Social Media: Effective Uses


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Social Media: Effective Uses

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIAEffective Uses and Practices Presentation by:
  2. 2. Social Media• A group of Internet-based technologies that allows the creation and exchange of user generated content. • The No.1 Online Activity
  3. 3. Social Media Has Fundamentally Changed Our ConnectivityEver Heard of the 6 Degrees of Separation?
  4. 4. It No Longer Exists! (Thanks primarily to Facebook) We are now Separated from Each Person on Earth by about 3 Degrees
  5. 5. This is being called the Shift From the Information Era To TheNetworked Era
  6. 6. Increased Connectivity Gives Companies a Wider Audience Graph: 310 Active Twitter Users (out of 100 Million) over 2 days.Created with NodeXL (http://nodexl.codeplex.xom) from the Social Media Research Foundation ( Some Roghts Reserved by Marc Smith. Image Obtainedfrom:
  7. 7. . BUT Time and time again, Companies who Self-Endorse are Kicked Out of the Conversation (It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason) Created with NodeXL (http://nodexl.codeplex.xom) from the Social Media Research Foundation ( Some Roghts Reserved by Marc Smith. Image Obtained from:
  8. 8. Solution? Create Your Company’s Personable Persona
  9. 9. The Spontaneous & Upbeat Prankster
  10. 10. The Holistic & Inspirational Athlete
  11. 11. The Professional & Informed Industry Leader
  12. 12. How Social Media Benefits a BusinessPercent of Companies who saw benefits from using Social Media-- Half of whom had been using these platforms for less than one year
  13. 13. Get Everyone To Help• Interact with Sites• Invite their business contacts• Ask others to guest blog• Leverage office events into Stories• Send Social Media Coordinator important articles
  14. 14. General Guidelines & Best Practices• Use desecration; your posts reflect the company• Be engaged and be informed.• Be external- Don’t Be Self-Centered!
  15. 15. Using the Main Social Media Sites
  16. 16. • A mirco-blogging service • Twitter now reaches 1 of 10 internet users worldwide and grew 59 percent in the past yearTweet Half Life = 2.8 Hours
  17. 17. Reaches 71.2% of the world’s global audienceAccounts for:-3 in every 4 minutes spent on social media-1 in every 7 minutes spent online around the world• Optimal Posting time: 1:00-4:00pm• Ideal: Wednesday, 3:00pm
  18. 18. • Professional Networking Site: • allows for business contacts to connect, find job, share insights, etc. • Create a company group to provide a forum for sharing insights & knowledge, and networking with potential clients & employees.• Transfer company recommendations to Linkedin • 14% of people believe advertisements, 78% believe the opinion of others.
  19. 19. Improve Your Profile!• Improve SEO: • Make a Vanity Url • Use Keywords• Show Your Skills • Connect to Contacts • Seek and Give Recommendations • Share Knowledge in Groups
  20. 20. • Video sharing site• Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube• In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth• Optimal Posting Time: Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday, between 7-10pm
  21. 21. Blogs Demonstrate Knowledge & Increase SEO
  22. 22. Social media has impacted everything:―from business, to governments, to media... It now seems as if the next frontier may be in applying the tenants of social media — transparency, crowdsourcing and the democratization of media — to solve a wide array of global problems.‖ –Ted Ostrow on the subject of TED Global 2012 &Radical Openness
  23. 23. The End