Ch4 project management process
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Ch4 project management process






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Ch4 project management process Ch4 project management process Presentation Transcript

  • SE423 SPICH-4 ISO29110:Project ManagementprocessKittitouch Suteeca
  • Outline PM. process Overview PM. Process objectives
  • ISO/IEC 29110
  • 01020304050601990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006Size of Software ProjectKLOC of Windows source code since 1992-2006
  • Customer needsHigh QualityOn timeCheapCompleteexpectationBetter QualityFasterCheaperOverexpectationToday Future
  • Why Project Fail
  • 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008succeed 16% 27% 26% 28% 34% 29% 35% 32%cancelled 31% 40% 28% 23% 15% 18% 19% 24%Hasproblem(finished)53% 33% 46% 49% 51% 53% 46% 44%Problem in Software projectRef. Standish Report 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001,2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009
  •  Late.(Fail) Incomplete customer expectation. Low quality, reliability. Over budget. …Problem in Softwareproject<Classic>
  • Project Management (PM)ProcessThe purpose of the Project Managementprocess is to establish and carry out in asystematic way the tasks of the softwareimplementation project, which allowscomplying with the project’s objectives inthe expected quality, time and costs.
  • ISO/IEC29110PROJECTMANAGEMENTPM.O1 PM.O5 PM.O6PM.O2 PM.O3 PM.O4 PM.O7TaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskTaskWPWPWPWPWP
  • Project Management processPM.1 Project PlanningPM.2 Project Plan ExecutionPM.3 Project Assessment and ControlPM.4 Project Closure
  • PM.Objective1.The Project Plan for the execution of theproject is developed according to theStatement of Work and reviewed andaccepted by the Customer. The tasks andresources necessary to complete the workare sized and estimated.
  • PM.01 Documentation Statement of Work Document for communicate between customerand manufacturer (Software company) withagreements such as.. Product description Scope Objectives Deliverables#Other name Proposal, Term of Reference: TOR,Quotation
  • Planning is to know Project characteristics Product Characteristics the process and activities their sequences and components.
  •  Project Plan The collection of plans that describe theactivities to be performed for the project. It governs the management of the activitiesperformed by the engineering group for aproject.PM.O1 Documentation
  • Resource of Project (4M+1E)MaterialMan(People)MachineMethodEnvironmentMaterialManEnvironmentMachineMethod ProductService
  • Includes: Product Description Scope Objectives Deliverables Tasks, including verification, validation and reviews withCustomer and Work Team, to assure the quality of workproducts. Tasks may be represented as a WorkBreakdown Structure (WBS). Relationship and Dependence of the Tasks Estimated Duration of tasks Resources (humans, materials, equipment and tools)including the required training, and the schedule whenthe resources are needed.Project Plan
  •  Composition of Work Team Schedule of the Project Tasks, the expected start andcompletion date, for each task. Estimated Effort and Cost Identification of Project Risks Version Control Strategy Delivery InstructionsProject Plan(cont.)
  • PM.Objective 2.Progress of the project is monitored againstthe Project Plan and recorded in theProgress Status Record. Corrections toremediate problems and deviations fromthe plan are taken when project targets arenot achieved. Closure of the project isperformed to get the Customeracceptance documented in theAcceptance Record.
  • How to measure project?ProjectdurationDuration ineach tasktaskSize of projectPlanActual duration
  • Revision 3.305 PSP Basic Measurement24Project monitoringProject progressPlanActualtimeActual progress
  • “Record of any deviations ” Why?Plan WorkPlan WorkPlan WorkPostmortemPlan WorkPostmortem
  • PM.Objective 3.The Change Requests are addressedthrough their reception and analysis.Changes to software requirements areevaluated for cost, schedule and technicalimpact.
  • PM.Objective 4.Review meetings with the Work Team andthe Customer are held. Agreements areregistered and tracked.(Meeting record)
  • PM.Objective 5.Risks are identified as they develop andduring the conduct of the project.
  • PM.Objective 6.A software Version Control Strategy isdeveloped. Items of Software Configurationare identified, defined and baselined.Modifications and releases of the items arecontrolled and made available to theCustomer and Work Team. The storage,handling and delivery of the items arecontrolled.
  • PM.Objective 7.Software Quality Assurance is performed toprovide assurance that work products andprocesses comply with the Project Plan andRequirements Specification. Note: The implementation of the Software QualityAssurance process is through the performance of theverifications, validations and review tasks performed inProject Management and Software Implementationprocesses.
  • Summary of PM. PM.O1.>>Plan vs. Proposal (Statement ofwork). PM.O2>>Progress monitoring vs. Plan andsolving problem. PM.O3>>Changing PM.O4>>meeting and communication PM.O5>>Avoid Risks PM.O6>>Configuration management PM.O7>> QA. In Project.
  • ReferencesISO/IEC29110 part 3,5.