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Edwards presentation

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. *To tell peopleabout theirlatest Identity –announcement The most important piece of the ident To keep the channels To sell the identity channel to the up to viewers date To showcase the brand and promote the brand
  3. 3. ** There are four key themes within the design* Setting/time - Where is the ident set* Tempo - This is how fast/slow paced the TV ident is* Audience interaction - Do they interact with the audience?* Informative or Entertainment - Is the ident there to be informative or is it purely for entertainment purposes?* Density - How much information is in the ident? You wouldn’t be able to have a good ident without asetting in it,also how fast or slow it is,the amount of people within the ident showing,is it their just for the fun of it or is it for information,how much informationis in the ident
  4. 4. . http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=BBC2 -2009-ID-MIRROR-1*
  5. 5. ** The start of idents came from the bbc in 1950, they was the first to make an ident and it has been a success ever since ‘and with them many more new channels, branding is perceived by broadcasters to be much more important, meaning that idents need to stand out from the competition’ (Wiki 2011)
  6. 6. ** What are the main feature’s within an Ident?* Why do brands produce idents?* Name three purposes of an ident?* When did idents first start? And by which company?
  7. 7. * This ident has been made for the BBC. The ident is 17 seconds long. The concept for this ident is very deep and meaningful, while the design consists of very fast moving images which fizzes through the screen as it is being moved by a car. As soon as the ident starts the tempo of the music is very slow and daunting and as the ident continues more harmony starts to creep in which brings more suspense within the ident. The genre of this music is classic slow music which indicates that the programme which is about to be watched will be heart touching, which is ‘when terror shook London’, a programme which shows all the horrific scenes that has taken place in London. The music will draw people to watch this because they will want to sympathies with the ident itself.* The beginning shot is a medium shot of a drop of water which indicates sorrow, as straight away makes viewers believe it is a tear drop, to grab the viewers attention which also links to the programme ‘when terror hits London’ then the camera starts to zoom out and showcases its brand and logo, the number ‘2’, the moving images behind suddenly starts to pick up speed, fizzing through the screen which again reinforces the next programme ‘When terror hits London’ as it brings suspense, inside the number ‘2’ there is water which splashes inside of it, automatically makes you think of different types of natural hazards which could occur any time, that solidifies the programme as terror strikes at any time when you are not ready for it.* There is a lot of density within this ident. The ident has a dark theme to it is recorded in the dark with just some flashing lights that pass through, just like driving through London, while the number is the center of attention and is the most visible object, which brings hope within the ident. The flashing images can represent London and how fast it has been changing and how much terror has occurred in London, The ident contains a female voice and she sounds quite blunt which makes its feel more important and formal, as if its something we must watch. I think this ident is targeted for people who are interested in history, facts and information from there city ‘London’ and for people who want to learn something new, this ident would mostly target the older generation.* The purpose of this ident is to inform people of their next channel, and prepare people for the horrific views which will be shown next. Also people may be able to relate to it if a loved one has been lost in their life or if they have experienced a tragic accident before. This could also reflect BBC Two slogan, which is to educate viewers. The pace of this ident is quite a quick tempo with a slow beat with constant moving images to flash past the screen, this could relate to how BBC wants to educate people with facts.. http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=BBC2-2009-ID-MIRROR-1
  8. 8. * This ident has been made for E4. The ident is 29 seconds long . The concept and design of the ident is very detailed and and the tempo is quick as there is a lot of movement which is happening in this ident which makes kids want to watch more and get involved with the ident also it has a fun relaxing feel to it and has lots of visual effects. As soon as the ident starts the music pops in but not to its full beat, eventually the whole beats comes in and straight away you have joyful, relaxing mood towards the ident, which symbolises the programme which is next ‘Scrubs’ as scrubs is a comedy based show that shows different peoples lives who all work at the same hospital, also shows their love lives and what they do on a day to day basis. The music will attract peoples attention as it is a calm relaxing song which gets you comfortable for the next show and the ident itself.* The beginning shot is a medium shot of the setting, the living room which reinforces ‘scrubs’ and the theme towards the programme. Also by using this techniques the audience might feel that it is time to sit down relax and get ready for the show, then to grasp the audiences attention they made a whole new scenery, the main theme in this ident is the new layout, at first the room was brown and cream but changes throughout the ident, the floor turns into grass which shows new life, and that a new programme is about to start and the walls turn purple which portrays the comedy theme in ‘scrubs’, eventually trees starts to grow from under the ground and suddenly the living room becomes more lively and turns into a room/garden, as this happens the room turns alive and objects starts moving and opens cupboards which releases cubes that start to form the number 4, which reminds viewers that they are watching E4, at that point there are so many signs of the number four to reminds viewers of the channel they are on, first there is paint being sprayed on the wall which shows the number four, also the carts that are on the floor which are releasing the cubes also have the number four sprayed on them. A toy shoots out two rockets into the air and straight away a males voice started talking, as if it is a celebration that a new programme ‘scrubs is about to come on screen.* The ident has not got a storyline to it but is filled with attractive scenes, everything comes to live, the main feature of this ident is everything coming to life and creating the number four, but at the start nobody understands whats going on with this ident, it gives away some quick clues as the camera quickly glimpsed at a wall which was getting spray painted as a number four, until the boxes start to come out of the cupboards with cubes forming the famous E4 logo. The ident contains a male voice narrator who sounds quite happy, this makes it informal and friendly, which is also good quality comedy for you to watch, there isnt really that much audience interaction although he does try to involve the audience. I think the ident is targeted at people who enjoy comedy shows and want to just have a laugh, its mainly aimed for 12+ as it could attract anyone.* The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them happy and ready for a comedy show. It also informs the viewers of what show is about to come on next. This could reflect on the purpose of E4, which is to entertain people and make them laugh.* http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=E4-2007-ID-LIVINGROOM
  9. 9. * This ident has been made for the BBC1, it’s a special ident as it is for the 2010 World cup. The ident is 24 seconds long. The concept of the ident is nice short and intelligent, and the tempo of the ident is a moderate pace for people to see all of the different actions that is going on The music has a football feel to it as a lot of trumpets are being used, which symbolizes the world cup because in football matches trumpets are used. The music will pump up fans and viewers ready for the next match which will be on next.* The beginning shot is a low shot of fans holding red flags, which again symbolises World cup 2010 also by using this technique it make viewers believe in England and route for them when they are about to come on, as red and white is the English flag, also they are in a football stadium again to remind viewers that they are about to watch the World cup. Then we see different coloured flags to represent unity within football and as it zooms out we see a circle forming with different colours going around it with the center being red, as this happens we see the familiar logo of BBC One, which reminds the viewers of what channel they are watching, they start doing a ‘Mexican wave’ with the flags, for example, the blue flags start to go down and the green flags follows in unison etc. This also represents football as it is commonly known that in international games, especially World cups the Mexican wave tends to be done frequently. Also a lot of cheers are being played in the background.* The ident is constructed for football lovers as it looks attractive with all the various different colours,the setting of the ident is in a football pitch, the main feature of this ident is all the colours coming together and forming a multi coloured circle, also the circle of flags could can signify the globe and this represents the world and how the BBC is international and worldwide. The ident contains a male voice narrator and he sounds quite happy and enthusiastic, this makes it informal and friendly and its good quality entertainment for you to watch, their isnt a lot of audience interaction because the males voice wasn’t directly talking to the audience. I think the ident is targeted at any age group as it is based on football, its targeted for people who are genuine football fans or people who want to get get entertained by sports.* The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them ready for more football to unravel, as it is an unusual and unique ident that would not normally be played. It also informs the viewers of what channel is coming next. Also the audience will be able to relate to this if they have ever been in a football stadium. It also means that BBC One is aimed at everyone even people that particularly like sports.* http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=BBC1HD-2010-ID-WORLDCUP-1