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In what ways does your media product use


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A2 media Evaluation Question 1

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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In what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaIn what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realforms and conventions of realmedia products?media products?By JahquaniBy Jahquani
  2. 2. • Our group’s products use develop theconventions of our genre. Which isalternative rock. When producing ourproducts we had several codes andconventions to consider, we had thechoice to also challenge them.
  3. 3. Todorov’s Narrative TheoryTodorov’s Narrative Theory• Todorov suggested that conventional narratives are structured in 5 stages:• A state of equilibrium ( Emmanuel getting bullied)• A disruption o the equilibrium by some action( Emmanuel fighting back)• A recognition that there has been a disruption ( other students backing off)• An attempt to repair the disruption( Emmanuel leaving school)• A reinstatement of the equilibrium ( Emmanuel committing suicide)
  4. 4. Researching TheoristsResearching Theorists• After researching theories of music videos the key theorists were Andrew Goodwinand Laura Mulvey. Goodwin argues that music videos demonstrate genrecharacteristics, there must be a relationship between lyrics and visuals and there is afrequent notion of looking. We conformed to Goodwin’s theory as we have arelationship between lyrics and visuals. After looking at Laura Mulvey I found that wewould not include her theory of the male gaze.• After researching I also found some general codes and conventions across a widerange of genres including close ups, props and the editing matching the pace ofmusic.
  5. 5. USEUSE• More specifically to our music video we used several conventions from rock genre.For example a common theme is locations being warehouses, deserted buildings andtunnels. We identified this feature and decided to replicate a similar location. Usingan alleyway highlighted the main actor’s loneliness and gave him a sense of feelingtrapped. We used inspiration from Linkin Park’s original video for One Step Closer. Inthe video the band is performing in a dark tunnel and also at the beginning of thevideo we see people in a dark alleyway pointing and laughing.This scene is where we see Emmanuel walkingdown the alleywayThis image is from the original Linkin Parkvideo we see people pointing and laughing in adark alleyway.
  6. 6. USEUSE• Another way we used the codes and conventions of the rock genre was byincluding a narrative involving being bullied or being alone.• Our narrative includes Emmanuel being bullied by fellow students and finallybuilding up the courage to face them before killing himself.• He is shown as an outcast from society, this narrative has also been seen inLinkin Park’s videos Numb and you can see this in other genres to includingRNB and PopBoth musicvideos havea narrativeleading tosuicide
  7. 7. USEUSE• Other actors were different from the main character, this was to show that everyone else wasnormal whilst Emmanuel an outcast and dissimilar. This difference has also occurred in otherrock videos.
  8. 8. USEUSE• We incorporated the idea of suicide into our video to show that bullying could have seriousconsequences. Our inspiration came from the video below which also incorporated the idea ofsuicide. To do this we used a mid shot this was partly to make the hill seem higher but also toshow the impact of how high Emmanuel was jumping. In Ed Sheeran’s give they used a highangle shot to show the blood and boy position the protagonist landed in.• The use of the mid shot showed pathetic fallacy, the audience are able to see the dark sky andthe clouds which relates to how Emmanuel is feeling before he jumps.Ed Sheeran – Give Me LoveEmmanuel about to jump
  9. 9. DEVELOPEDDEVELOPED• Rock videos usually have unique lighting and effects including dark rooms andflashbacks. Our video takes this one step further by concentrating on the transitionsbetween shots. We developed the codes and conventions by not using traditional panshots but fading images and white screens. This gave the next scene more impact .
  10. 10. CHALLENGECHALLENGE• Our video doesn’t include a performance and interaction with theaudience or the fans. For example Linkin Park – faint, shows theband performing. In addition we didn’t use the stereotypical leatherjacket, heavy make up mis en scene.
  11. 11. How did we use, develop and challenge the codesHow did we use, develop and challenge the codesand conventions with our album cover?and conventions with our album cover?
  12. 12. Codes and Conventions of anCodes and Conventions of anAlbum CoverAlbum Cover• The artist’s name• Album Title• The main image• Age restrictions• Logo• Colour scheme• Track list• Barcode• Recording information
  13. 13. We used the codes and conventions ofalbum covers by including the bandname. We used the same font as otherLinkin Park albums.Using the same font makesthe band instantlyrecognisable.We used the same font asMinutes to Midnight, road torevolution & songs fromunderground .This font is consistent in 3 oftheir albums including:
  14. 14. CHALLENGECHALLENGE• As well as using and developing the codes and conventions of real productswe challenged them. One common code and convention of rock musicvideos are the band with the instruments they individually play. We decidedagainst this as when recording the lip synching, we only had one person andit wasnt possible to get him to play all types of instruments. Also theopening scenes of the original video featured a guitar solo but we used thenarrative from the beginning so there was no space for including this.
  15. 15. Album TitleAlbum TitleAn album cover gives the audience asense of what the album will be about,for example Rihanna’s album Loudwas letting the audience know that a lotof upbeat songs would be on thealbum.We included the album name( Hybrid Theory) however we didntuse a big font size. We wanted tofocus on the band and making thealbum cover instantly recognisable.Some album covers dont eveninclude the title or artists name. Forexample Aerosmith – Draw the Line.
  16. 16. Main ImageMain Image• Different genres have different codes and conventions for album pictures,for example the pop genre will usually have a close up of the artist or bandwhilst a rock or Alternative bands will have an unique picture not ofthemselves.Pop Alternative GarageWe decided wanted to use aplain background howeverwe also wanted toincorporate scenes from themusic video. We combinedthis to create a faded lookand a montage of differentimages.
  17. 17. Age restrictionsAge restrictions• There is usually a parental advisory sticker to let audiences know that thealbum may have offensive or inappropriate language. This also depends onthe genre of music, for example Hip Hop albums will include this whilst Popwont.We developed the codes and conventionsof the rock genre album covers, we used aparental advisory sticker because we feltthat the album included a lot of sensitivesubjects e.g. One step closer Lead singerChester Bennington wrote this to expressthe anger he felt growing up. He didnt fit inwell and got beat up a lot. Benningtonwanted kids who hate themselves at timesto know that he went through the samething. He did not intend it as an excuse forself-pity or anger.
  18. 18. How did we use, develop and challenge thecodes and conventions with our albumcover (back) ?
  19. 19. BarcodeBarcode• All album covers have a barcode, which is used for pricing.Both albumcovers havea barcode.
  20. 20. Record Company InformationRecord Company Information• Linkin park are with the labels Warner Bros and Machine. Their debut albumhybrid theory was with Warner Bros. This promotes the record label as wellas showing who the band is associated with.Both these Linkin Park album covershave the Warner Bros logo. We usedthis convention because it had beenused in ALL Linkin Park album coversand it is used across all genres.
  21. 21. Track listTrack list• The back of an album usually consists of a track list which is a list of songson the album. We decided to make this the centre of attention on our albumcover, the use of a clear background makes it easy to read, we also but thetrack list as centre text & directly under the band’s name. Four singles werereleased from the album: "One Step Closer", "Papercut", "Crawling", and "Inthe End", which were responsible for Linkin Park becoming a mainstreamband.
  22. 22. ADVERTADVERTAn album poster is to promote thealbum it usually includes :•A list of the most popular track(s)•The artist’s website•A themed photo shoot•Release date•Where the album is available•A preview of the actual album
  23. 23. Visual imageVisual image• We wanted to make the connection between all of our media products therefore we decided touse a A4 image of our album cover; which included a faded montage of some scenes from themusic video. We developed the codes and conventions as rock adverts usually have a themedphoto shoot or unique images that relate to the artwork on their albums.• Another image that is used is the preview of the actual album cover:
  24. 24. Date of releaseDate of releaseWe developed the codes andconventions by not giving aspecific date of release, by usingthe words ‘out now’ in capitalletters and an exclamation markgives a sense of excitement.Also the advert says includes the#1 track One Step Closer thisattracts the target audience evenmore and by showing that thealbum is available in stores andonline means that the targetaudience can access it anytime.Other genres such asHip Hop give a specificdate such as Kid Cudi –man of the moon:
  25. 25. The codes and conventions that we have used willappeal to Linkin Park’s target audience which we foundwere teenagers. We have used some stereotypicalthemes such as the narrative being about bullying buthave also challenged them by not including heavymake for example.In terms of the Digipak and Digipak advert we followedmost of the codes and conventions which will appealto the target audience.