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On the following pages, please find recent news from the oikos network and the most important upcoming international oikos events. I am happy looking back on an exciting year as oikos International president 2009. You will get the next newsletter from our new president Anna Ritschel, whom I wish all the best for her presidency in 2010. Together, we can make a difference!

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oikos Newsletter

  1. 1. oikos Newsletterjan 2010 Dear oikos friend, oikos International students for sustainable On the following pages, please find recent news from economics and management the oikos network and the most important upcoming oikos is the international international oikos events. I am happy looking back on an student organisation for exciting year as oikos International president 2009. You sustainable economics and will get the next newsletter from our new president Anna management and a leading Ritschel, whom I wish all the best for her presidency in 2010. new! reference point for the Together, we can make a difference! oikos alumni promotion of sustainability (page 7) change agents. and oikos academic (page 8) Learn more at www.oikos-international.org Kate Negacz, oikos International, President 2009 1 www.oikos-international.org
  2. 2. oikos International students for sustainable local chapter news economics and management Newsletter | jun-dec 2009 > jan-feb 2010 Student Reporters at World Resources Forum 2009 Members of oikos Monrovia embarked on a project to Ten selected international promote sustainable Liberian students were blogging live cultural practices through music from the WRF 2009 to a global and sustainable innovations audience, providing content among students. A topic of summaries, background this project was Sustainability stories, interviews and through Music. impressions from the event. sep oikos Monrovia The CHAPTE LOCAL Sustainable Liberian 5 Cultural Musical CHAPTERS jul jun LOCAL 15 CHAPT jun 11 ERS oikos Dhaka World LOCAL Environment Day APTERS 18 oikos Dhaka Save jun On the occasion of the C H Rivers Signature LOCAL Bayreuth “Working for Mum, World Environment Campaign Day, oikos Dhaka, in oikos Dhaka organised collaboration with the oikos Global Affairs Forum, the Summer 2009 Club Dad, Grandma and Grandpa” Fair with a purpose of BRAC University, collecting signatures organised a talk Panel discussion from the Presidents of show and a poster on sustainable more than 20 clubs at the competition. 80 students financial policy - with university to facilitate were present during representatives from the protection of rivers in the seminar, while 10 major German parties: Bangladesh. students had submitted Will that be our future? posters. Or is there a alternative? 2
  3. 3. Doubtable credit transactions, the oikos Warsaw Responsibility for ownership “greed” of investment bankers, weak oikos Warsaw organised a panel discussion on the topic of regulations - we seem to have an responsible ownership.The main questions for the panel unsustainable financial system. In discussion were as follows: Responsibility in business - a lecture series at the University of meaningless talks or a great idea? What is the freedom in Cologne, oikos Cologne asked: Can we business? Is it possible? Is an existing legislation an impediment do it differently? for an enterprise and how is it related to the idea of CSR? 4 LOCAL oikos Cologne Responsible nov PTERS Finance - Can we do it oct AL CHA 22 differently? oct S LO 20 R C CHAPTE LOCAL APTERS CAL CH Oslo Hamburg 14 ERS LO London Paderborn oct Belfast oikos is growing Brussels Clausthal Warsaw Bayreuth Opole Discuss Bratislava Zagreb Zagreb, Sylhet, Kolkata, Paris Reims NEW Ahmedabad, Chennai and New responsible Ashland Cologne Prague New Delhi NEW Delhi have joined the network Graz finance in Oxford! Witten/ St.Gallen Sylhet NEW as oikos chapters in accession. Herdecke Dhaka How can responsible Friedrichshafen For their new projects visit finance provide solutions Kolkata NEW Constance Local Chapters websites. to the financial crisis? Chennai NEW oikos and the University Monrovia Ahmedabad NEW In January 2010, oikos of Oxford organised an comprises of 31 Local event to engage students Chapters. oikos Local Chapter in a solution-driven Chapter in accession Johannesburg discussion. as of December 2009 on- going No chapter in your town? The oikos International Team is always ready to Create a chapter! Interested in starting a new guide you through the process of founding an oikos group? Founding an oikos group has a lot in oikos Local Chapter. common with starting a company. You are just Please contact the International team at about to become an entrepreneur! makeadifference@oikosinternational.org. 3
  4. 4. oikos International students for sustainable international news economics and management Newsletter | jun-dec 2009 > jan-feb 2010 The Student Sustainability Initiative from Michigan and INEX from Vienna won the oikos Student Entrepreneurship Award Cologne, Witten/Herdecke, Graz, Paris 2009. and Sylhet chapters contributed to the International Day of Climate Action. oikos Student During one week five of Local Chapters Entrepreneurship took a stand for a safe climate future, Award 2009 24 presidents and advisors TIONAL by organising inspiring events at their met and discussed their 21S INTERNA universities. roles in Local Chapters and a joint work in the future. 15-21 OIKO Chapters take first Climate Curricula Challenge NAL nov RN Onov 17-24 EoctATI Presidents and NEW Advisors Retreat 15-18 OIKOS IN T 11-12 A IOoct L NA oikos Winter School 2009 S IN ERTsepN T oikos Autumn Meeting 2009 A new generation of student project OIKO leaders was trained in sustainability and project management skills by in Belfast advancing their own projects at the Fifty oikos members gathered University of Witten/Herdecke. in Belfast to explore the issue of Sustainability and Conflict Resolution: Learning from the past, looking to the future. Although the “troubles” in Ireland had socio- political roots, the decades of conflict affected all parts of society, particularly the economy. 4
  5. 5. oikos International is currently seeking to fill the position of its President and Executive Board in 2011. Please send APPLY! Wings of excellence. your applications to anna.ritschel@ APPLY! oikosinternational.org by 14th March. Apply for St Gallen More information is on our homepage. Symposium! Do you want to discuss future Call for the President and ATION- issues with world leaders? Would Executive Board 2011! I25-28 RN you like to share ideas on how 14 entrepreneurs can be agents mar S NTE L OIKO mar of change? Then write an essay ATIONA and be part of the St. Gallen N S INTER symposium on May 6-7, 2010! 1 L OIKO A feb TE R NATION Attend the oikos Spring OS INProject Leadership APPLY! Meeting 2010! L OIK The Spring Meeting will take place in Reims on 25-28th March. APPLY! Programme deadline! This year the main topic will be Get fit in sustainability and “sustainable marketing”. We project leadership! Ten encourage all oikos members to oikos Project Leaders will be register and participate in this coached by oikos alumni and great event! experts e.g fundraising and communication to make the best out of their ideas and ressources. Organise Spring Meeting 2011 APPLY! The application for the Spring Meeting 2011 is open now. The oikos Project Development Fund (PDF) supports on- Please consider whether you financially projects organised by oikos Local want to be the next hosting Chapters. The purpose of this fund is to improve the performance of oikos projects by providing detailed going Local Chapter. feedback and promoting oikos projects. Apply for oikos project funding! 5
  6. 6. oikos International students for sustainable academic news going on- economics and management Newsletter | jun-dec 2009 > jan-feb 2010 Get involved as an academic! Are you as an academic interested in oikos, but not connected to the oikos UNDP Young Scholars network yet? Write to Development Academy Johannes Schwarzer at 2009 johannes.schwarzer@ oikosinternational.org. The first oikos UNDP Young Scholars oikos PhD Fellows lab Development Academy attracted Visiting researchers are welcomed! applications from five continents. With the support of the University of St. Fifteen selected scholars presented Gallen and Swiss-based Mercator Foun- their research on inclusive business dation we opened the ‘oikos PhD Fel- models, market development and lowship Lab’ this summer - three cosy sustainability at the Base of the 1-5 office rooms providing workspace for Pyramid (BoP). feb A KOS AC I EMIC O the growing international team of oikos 6-11 CAD PhD Fellows. on- S Adec going 30ADEM IC OIKO oikos PRI Young Scholars IKOS AC oct Finance Academy 2010 sepACAD EMIC O oikos and the UN Principles for OIKOS Responsible Investment (PRI) Deadline oikos Global Initiative invited the next gen- Case Writing Competition 2010 eration of finance researchers oikos and Ashoka joined forces to promote to Switzerland to the 2nd oikos New PhD Fellows high quality teaching cases on Corporate PRI Young Scholars Academy on in St.Gallen Sustainability and Social Entrepreneuship. Responsible Investment. We welcomed two new PhD Fellows Winners will be announced in spring 2010. in St Gallen: Liudmila Nazarkina and Johannes Schwarzer. Liudmila will be working on social entrepreneurship. Johannes will conduct research on the political economy of policy reforms. 6
  7. 7. Connect as an alumni via your preferred social network: Connecting in London! Alumni in London are connecting to other sustainability The group of oikos alumni professionals! The alumni group in in Vienna is expanding! London has now teamed up with I OIKOS During our second sustainability professionals. They AL21MN U meeting we talked how to have just had their first session in OS nov MNI OIK become a sustainability The Hub, Islington. professional. 6 K OS ALU oikos Alumni Day and Shaping Change MNI OI7 Vienna alumni get jul U KOS AL together! 5 sep jun UMNI OI On 21 November, Local Chapters around the world celebrated oikos Alumni Day 2009. It is the first time the IKOS AL oikos network brings together its alumni on the same O Zurich meets again! oikos alumni from mainly St. Gallen day in different cities around the world (for example, in Paris and Cologne). The oikos Alumni Day coincided with got together again on 9 September Shaping Change. This events was the first in a series of for an informal dinner. events focussed on developing tools for change makers. Meet alumnus... Lukasz Makuch What I care most about in sustainability is My name is Lukasz Makuch and I work as the possibility to make a difference. In my a CSR coordinator at PGE Polska Grupa job, I try to balance the ecological, social Energetyczna, Poland’s biggest energy and economical aspects of PGE to minimize company. Before I joined this company, I its environmental and social impact and was a corporate sustainability consultant create added social value. For me, the at PwC. I was part of oikos between 2004- biggest hurdle to overcome within my 2006 when I served as the president of company is a mental hurdle: it is a former oikos Warsaw. Since 2006, I am a member state owned company and currently 85% is of the Advisory Board of this chapter. The still state owned. In 2010, I hope that we can continue networking amongst oikos on- oikos motto — ‘Be informed, get involved, alumni and develop some joint projects, going make a difference’ — was and still is Get involved my reason for being active within oikos in collaboration with oikos chapters. One because I truly believe in this philosophy. hint I can give to current oikos students is as alumni! ‘Never stop being an oikee!’ Are you oikos alumnus? Not connected to the alumni news network yet? Write to Kim oikos International Poldner at kim.poldner@ oikosinternational.org. students for sustainable economics and management Newsletter | jun-dec 2009 > jan-feb 2010 7
  8. 8. get involved ? ? whom …on oikos in 2010? to contact …on PhD and faculty projects? …on the Local Chapters? on what …on potential involvement as a donor? …0n the international projects? Dr. Jost Hamschmidt Anna Ritschel oikos Foundation, Managing Director oikos International, President 2010 jost.hamschmidt@oikosinternational.org anna.ritschel@oikosinternational.org phone +41 (0)71 224 2595 skype ‘anna-ritschel’ …on the oikos academic network? …on oikos in 2009? Johannes Schwarzer| oikos PhD Fellow 2009-2012 Kate Negacz johannes.schwarzer@oikosinternational.org oikos International, President 2009 kate.negacz@oikosinternational.org skype ‘katenegacz’ …on how to stay in touch as alumni? Kim Poldner | oikos PhD Fellow 2008-2011 …on curricula change projects? kim.poldner@oikosinternational.org Connect via your preferred Patricia Mesquita | oikos PhD Fellow 2009-2012 social network: patricia.mesquita@oikosinternational.org …on the oikos public relations? …on member coaching and training programmes? Martin Herrndorf | oikos PhD Fellow 2008-2011 martin.herrndorf@oikosinternational.org Nina Hug | oikos PhD Fellow 2008-2011 nina.hug@oikosinternational.org …on oikos publications? Or find us on twitter: Liudmila Nazarkina | oikos PhD Fellow 2009-2012 @oikos_internat liudmila.nazarkina@oikosinternational.org www.oikos-international.org 8