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Ancillary task 1


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Ancillary task 1

  1. 1. First Ancillary Task The layout of this album cover is very plain. The artists name is at the top of the cover, which is very conventional for a music album. The name of the album is then just below it in a small font. The simplicity of the writing and the way it is laid out, I think reflects type of music Ben Howard produces. The font is very bold and a lot bigger than anything else on the cover, making it stand out so that audience instantly sees whose album is it. I think the best thing about this particular cover is the gradient in colour, from the top going down it gets darker and darker, starting off white, then going to a dark blue, thisgives a calming effect on the whole album, and gives the impression that this album isgoing to be relaxed. I like the image that has been used for this cover, purely because itraises the question on whether or not the man diving into the water is in fact BenHoward.The back of the album, which is theimage below, is clever in the sensethat it is showing the personswimming back up to the surface ofthe water. This is actually a verycommon feature of an album cover.A lot of artists like it to look like abook. So with this, at the front of the‘book’ Ben Howard is diving into thewater, then at the back of the album,he is swimming back up, its almostlike he’s set off on his journey,listened to the songs that come inthe middle of the ‘book’ and now heis going back again.There isn’t really much that can besaid about the mode of address, as the only text is simply who the artist is and what thealbum is called, however I will say that if this album was aimed at a young audience,there would probably be more writing on it to make it eye catching for them. When aproduct is quite plain and simple like this, then usually it is aimed for an older audience,as they do not need specific things to attract them to a product they like.
  2. 2. This is the second album cover that I have chosen to analyze. The layout of the album cover is quiteconventional in the sense that there is a main image in the middle of the cover, and then it shows thename of the artist, and name of the album itself above it I think how the picture goes well with the title,‘hand built by robots’, the image shows a mechanical hand, with different types of people in the palmof it. The font has been chosen to look quite mechanical as well, the big and small letters next to eachother are examples of how it can be mechanical, mixed together with the rounded letters and differenttypes of boldness, I think this is a good style of writing to use on this album cover. The colour of thebackground on this album is meant to connote the sky, the dark blue with white clouds in the middlerepresent the calm feel to the album, and this then reflects the hectic mechanical style that is originallyseen.The back of the album cover is probably what you would expect to see on this sort of album. The list ofthe songs that are included are placed in the middle, so it is the very first thing you see, the font is stillthe same as the font that was used for the title of the album on the front, and so this makes it all cometogether. The astronaut that is pictured on the left of the cover, is the same one that was shown in thesame place on the front, I think this was used to remind the audience that the album is called ‘handbuilt by robots’ therefore is probably set more in the future than anything. Another big convention of aalbum cover is the barcode at the back, and this is something I need to consider when designing myalbum cover because it is an important factor when trying to make it look realistic.