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Practical Social Media Strategy For Hospital Marketing Departments of One


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Hospital marketing tips for marketers that are using social media with their service lines.

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Practical Social Media Strategy For Hospital Marketing Departments of One

  1. 1. *Practical Social Media Strategyfor Hospital MarketingDepartments of OneJune 14th, 2012
  2. 2. Design, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for each service line * Plan and administer the firm’s marketing operations budget Negotiates with media agents Develop promotional materials including marketing collateral Coordinate classes and seminars Maintain community and physician relations Grow service lines through new patient acquisition Develop promotional materials including marketing collateral Manage external communications and systems Manage internal communications and systems Support all public relations efforts Work with external vendors and consultants Assist the service lines to meet their objectivesAnd the list goes on…
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  5. 5. *Market “with” rather than market “to”
  6. 6. Laser Guided Social Media *Avoiding shiny object syndromeStop thinking that social media means you need a Facebook Page, Twitter profile,Pinterest board, and the next big thing…Use your marketing data to your advantageSegmentation, timing, context, and understanding true interest are your friends.Let’s go hunting with a rifle, not a shotgun.Stop using the word campaign“Campaigns” sound big and time consuming. Test. Test small and test often.Pay closer attention to the timing of your marketing effortsYour audience is in fact NOT “always on”. Find out when they are. You have the dataat your finger tips.
  7. 7. Look for the Ponds * You do not need to be on every social network. Huron, SD Population approximately 11,033Don’t be fooled by the stats… Yes 50% of Huron, SD is on Facebook. However, this does not mean 50% of the population is interested in your hospital, let alone your hospital’s Facebook page.
  8. 8. Look for the Ponds *Small online communities are often more effective than the large ones Angie’s List (really?) Yelp, Google Local and other local search engines Community bloggers Start a blog on the community newspaper website Sponsor an online social meet up when in person events are not possible. i.e. Online support group using Google+ Hangouts.
  9. 9. Look for the Ponds * Launch niche Facebook pages Focus on events or health topics Reduces commitment of resources Easy exit strategy. Cost effective to promote with ads Test multiple versions and see which ones are most effective Expect less Likers than a heavily promoted page
  10. 10. Look for the Ponds * Integrate social media into your existing online marketing Blogs, microsites, videos and other content can easily be repurposed in social channels. Again… You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Existing Microsite
  11. 11. Are You Talking to Right People? *Would you send an emailor direct mail reminderfor a colonoscopy to a 25yr old?Same principles apply to socialmedia…. MISCONCEPTION: Facebook is a great channel for reaching youth (false) MISCONCEPTION: Myspace users have more disposable time (true) and income (false) Data courtesy of Kissmetrics
  12. 12. Rapid Testing Done Right *Identified Facebook audience in No. VA interested in weight lossCreated two ads promoting bariatric seminarsDirected ads to landing page$479 monthly spend Campaign: Chris Boyer (@ChrisBoyer) and Inova Team
  13. 13. The Results *Over three month period: 296 clicks/month (Return – Investment) .03 CTR (Avg CTR for Facebook PPC is .02) $1.62/click Investment30 seminar registrations23% seminar registration/surgeryconversion rate ($20,700 – $1,437)Average $3,000 contribution margin $1,437from surgery$20,700 profit originated from campaign$1,437 spend over 3 months 1340% ROI
  14. 14. Take advantage of freely available tools for * scheduling content. You don’t need to “always be on.” Plan your “social media time” around your communities social media activity. This data is available to you. Use it! .5 Post Per Day (1 post every other day) yields the most likes on Facebook. Don’t over do it!Data courtesy of Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) and HubSpot
  15. 15. 5 Tips for Managing the Social Media Time Suck * Listening/Monitoring Set alerts for anything critical and then simply use the rule of 3…15 min in the morning, over lunch, and before going home. Listen more than you talk. When you do talk make sure you have something of value to contribute. Execution Enlist partners. Both internally and externally. Bring basic digital development and design in house. Teach yourself if you have to! Crowdsource content to save time “Life is about timing” – Carl Lewis.
  16. 16. *How Do You Allocate Your “Social Media Time”? Today Tomorrow
  17. 17. Data Driven Content Marketing * Analyze Objectives: Consumer Interest Track Develop Keyword Increase relevant traffic to Results Strategy individual service linesGenerate yourhospital.comBacklinks to New Optimize Increase overall website search ContentOptimized Content “footprint” through generation of backlinks Release Publish to Related Service Optimized Line Content Websites for Free
  18. 18. Data Driven Marketing *Off-page keyword-optimized … linked to landing page articles ... March, 2012
  19. 19. Results From One Article * 12 retweets on Twitter, 606 unique pageviews generated (page averaged 305 pageviews a month) * Calculations based on pageviews compared to prior year and average traffic 3 months prior to optimization and release being sent.On page optimization implemented and article release sent
  20. 20. Now Scale Your Efforts… *Organic traffic is up 110.55% from Google, 38.04% from Yahoo, 66.67% from Ask and 32.39% from Bing. * Calculations based on Google Analytics data compared to same time period of prior year.
  21. 21. BlueSpire *More than 50 combined years ofmarketing experience from our founding Strategic Marketing Digital Marketing Servicescompanies, Priority Integrated Marketingand Dowden Custom Media.The leading provider of custom contentmarketing for the health care industry. Content Marketing and Custom PublishingCurrently assist more than 400 brandsnationwide with custom publications,email marketing, website design, socialmedia, SEO campaigns, branding andmore.BlueSpire is headquartered inMinneapolis with a corporate office inMontvale, N.J. and satellite offices inAtlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix andAppleton, WI.
  22. 22. *Questions?THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME TODAY.