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2010 jci bebetternewsletterissue1

  1. 1. Be Better NEWSLETTER 20102010 JCITravel Guide 2010: Issue 1 In This Issue: Be the change you wish to see 2JCI Members from more than 100 countries are off and running toward Celebrate for a cause on your birthday 3 Read rave reviews of JCI 3their goal of creating positive change in the world. As you meet new people Test your malaria knowledge 4and discover new ways to improve your community at the 2010 JCI Area Unearth the roots of partnership 4Conferences, dont miss anything the host cities have to offer.JCI Conference of the Americas in Rosario, Argentina Changing the World in 2010Between the workshops and forums at the Conference of the Americas, head to one of JCI Conference of the AmericasRosario’s scenic parks or La Florida Beach to enjoy the beautiful Argentine autumn. Be sure April 21-24, 2010 • Rosario, Argentinato catch the Monumento a la Bandera in the city center and then squeeze in some shoppingat the Embarcadero Resort or Córdoba Street. Later on, relax at Costa Alta and discuss the World Malaria Day – April 25Millennium Development Goals with your fellow JCI Members over a cup of coffee at a Plan now to launch a project to combat malarianeighborhood café. After the sun goes down, check out the lights of the Rosario-Victoria Bridge and save lives through JCI Nothing But Nets.on your way to Rosario’s nightlife and cultural district. JCI Africa and Middle East Conference JCI Africa and Middle East Conference May 12-15, 2010 • Abuja, Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria JCI Asia-Pacific Conference After a day of top-notch trainings, strap on your hiking June 3-6, 2010 • Singapore boots and head for Aso Rock or Zuma Rock, along the Abuja-Kaduna highway. For a more relaxing break, visit JCI European Conference ROSARIO, ARGENTINA Millennium Park or the Abuja Plant Nursery. For a taste June 9-12, 2010 • Aarhus, Denmark of history, be sure to stop by the National Mosque and 23rd JCI Academy National Church, both of which are architectural July 15-22, 2010 • Tsukuba, Japan masterpieces of this diverse nation. Designed to be a capital city, youll enjoy Abujas well-organized districts JCI World Congress and modern shopping centers, including the Abuja Metro November 2-7, 2010 • Osaka, Japan Plaza, Silverbird Galleria or Ceddi Plaza in the Central ABUJA, NIGERIA Business District. JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore While at the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in the city-state of Singapore, go with your new JCI friends to visit Merlion Park, which features the national icon, the Merlion. While Singapore is known for its diverse and cosmopolitan SINGAPORE population, dont miss the tropical parks, including the Esplande, where you can stop in the Theatres on the Bay. 2010 JCI Leadership Summit For dinner, try a restaurant at the Raffles Hotel, a colonial- at the United Nations style hotel named for Singapore’s founder, Sir Stamford June 21-23, 2010 • New York City, USA Raffles. Test your bartering skills on Orchard Road or at Clarke Quay, but save enough to donate to the Birthday With only five years left to reach the UN AARHUS, DENMARK Campaigns of all your new friends! Read more about the Millennium Development Goals, the role JCI Nothing But Nets Birthday Campaign on page 3. of young active citizens in global development has never been more crucial. This June, JCIJCI European Conference in Aarhus, Denmark Members from across the globe will unite withA city of nearly 1.2 million, Aarhus mixes classical European architecture, modern commerce our powerhouse partners to generate a newand a rich history of art. Take in the sights of Old Europe at the Viking Museum, Århus framework for collaboration. The UN GlobalDomkirke Cathedral and Moesgard Museum. Art lovers should be sure to check out the Aarhus Compact, the UN Foundation, the InternationalTheatre, The Botanisk Have gardens and the ARoS Arhus Kunstmuseum in between JCI Chamber of Commerce and leadingprograms and panel discussions on global issues. Before heading out for the famous European corporations are looking to JCI to catalyzenightlife, stop by the Latin Quarter, Strøget or Frederiksbjerg for some shopping and quick bite collaboration and drive change on vital socialfrom a pølsevogn, a popular sausage street vendor. and economic issues. Mark your calendar now and plan to magnify your impact.
  2. 2. The Meaning of Change “To improve is to change;2010 is a year of change in JCI. Inspired by the words of MahatmaGandhi, 2010 JCI President Roland Kwemain has challenged youngpeople around the world to be the change they want to see in the to be perfect is toworld. But what does change mean to you? change often.”The last decade brought unprecedented challenges across the world: the outbreak of wars,refugee crises, the outbreak of disease, corruption, increasing climate change and a failure – Winston Churchillof the global economy. Hardly any predictions foresaw these crises at a time when the worldwitnessed an expansion in technological know-how, increased globalization and dramaticsocio-political changes.Seeking PerfectionThe changing environment of today – political, social, economic, climate and technological –must include a change in human behavior. Certainly the world is not perfect, and neither is ourorganization. But as young people, we must strive to make our world perfect, and the sameis true for our organization. The future belongs to young people, and as the world navigatesincreasingly complicated circumstances, we must take part in the important debates. Youngpeople must actively participate to determine their own destiny. This desire to find perfection is the real meaning of change. As Winston Churchill said,“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”Change Begins with YouChange in this new decade means taking responsibility for the future. It means improvingourselves, our community and, to a larger extent, our world. Change means not seeking onlypersonal benefit from an organization, a position or a job, but bringing value to improve theorganization, the position or the job.What does this mean to JCI Members? It means challenging the status quo and not settlingfor the mundane things of the past, but reaching for the extraordinary things that will build the New JCI External Web Sitefuture of JCI. Single-handedly, our scope is limited, but by extending a hand and working withpeople of difference races, cultures, religions and ethnicity, we can overcome the common JCI is embracing many changes in 2010,challenges of mankind. It means standing for the values of this organization and questioning including a new way to reach out.any action to the contrary. You may haveMembership in JCI is not sufficient. We need to act by targeting solutions to community noticed JCI’s newproblems and taking action to create impact. In 2010, JCI is going back to basics with the JCI external website,Mission and the Values as guiding principles for our action at every level of the organization. aimed at providingJCI will empower young people around the world to create positive change, and we will set out nonmembers withon our journey to be the leading network of young active citizens. access to information aboutThe Impact of One JCI and its MissionSometimes it may seem as though one person cannot make a difference. But just as ripples in a simple, easy-from a single drop of water spread and grow until they reach the entire pond, so do you have to-use format.the potential to make a real impact. The site features links to recent JCI News stories, the most recent Be Better E-newsletter and informationJCI President Kwemain is calling JCI Members and young people around the world on how prospective members can join the organization.to embrace the Impact of One and take the future of the world into their own hands. The new portal also features an interactive global mapHe’s calling on you to take ownership of this organization and make it the best it can be. of JCI National Organizations, allowing users to locate theBelieving in change is important, but being the change is what will change our organization. organization nearest to them to learn more aboutEach JCI Member is challenged to reach out to friends, colleagues and neighbors and invite becoming a Member. Additionally, the new site featuresjust one of them to join forces with us to increase our impact. It is when many drops come information on local and international events and JCI programs and partnerships.together that a powerful ocean is formed. While JCI Members still have expanded accessIt is not the leaders who will change JCI, but the hundreds of thousands of young people to resources through the Members website, the newwho believe in our core values and are making tremendous sacrifices every day. In this external portal was designed from the ground-up withnew decade, JCI Members will lead their communities, their countries and the world nonmembers in mind, organizing information in an easily-to a better place. accessible format for wider consumption. Development will continue on the new site throughoutChange begins with you, today. the year, with the focus on translation into French, Spanish and Japanese. Visit www.jci.cc/guests or sign out of your JCI web account to view the new portal.2
  3. 3. Give a Gift onYour BirthdayBirthdays are for celebrating, and this year JCI Members havea new reason to party thanks to the JCI Nothing But Nets BirthdayCampaign. Learn how you can celebrate not only all the giftsin your life, but also the lives you’ve saved.It’s a new decade and a new opportunity to improve your community and communities across Join the campaign now.the world. Start a new tradition this year of giving back on your birthday to those who need 1. Create your own team by setting up your ownit most. The JCI Nothing But Nets Birthday Campaign provides an easy way to help others and page on the Junior Chamber International sponsorgive the gift of life on your big day. page on the Nothing But Nets website. Find the link at www.jci.cc/nothingbutnetsMalaria: The FactsIn Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria is the largest single cause of death among children under the age 2. Click “Join this Team" to get started.of five, killing one child every 30 seconds, more than 800,000 per year. Malaria alone accounts 3. Under “Affiliation,” select “Junior Chamberfor 40 percent of public health expenditures. International.”Insecticide-treated bed nets are a form of personal protection that reduces severe disease and 4. Register. Fill out your registration information.mortality due to malaria in endemic regions. Studies have shown that use of insecticide-treated Welcome to the team!bed nets can reduce transmission as much as 90% in areas with high coverage rates.The JCI Nothing But Nets Birthday Campaign Get the word out.Since 2008, JCI has been committed to raising awareness of the Nothing But Nets project, • Use e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and any otherwhich provides insecticide-treated bed nets to affected areas, and has committed to providing creative method to tell your friends about how theyone million bed nets by 2015. To reach this ambitious goal and contribute to the eradication can help make a difference on your birthday.of malaria in Africa, JCI is asking you to forego typical birthday presents this year and put bed • Host a birthday party for your friends and ask fornets on your birthday list. donations instead of presents to raise funds andOne of the first JCI birthdays this year belongs to 2010 JCI Executive Vice President Bertolt have fun at the same time. All of the funds raisedDaems, who is using his birthday to raise nets. He established a goal of 365 nets – one for each not only go to a great cause, but help celebrateday of the year – or $3,650. Daems is already a quarter of the way to his goal and is sending out your birthday and are given in your honor.the message to fellow Members, friends and family throughout the Netherlands and across the • Be creative and work towards making your specialglobe. Its easy to create your own campaign, just follow the steps on the right. day in 2010 special for others too.Look Who’s Talking: Partnering for ChangeJCI’s relationship with the United Nations dates back to 1954, and representatives of the UN, the UN GlobalCompact, and the UN Foundation regularly rave about their partnerships with JCI. Check out what someof the biggest names in the organizations had to say about JCIs global community of young active citizens. “The United Nations and JCI share a long history “JCI and the Global Compact share a lot in common. We both of partnership at many levels – from headquarters were founded in the idea that business can make an active to the grassroots. In fact, we are major allies… As young contribution to address global challenges…It’s unique, there leaders, you hold a key to solving some of the most is no other organization with such a global presence as JCI.” oppressing challenges of our time.” — UN Global Compact Public Affairs Officer — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Matthias Stausberg “There is, in JCI, a common cause, and that is responsible “We’re very excited about JCI because of all the different leadership, making a difference, joining forces, and JCI Local Organizations across the world that have the ability reaching across boarders… The possibility of achieving to give back. Literally any JCI Member from any part of the a world where peace and health and hope and opportunity world has the ability to send a net and save a life.” exist for everyone is very real.” — UN Foundation Executive Director — United Nations Foundation Senior Advisor Elizabeth McKee Gore 3 Gillian Martin Sorensen
  4. 4. Kodama’s Essential Facts and Figures JCI Secretary General Edson A. Kodama usually practices key words and phrases in local languages to prepare for the JCI Area Conferences. But this time, with JCI’s committment to fight malaria through JCI Nothing But Nets, he’s putting aside his dictionary and taking out his calculator to understand the impact of this devastating disease. Measure your knowledge below.1. What percent of the world’s population 5. What percent of malaria-related deaths 9. By what percentage have insecticide-is affected by malaria? occur in Sub-Saharan Africa? treated bed nets reduced malaria transmission in areas of high coverage?a. 6% a. 36%b. 24% b. 52% a. 60%c. 32% c. 78% b. 75%d. 41% d. 90% c. 83% d. 90%2. Malaria is transmitted by which 6. About what percentage of childrenanimal? in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa are 10. What percentage of antimalarial currently protected by insecticide-treated pharmaceutical medicines are counterfeit,a. Bats bed nets? distributed by criminal scam artists?b. Mosquitoesc. Flies a. 2% a. 12%d. Dogs b. 19% b. 33% c. 31% c. 40%3. How much money do JCI Members need d. 44% d. 62%to raise for insecticide-treated bed netsto meet our pledge to the Nothing But 7. Why is a malaria vaccine not more 11. How long does it take to set up anNets program? widely used? account with JCI’s Birthday Campaign to recruit friends to donate money to fighta. USD $500,000 a. No highly effective vaccine is available yet. malaria in your name?b. USD $1,000,000 b. Most residents of affected areas cannotc. USD $10,000,000 afford a vaccine. a. 2 secondsd. USD $100,000,000 c. Vaccines do not provide a long-term solution b. 2 minutes and must be taken several times. c. 2 hours4. How many cases of malaria occur d. All of the above. d. 2 monthseach year? 8. How much does malaria cost all African See page 3 of this newsletter for step-by-stepa. Between 50,000 and 100,000 economies each year combined? instructions on how to set up your Birthdayb. Between 500,000 and 1 million Campaign page today!c. Between 50 million and 250 million a. USD $750 milliond. Between 350 million and 500 million b. USD $2 billion c. USD $12 billion d. USD $32 billion Answers: 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5-d, 6-a, 7-d, 8-c, 9-d, 10-c, 11-bA Look Back:The Roots of PartnershipJCI and the UN have a long history of partnership. Throughworking with the UN Global Compact, the UN Foundation andUNESCO, JCI Members magnify their impact around the world.Today, JCI Members across the globe work towards the UNMillennium Development Goals locally and have the opportunityto discuss crucial topics of the day at JCI Leadership Summitsat the UN.In June 2009, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the JCIWorld Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where hediscussed the two organizations’ mutual goals, and called theyoung active citizens of JCI to action. In 2010, JCI Members willmeet JCI’s partners at the United Nations in New York to seeknew modes of collaboration and generate a new framework forpartnership in the 21st century. 1981 JCI President Gary Nagao visits UN Secretary-General Waldheim Do you have a story to share about your experience at a JCI International Event? E-mail story and photos to identity@jci.cc for consideration for upcoming newsletter issues. Not all submissions will be included. © 2010 Junior Chamber International (JCI) Inc. All rights reserved. 15645 Olive Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63017, USA Tel: +1-636-4493100 • Fax: +1-636-4493107 • www.jci.cc Printed on recycled paper.