College Study Skills


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Students of academic reading present main ideas and supporting details on sections of a chapter on Keys to College Success

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College Study Skills

  1. 1. “ Keys to College Success” Advancing College Reading Skills Student Slides Paragraph Main Ideas & Supporting Details ACR 095-093 Fall 2008 Professor MN Hawk
  2. 36. ACR 095-093 Class Exam Fall 2008 PowerPoint Final Presentation Instructions Learning Goals: To prove your ability in critical reading skills – finding a main idea and supporting details, summarizing, and participating fully in a group activity. Activity: Create a PowerPoint slide and present it formally to the class and visitors on Tuesday 12/16/2008. Topic: “Keys to College Success,” a lengthy reading in the Advancing College Reading Skills textbook, pages 458 – 464. Process: Tuesday Dec. 2nd – Introductory work. You will choose at random a paragraph length section of the reading above. That will be your paragraph to present on the last day of class. Absentees after December 5th will be assigned their paragraph. The assignment will be presented in detail. You will begin creating a PowerPoint slide referring to your section of the handout copy of the reading. It will contain : The main point 3-5 supporting details A Notes Page Visual graphic or illustration Use of fonts and fill colors in PowerPoint
  3. 37. Friday Dec. 5, 2008 , Work in computer lab room to begin a PowerPoint Slide on your section of “Keys to College Success,” pages 458 to 464 in the Advancing College Reading Skills text. Learn about Content Layouts, Notes Page, and saving as PowerPoint 2003. Tuesday December 8th , Time in room M1214 to sketch your slide and notes page on paper, and meet with the students presenting before and after you to compare and peer-edit the group’s progress and presentation. Thursday December 10th , Dress Rehearsal. Remember, your presence and participation is important to the success of your fellow students and the class. This kind of group work is called a “Jigsaw” because everyone holds a piece of the puzzle essential for its completion! Continue work on your PowerPoint Slide on your own, in the BMCC computer labs and at home. Rehearse your presentation to family and friends. You will have 3 minutes in class to speak up and make your point. Deadline: Complete each step of the project including any time you are absent or late. Email your finished slide with notes page to Professor M.N. Hawk by 5pm on Sun. Dec. 14, 2008. Final presentation is on Tues Dec. 16 th , 9am.