themselves as their brand image and to sell                                                                       the prod...
Digipak Deconstruction  The research shows that digipak deconstructions are very informative as they include information o...
Target Audience                  From the target audience research I                                                      ...
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  1. 1. themselves as their brand image and to sell the product. They use their appearance to From the video deconstructions, I learned attract their audience with make-up, longVideo Deconstructions that dance pop music videos are mostly hair, and tight-fitting, revealing clothing. about partying and having fun. There is a The video sexualises the star. lot of dancing in the video’s which reflect back to the name ‘dance pop’. It suggests The colours used in the videos are very that the target audience is young as all the bright to attract more attention and stand actors/dancers/singers who appear in the out. Pathetic fallacy is used as bright music video are mainly between the ages colours connote a happy atmosphere. This of 18-25. Also, the fact that the music is used a lot in dance pop music videos as it video’s mostly consist of partying and relates to and matches the vibe to the song. dancing further adds to the audience being young as this is something in which Lastly, the videos are mostly hybrid teenagers do. according to Andrew Goodwin’s theory as they are a mix of performance and The music videos mainly concentrate on narrative. Another point which supports the Artist, with many close up’s and long Andrew Goodwin’s theory is that the artists shots of them. This means that Artists in also have their own individual style such as the genre of dance pop usually use Kesha and her heavy, bright make up.
  2. 2. Digipak Deconstruction The research shows that digipak deconstructions are very informative as they include information on not only the album, but the artist and record company as well. The digipak deconstructions show that it is popular for dance pop artists to have themselves on the front cover. This is because their image is recognizable so their audience know immediately whose album it is. Bright colours are used to stand out and connote a happy vibe. The bright and feminine colours used gives off the idea that the target audience is female. It also refers back to the colours giving off a optimistic vibe. Again, in the adverts the Artist is centre of From the Artist research I learned that theAdverts Artists attention and uses their own specific look audience is dance pop is mostly teenagers. to make them identifiable and stand out. This is because I found that the Artists The images of the Artist are from appear on magazine covers such as professional and organised photo shoots Seventeen and Elle Girl which is read by this and are far from natural. The Artist is group of people. I also found out that it was usually pulling a pose and an expression important for the Artist to put across their which is mostly serious. The images are own individual look as this is what makes the generally from their album cover which different and how their fans identify them. makes the advert more recognizable. For example, Miley Cyrus was easily recognizable in Hannah Montana because of Bright colours are usually popular her famous blonde wig. especially feminine colours such as pink however black and white are sometimes I also discovered that dance pop is a very used to give off a vintage and timeless well-liked genre as the sales of the records look. The name of the artist and album is were very high and were sold at a global written across the advert in large to inform scale. the audience of who they are.
  3. 3. Target Audience From the target audience research I Distribution Methods learned that the most popular genre’s I found that dance pop music was available were pop, rock, and RnB. I found that through many large stores. This demonstrates those of younger ages favoured pop and that dance pop music is a very popular genre as RnB whereas those of older ages enjoyed suppliers know that the albums and singles will country or rock music the most. definitely sell. This told me that my products will be targeted at a mass audience. Another factor I learned about the audience is that it is mostly Caucasian girls Something else it shows is that dance pop music who like pop music. This may be because can be bought from a number of online stores the music is usually simple and such as Amazon and Itunes. Programmes such as catchy, and they can relate to the lyrics of Spotify allows people to listen to the music the songs. without having to purchase the songs. Promotional methods used are TV adverts and I discovered that my target audience are Artist’s having their own facebook or myspace. girls aged from 8 to 25 years old. Because This updates their audience on their music and of the age of the audience, many of them what they are working on. From their large spent a small amount of money on music number of friends, again you can understand that each month. I also learned that those In the audience is a very large group of people from this age group frequently watched all over the world. television, listen to the radio, or search the internet. Due to this, pop dance The research as a whole mainly taught me that artists usually make their music to be dance pop is an extremely popular genre and easily accessible online or on television because of this is also commercial. for their fans to listen to.