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Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing"


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Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Introduction and Usage of Radian6

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Dreamforce - "@Social Media: #Innovations in Healthcare Marketing"

  1. 1. @Social Media: #Innovations inHealthcare MarketingMakala Johnson, Mayo Clinic (@MakalaJohnson) #SocialHealthcare
  2. 2. Makala Johnson Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Associate @MakalaJohnson#SocialHealthcare
  3. 3. All about Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic) Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education.  The needs of the patient come first.  Over 1,000,000 clinic patients annually  Over 58,000 employees  Three main campuses: Minnesota, Arizona, Florida #SocialHealthcare
  4. 4. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media• Radian6 customer since Sept., 2009• Created in July, 2010• Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well-being for people everywhere. #SocialHealthcare
  5. 5. Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media #SocialHealthcare
  6. 6. Case Study:Professional Baseball Player Shares Wrist Surgery Story #SocialHealthcare
  7. 7. Professional Baseball Player Shares Wrist Surgery Story #SocialHealthcare
  8. 8. Radian6 Usage• Competitor Share of Voice (Example to right) Celebrity Patient New Site Announcement #SocialHealthcare
  9. 9. Radian6 Usage• Event Monitoring: Mount Everest #SocialHealthcare
  10. 10. Radian6 Mentions: “Mayo” + “Everest” Trip Daily Updates on Testing Begins Team Returns Announcement Trek to Base Camp #SocialHealthcare
  11. 11. Case Study:Arthritis Awareness Month #SocialHealthcare
  12. 12. Final Thoughts…• Patient Education, Physician Influence, Organizational Efficiency• Radian6: • Benchmark and monitor health care landscape • Provide reports to leadership around key events and enterprise initiatives• Applying social media in health care isn’t just inevitable; it’s the right thing to do in the interest of patients. @MayoClinic #SocialHealthcare
  13. 13. Makala Johnson Mayo Clinic @makalajohnson#SocialHealthcare #SocialHealthcare