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Ident presentation shannon

  1. 1. What’s an Ident? An ident is a short clip A moving logo to shown on TV which represent a brand tells you what which happens channel you are before a show. watching A short visual clip used before a Idents usually last programme starts around 20seconds and reminds you what you about to watch.Examples:
  2. 2. Packaging SegmentatioBranding Marketing Scheduling Identity and Re- n within packaging Scheduling Ident Purpose All idents have two main purposes:  The first reason for making a TV ident is that they are a clever way to attract an audience to a channel and make them instantly recognise that channel.  The second purpose would be to establish and reflect the channels identity as well as the corporate identity so if the content of the channel is comical they would have an ident that would make you laugh or if their content was factual their ident would reflect this.  Lets you know what programme is about to come on.  Stand out from competition.  Link ident to programme to loose continuity
  3. 3. Ident Design The design of an ident is very important because it’s the main way a company will get across their message. How the ident is designed will reflect on how the audience will see them and can depend on whether or not someone will watch the channel. The main points for the design of an TV ident are: Tempo(how fast/slow paced the TV ident is) Audience Interaction(Do Idents interact with the audience) Informative or Entertainment(Is the ident there to be informative or is it purely for entertainment purposes?) Density(How much information is in the ident) Setting/Time(where is the ident set and in what time period? (past, present or future)
  4. 4. Ident Design Density From what we can see it There is no density in the ident looks like the setting is it just shows video however underwater and during there is room for text and the daytime as you can images around the page. see the light Audience interaction Tempo There is no interaction with The tempo of the ident the audience all the action is going at a slow pace happens inside the scene. and it goes perfectly with the slow music in the background. Informative or Entertainment It is both Informative and Entertainment. The narrator informs the viewer of what’s coming up next there arent no interaction with viewers.
  5. 5. History of identsThe history of BBC television idents began in the early 1950’s-The first ident, ‘’Television Symbol’’ or the ‘’Bat’s Wings’’ (1953-1960)-Then first incarnation of the globe, introduced in 1960 (1960-1964)-The ‘‘mirror globe’’ ident, the first ident in colour (1969-1974)-The final mirror globe use the twin striped BBC1 legend (1981-1985)-In 1985, the first computer generated BBC One ident was introduced the ‘’ComputerOriginated World’’ (1985-1991)-This outdoor image depicts ‘’Cley next the sea’’ (1997-2002)-The ‘’Capoeira’’ is marked the departure of the globe that was used as BBC One’ssymbol for over 39 years.-The circle idents were introduced on October 7, 2006.
  6. 6. Task 1BBC ONE Disney ChannelE4 BBC ThreeCartoon CbeebiesNetworkFive MTV
  8. 8. Thanks for listening!
  9. 9. AnnotationBBC3  This ident has been made for BBC3. The ident is 21 seconds long. The ident is very detailed and has many different visual effects. As soon as the ident starts music is played it sounds as there are drums playing the background the music gradually gets louder. The music will attract the audience as its catchy and the ident shows the world spinning with all flowers and buildings on the world. The beginning shot is a establishing shot of flowers growing and different tress. There are many lights in this ident pink, green, purple, blue and purple. The ident tells us ‘Don’t tell the bride’ will be on next. The world looks very pretty and fits in with the programme describing how the bride could look. There is an extreme close up of the flowers as the flowers are directly in front of the camera. The ident is anti realist because there’s a walking box and the world pink which obviously means the ident is anti realist. There are many different things through out the ident such as flowers, trees, TVs, cars and people. These have been made by using computer animation and different types of effects. The ident shows traveling around the world to see bbc3 on the way you see many new things this could mean you can see new things every time on this channel. Through out this ident they have used an establishing shot by showing new things shown in the world however when BBC Three appears its more closer up as it brands the channel. Also its spinning so it can represent that its worldwide and how the BBC is international and worldwide. The ident contains a female voice narrator and she sounds curious and enthusiastic as she describes the programme shown next ‘don’t tell the bride’ and ‘two pints’ its shown on a Saturday night and the programme that is going to be shown next. This ident is mainly aimed at people aged 20+ and people who have families as well as adults. He also refers to strong language used this suggests younger people shouldn’t watch the shown about to come on. It also advertises at the top right corner that the programme is available with subtitles, which means deaf people can still feel apart of the programme however instead of listening to it, they can read it and they have the same opportunities as everyone else. The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them watching the channel as the ident is different from any other ident. It also informs the viewer to what is being shown next. The pace of this ident is very high and its all constantly moving and bright colours all used through out the whole ident.
  10. 10. AnnotationBBC One Ident The ident is from BBC 1 and its quiet complex with the different effects. This music is calm and sounds like the beginning of a song also the music is like a jingle and could be played anytime. The visual image is shot from the underneath, medium close ups and long shots, this gives the viewer different aspects of whats going on in each shot. Its set in a natural environment, and they use hippos which give off a nice vibe towards the viewers by making them feel relaxed and calm. The ident looks as if its bringing all the hippos together like a family, this could mean the next programme will be for families to get together and watch the show or film about to come on. The ident also has a bit of romance in it as you see two idents rub there noses together. The hippos are animated and everything was done on a computer because you couldnt really ask hippos to form a circle. Within the circle another circle lines it up, followed by the BBC logo which helps to brand the channel. The BBC has used this format a few times in other idents with the animals and having them move in a circular motion. BBC first displayed a logo between programmes to identify its service. Then we see the familiar logo of BBC one, this brands the channel. Then the hippos carry on swimming around the logo this can represents the world and how the BBC is worldwide. The ident contains a male voice narrator and he sounds enthusiastic as he talks about the xfactor finals, this makes him sound friendly and it gets the viewers excited to watch the programme. I think the ident is targeted at people who enjoy being entertained and has a bit of comedy in the programme. Its aimed at people aged around 16+. It also advertises at the top right corner of the ident that you can put subtitles up which would be for deaf people this would then allow them to view the programme just like everyone else. The purpose of this ident is to keep the viewers entertained and watch the channel it also tells you what channel you are about to watch. BBC Idents are all very different however there all very colourful and use music which starts low and gradually gets louder Throughout this ident the hippos are constantly moving ..
  11. 11. Annotation 4 Music Ident This ident has been made for 4 music. The ident is 30 seconds long. The ident is very basic as its just set outside a shop the ident contains two teenagers a man and a woman. The lights flash of the shop green, orange, purple and pink as the flash music starts to play the song lasts throughout the ident and the boy begins to dance acting as if hes a robot then he points at the girl and she begins to dance like him and she put her bag down and it looks as if there is a firework in there as there’s a flash of colours which appear out the bag. The music stays at the same volume throughout the whole ident. The music will mostly attract teenagers and draw them to the ident itself. The beginning of the ident starts at a mid-shot as they start to dance with his legs it shows a establishing shot, there are loads of light flashing as the dances. The lights are very bright and colourful and the lights over power the dance. To catch the audience’s attention even more they grab out a pretty women, who is caring a bag of shopping. There is an extreme close up of both people as they look directly at the audience which means there both confident. This is also shown by their body language in the way she walks with her shopping bag in confidence and the way he dances which shows he likes attention. They have used computer animation and using lighting effects to have good lightening effects throughout the ident. There has been an establishing shot of boy teenagers doing the same dance with all multicolour lights flashing everywhere, to make the ident look fun and not boring this keeps the viewers fixed to the television and keeps them watching. Then after we finally see the women pick up a phone as she does that there is another establishing shop as the logo 4music appears. The ident doesn’t contain any narrators just a dance beat and two teenagers dancing this could mean there is going to be a dance channel up next the ident is very beating as this could get people into the mood to dance. It’s mainly aimed at people aged around older teenagers male or female as both have been used in this ident. This could mean the channel shown next isnt just for a certain gender it’s for everyone. The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them watching the channel as it is an unusual ident and no an average thing you usually see outside a shop. Also the audience may be able to relate to this ident, this could also reflect 4 musics personality as there idents are very creative and upbeat and colourful. 4 music is aimed at everyone not just a certain gender as shown on the ident. The pace of the dance and music in the ident is constantly moving and very high. This ident has used many different shots though the ident close ups, mid shots and establishing shots there are quick shots for each movement this could relate to how energetic and fun 4 music is.
  12. 12. Bibliography