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Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing"
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Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing"



Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Introduction and Usage of Radian6

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Introduction and Usage of Radian6



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  •   KICK OFF – ladies/gents, lets get started, lots of content WELCOME - welcome you to our session on SM innovations in HC…..name, pmm with salesforce MC #SocialHealthcare
  • Tim - Great to hear wide range of use cases across wellness, crisis, sales Last but not least, introduce Makala: Worked for Mayo clinics center for SM since inception in 2010 Her work focuses on SM utilization and analytics, with patients/physicians, across many SM channels
  • As many of you know, Philosophy
  • But, how did we get started in social media? We actually saw it as a natural progression of what we were already doing. Ever since the days of Drs. William and Charlie Mayo, Creating the ability and encouraging patients to use word of mouth online seemed to be directly in-line with what we have done for nearly 100 years.
  • Identified wrist injury and created surgical fix
  • So here is word of mouth about Mayo Clinic but also about our social media efforts at Mayo Clinic.
  • A spike we cannot account for granularity
  • Research the human body at high altitudes, to help treat patients with heart conditions back home.
  • Jump in May is reflective of increased engagement, meeting patient interest around arthritis during this month. (and Mayo Clinic’s presence in this overall conversation) Of course, you could graph all your competitors on here to see who else capitalized on Arthritis Awareness Month…
  • I wanted to say “Words of Wisdom” but I thought I shouldn’t go quite that far. Overall, some of the objectives for which our Center uses social media are patient education (YT videos), Physician Influence (Expert Chat), and Organizational Efficiency. Chat 1x1. Point to ponder, that we strongly believe…So with that, let’s go forth…
  • Makala - - great examples of using R6 across so many different social channels END: Big hand to………….. Its great to see what you have done innovating with SM in HC We heard some common themes erelating to our core message of driving innovation in HC with SM If you are to take 3 thing saway from session to day, I would summarize as follows: SM is already making a huge impact Make it priority to eduicate your org on this impact Take first step in Social medi strategy and spend time listening to what is going on with brand, industry, commp WRAP: 10 mins remaining – questions for speakers They will stay around afterwards for questions Also hashtag Who has first question Time for 1 more #SocialHealthcare

Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing" Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing" Presentation Transcript

  • @Social Media: #Innovations inHealthcare MarketingMakala Johnson, Mayo Clinic (@MakalaJohnson) #SocialHealthcare
  • Makala Johnson Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Associate @MakalaJohnson#SocialHealthcare
  • All about Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic) Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education.  The needs of the patient come first.  Over 1,000,000 clinic patients annually  Over 58,000 employees  Three main campuses: Minnesota, Arizona, Florida #SocialHealthcare
  • Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media• Radian6 customer since Sept., 2009• Created in July, 2010• Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well-being for people everywhere. #SocialHealthcare
  • Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media #SocialHealthcare
  • Case Study:Professional Baseball Player Shares Wrist Surgery Story #SocialHealthcare
  • Professional Baseball Player Shares Wrist Surgery Story #SocialHealthcare
  • Radian6 Usage• Competitor Share of Voice (Example to right) Celebrity Patient New Site Announcement #SocialHealthcare
  • Radian6 Usage• Event Monitoring: Mount Everest #SocialHealthcare
  • Radian6 Mentions: “Mayo” + “Everest” Trip Daily Updates on Testing Begins Team Returns Announcement Trek to Base Camp #SocialHealthcare
  • Case Study:Arthritis Awareness Month #SocialHealthcare
  • Final Thoughts…• Patient Education, Physician Influence, Organizational Efficiency• Radian6: • Benchmark and monitor health care landscape • Provide reports to leadership around key events and enterprise initiatives• Applying social media in health care isn’t just inevitable; it’s the right thing to do in the interest of patients. SocialMedia.MayoClinic.org @MayoClinic #SocialHealthcare
  • Makala Johnson Mayo Clinic @makalajohnson#SocialHealthcare #SocialHealthcare