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  • 1. Katie Clements Universal Music group – the world’s leading Music Company, a few of their record labels include: Polydor Records, Barclay, Decca and Mercury Records, artists include, Akon and Duffy. Warner Music Group is also a music company, labels include Atlantic and Cordless – Green Day and Trey Songz an R&B are involved with Warner Music Group. Emi Music is the fourth largest music company, record labelsAs you can see, the genre of include: Angel, Mute, and Virgin –music I am interested in, is Lilly Allen and Bat for Lashes are onindie, artists like Snow Making a Music EMI labels.Patrol, Arctic Monkeys and VideoColdplay have produced SONY Music Entertainment ismany different music videos, another well-known musicbut in this research I have company, with labels owned bynoticed that they all have talent show judge Simon Cowell,one thing in common and with artists such as Leona Lewis, Willthat is that the lighting is Young and Westlife.always very low key, thisusually works well becausethe lyrics always have some Music videos have differentsort of story, this is how themusic video is made. conventions in order for it to be successful, in my research I found that the common shots used are long shots, close ups and mid shots in order to show artists emotions and feelings to their music. Slow paced editing is also used in a lot of videos in the particular genre as it highlights the lyrics even more, making the audience aware of how strong they actually are.