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  • Good Afternoon, My name is Lauren Cappello and I am excited that Northwestern Technologies is working with Three C’s Brothers Agency. Today I am going to introduce you to New Media and Social Media concepts that I think will help launch the business worlds awareness of Northwestern Technologies Company Services.
  • First we are going to go over What is Social Media. Social media is a form of new media that allows for interactive and a broader forum.We will go over the history of Social Media and how Social media has emerged in the corporate world.We will discuss other business which have benefited from incorporating new mediaI will show you some possible oppourtunities and benefits of using New media for Southern TechnologiesWe will have a brief period of time to go over questions .
  • Social Media is a form of new media that had emerged onto the business on-line community helping to develop and promote business through the digital world. Social media is often an instant form of communicationwhich can encourage two-way conversations between businesses. Social Media is instant and can encourage two-way conversations with other businesses leading to a increase of interest of the company and more brand awareness of Northwestern technologies services. If we can generate attention to the company website , Sales will increase ThreeC’sBrothers understands that Social Media technology enables multimedia delivery channels beyond traditional print and broadcast advertising.
  • Bulletin Board System (BBS) began in the 1970s usually for business these BBS’s were accessed over telephone lines via a modem, and were the first way for business to conduct online meeting. Users could communicate with a central system where they could download files or games and post messages to other users. CompuServe one such BBS began as a business-oriented mainframe computer communication solution, but expanded into the public domain in the late 1980’sAOL (America Online) really began to connect people with personalized forums and member created communities.
  • LinkedIn was, and still is, a networking resource for businesspeople who want to connect with other professionals. In fact, LinkedIn contacts are referred to as “connections.” Today, LinkedIn boasts more than 175 million membersFacebook has almost reached 1 billion users . has 540 million registered accounts. Social Media is on the rise.
  • Currently Facebook is thought to be the leader in social networking. Developed in 2004 was launched to the public in 2006. The 2007 launch of the Facebook Platform made it possible for third-party developers to create applications that work within Facebook itself. Almost immediately after being released, the platform gained a massive amount of attention. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of apps built on the platform . One example of an ecommerce website that’s taking this principle to the next level is the discount footwear retailer, with its custom Style Profile app. Facebook also came up with the innovative Like and share applications , which allow instant communications between a on-line consumer and companies.
  • Marketing your online business through social media websites can launch Northwestern Technologies to the B2BCommunity.Google decided in 2011 to launch the social network: Google+. Google's G+’s Hangouts feature allowed users to enter live video chats with other online friends. I am sure you have heard of U-Tube. We need to make sure we use the U-Tube platform to raise company brand awareness.
  • Social Media Sites are here to stay, Twitter, and, a developer-friendly alternative to Twitter. and other sites like Disporian and other open source, community-run social networks, have all found success since their launches and continue to develop. We need to optimize our website and links to it. Today’s e-commerce websites are integrating social sharing tools and Northwestern Technologies could utilize this to promote closer relationships with other business. We need to make sure we have as many outlets to the media as possible. We need to have an easy to navigate website. We need to create or update any existing Facebook pages, Goggle + accounts and Twitter
  • Social media can be incredibly empowering for Northwestern Technologies to reach out to your customers and other businesses. Use of social media gives the ability to engage and connect without much cost. You can directly contact other businesses via new media instantly.
  • That concludes our presentation. I will now open the floor to any questions you may have. I look forward to working with Northwestern Technologies to launch your new media campaign. Thank You

Imkt120 unit1 cappello_lauren Imkt120 unit1 cappello_lauren Presentation Transcript

  • AGENDA Defining Social Media History of Social Media The Rise of Social Media Social Media and the IT Industry Social Media benefits Conclusion
  • SOCIAL MEDIA New Media is computerized , digital or network information technologies. Social Media is a form of new media which promotes communication between business like Northwestern Technologies.
  • HISTORY OF NEW MEDIA BBS (Bulletin Board system) AOL (America Online) CompuServe 1970’s expands to public Six Degrees domain by 1997 1980)
  • THE RISE OF SOCIAL MEDIA • Friendster had than three million registered users and a ton of Friendster 2002 investment interest by 2003 • LinkedIn currently has than 175 Linked In 2003 million members • has 540 million registered accounts.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE IT INDUSTRY • 1 Billion Users • Launched in 2011 and in 4 weeks time has 25 Google+ million visitors • June 2012 250 million registered users U-Tube
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BENEFITS Social Media builds Brand (Northwestern Technologies ) Awareness and creditability Social Media will help increase Company Traffic via internet which is unlimited in its reach to virtual space. Building two-way Conversations with other Business through network sharing and content creation.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA LAUNCH IDEAS Optimized current links to Create and generate content for Northwestern Technologies U-Tube Channel Develop a mobile application for Northwestern Technologies Create or update any Facebook ,Google +, and Twitter accounts for Northwestern Technologies
  • SUMMARY Marketing your online business through social media websites is cost efficient  Social Media will launch Northwestern Technologies brand to reach out to more networks and businesses. Social Media = Success as an online Business
  • WORKS CITED Goble, Gordon. "The History of Social Networking." 6 Sep 2012. 20 October 2012 < networking/>. Kumar, AJ. "5 Ways Online Businesses Are Succeeding With Social Media." 27 June 2012. 20 10 2012 < companies-succeeding-with-social-media/>. Kurpe, Shanna. "Unit 1 Part 5 - Social Media in the Corporate World." Live Chat Session for IMKT120-1204A-01: Media Design Concepts. h9nnv2a7byr4bg4y, 16 10 2012. Postman, Joel. Social Corp: Social Media Goes Corporate. Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009.