Small Business RESPONSIVENESS  Available Corporate INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES & PRODUCTS for Today’s Success... TECHNOLOGY for Tomorrow’s Solution “….the small business doing big businessTM.” Celebrating over 24 years of Service to America’s Military and Aerospace Industry!
  21. 21. For more information about SYMVIONICS, see our web site, or contact: Richard A. Weeks Executive Vice President SYMVIONICS, Inc. (626) 305-1400, x227 E-mail: SYMVIONICS, Inc.  488 E. Santa Clara Street  Suite 201  Arcadia, CA  91006-7230