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This presentation walks through how you can use crowdsourcing in your hospital marketing and examples from The book including branding, patient acquisition, service line marketing, patient retention, and patient experience.

The Thought Leaders Project: Hospital Marketing, is co-written by a team of marketing thought leaders in the healthcare industry. The book is a compilation of healthcare marketing insights, tips, and best practices written by leading healthcare marketers. The book itself covers a variety of topics such as the application of digital marketing strategies to patient acquisition, patient experience, patient retention, and service line marketing. With articles from the likes of Lee Aase, Chris Boyer, Dan Dunlop we are empowered with the tools and inspired to take action to impact the very lives of the patients we serve.

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The Thought Leaders Project : Hospital Marketing

  1. 1. Brian BierbaumHOSPITAL MARKETING Vice President of Digital Strategy BlueSpire
  2. 2. ABOUT THE THOUGHT LEADERS PROJECT Our Simple Goal: Provide practical, and detailed advice from thought leaders. Core beliefs: • Exceptionally high quality best practices and tips, created by those working in the trenches •Ideas packaged with urgency and action in mind. There is no room for filler. •Powerful ideas and works spread. Create content that is invaluable when spread, and then package it so it’s easy to for others to share and grow from. •Reward those who stand up and spread these ideas and experiences. •Different products for different readers. A variety of pricing options and formats to match each person’s needs and desires. Next Book in the series: The Thought Leaders Project :
  3. 3. A LITTLE ABOUT THE POWER OF THE CROWD None of the contributors to The Thought Leaders Project are financially compensated. WHY WOULD THEY PARTICPATE? • Hospitals are consolidating across the United States • Marketing budgets are being slashed • Technology is allowing everyone to share effortlessly • US economy is growing slower than in decades
  4. 4. A LITTLE HISTORY OF “CROWDSOURCING” Who is James Murray? Anyone know what happened this day? James Murray in the “Scriptorium” Term first coined by Jeff Howe in a June 2006 Wired magazine article "The Rise of Crowdsourcing“
  5. 5. A FEW SIMPLE WAYS TO START USING CROWDSOURCING IN YOUR MARKETING TODAY 1. Use social networks to create content 2. Use social networks to gather business intelligence 3. Leverage the crowd for your fundraising efforts (Think of GiveMN) Crowdsourcing platform: Napkin
  6. 6. CROWDSOURCED CONTENT ON THE FLY Poll: What is most essential in managing your organizations health care costs? Email
  7. 7. COPY THE THOUGHT LEADERS PROJECT 1. Source content from your physicians 2. Determine a focus that aligns with your hospital’s brand position 3. Publish in an article Dr. Donald D. Hensrud , Dr. Brent A. Bauer format and distribute as Mayo Clinic Physicians an
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “Brands live in the minds of the consumer and take on life through their conversation. Thus, your brand is whatever your stakeholders believe and say about your hospital – how they perceive and value your organization.“ -Debra Stevens From the article Brand Building for Hospitals Campaign: Debra Stevens and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  10. 10. THE RESULTS •Phoenix Children’s Hospital dominated in all measures of brand endorsement, including performance on medical center choice factors, recommendation and consideration rates, and specialty care. •PCH received its highest marks on its reputation for being able to handle the most complex cases as well as incorporating the latest advances in medicine. •Perhaps it’s no surprise that the target market feels that PCH outperforms competitors in treating a number of specific health conditions and cases. “For this campaign we enhanced our banner in Q4 to focus on video and the •PCH also demonstrated an ability to project softer CTR doubled to four times the standard characteristics such as being caring, friendly, and for health care marketing campaigns nationally.”
  11. 11. MARKETING “WITH” RATHER THAN MARKETING “TO” “The healthcare marketer’s role is already transitioning from a corporate storyteller— who at one time almost exclusively pushed service line information out to consumers— to a facilitator who creates spaces where conversations take place between constituents of shared interest.” - Dan Dunlop From the article The Evolution & Future State of Branded Service Line Marketing Campaign: Dan Dunlop (@DanDunlop) and Signature Healthcare
  12. 12. HOW IT IS BEING PROMOTED Posted contest announcement to Facebook Wall: •Looking for 8 local moms to serve as bloggers •$250 prize and a position as a mommy blogger •4 to 6 week long promotion 4 •Entries: write on the Facebook Wall and tell us why you’d be a great mommy blogger; or submit a video •Selected 7 local moms and one employee of
  13. 13. EARLY STATS •Remember, they started with no social media presence at all • 204 Facebook fans in first 6 week (contest period) •25,160 post views, 252 post comments •256 twitter followers in first 6 weeks •375
  14. 14. Campaign: The Lexington Medical Center Team and Dan Dunlop (@DanDunlop)
  15. 15.
  16. 16. THE RESULTS • 60,000+ people liked the video on Facebook (and won the national contest) •160,000+ views on YouTube •543 Likes and Comments for the month •Monthly Active users rose from 808 to 1,161 (includes fans and non-fans who either viewed or interacted with your page or a News Feed Post) •127 new Fans or Likes •1,222 total Likes/Fans •25,959 post views – The number of times fans have read a News Feed Story posted by your