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‘What is the stand of today’s youth in Global Village was held on 21 Septembe...
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LC UUM Newsletter (September 2009)


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LC UUM Newsletter (September 2009)

  1. 1. September 2009 Issue: 3 Exchange Hits! Month Realize Match Raise AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia June’09 2 10 11 July’09 22 3 13 September 2009 Edition August’09 2 7 23 Total 26 20 47 AIESEC International C ongress 2 009 % Growth 2,600 1,900 4,400 AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia is proud to announce it’s immense growth in exchange. Achieving 2,600% growth in the first quarter of term 2009/2010. A IESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, active in over 1700 universities across 170 countries and territories, brought 600 global young leaders to the Palace of the Golden Horses in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia for it’s annual congress, Go Exchange! See the World AIESEC International Congress 2009 from 22 to 31 August 2009. Anytime, Anywhere! Visit and AIESEC International Congress is AIESEC’s largest annual leadership congress, register for Go Exchange! with its 2009 theme ‘Empowering Leaders Across Cultures’. It seeks to con- Program TODAY! nect leaders across different cultures, beliefs, and values to come together to Contact us: make our world a better place. Twelve undergraduates from eight universities in Malaysia have got an op- portunity to participate in this congress. Ms.Yap Leng Leng (Catherine) from AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia is one of the delegates among 600 global young leaders being part of AIESEC International Congress 2009. Inside this issue: > See also Page 2 AIESEC INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2009 2 AIESEC ICPT 2009 - LANGKAWI GEOPARK 2 LLDS 2009 3 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE M ONTH! THE PRIME LAUNCH & MoU SIGNING 3 JAPAN STUDY TOUR 4 ‘INFINITY & BEYOND’ AIESEC INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DAY 2009 4 OUR PARTNERS & SUPPORTERS 5 Local Leadership Development Seminar AIESEC INTERNATIONAL 2009 Supported By: CONGRESS POST –STUDY TOUR AIESEC INTERNATIONAL 2009— LANGAWI GEOPARK CULTURAL DAY
  2. 2. Page 2 AIESEC INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2009 ‘What is the stand of today’s youth in Global Village was held on 21 September SHARING ABOUT EXPERIENCE shaping the world that they will one day 2009 in the Royal Ballroom of Palace of IN INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS lead?’ the Golden Horses. This was the question over 600 young It’s theme ‘Travel the World in 60 min- I am glad to be one of the delegates among 600 dele- leaders from 107 countries addressed utes’, 600 delegates, 107 countries meet gates from 107 countries and territories to participate during the first ever Global Youth to Busi- at same time, same place experience the in AIESEC International Congress 2009. The first ness Forum engage in dynamic dialogues cultures and diversities. It is an cultural time, I experienced diversities, different cultures, with corporate leaders from 5 continents. festival where delegates present their values and beliefs in one plenary! Interacting with These discussions harvested a forward- culture interaction, showcasing the cus- global young leaders widen my horizon and enhance thinking global youth stand on the toms and diversity of their countries to all my knowledge in a global perspective. I truly lived in topics Entrepreneurship in the Crisis, Malaysian citizens and breaking the geo- global learning environment with discussing about Climate Change & Sustainability and graphic boundaries through a range of Labor Mobility & Diversity. cultural performance and stalls. global issues and enhancing my leadership expo- sure during International Congress 2009. I accom- Corporate such as Artemesia Interna- plished my dream as Local Committee President, tional, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Alcatel- being participated in the largest conference of AIE- Lucent, Cadbury, Deutsche Post DHL , SEC— International Congress! Electrolux. Ingersoll Rand , Instituto de Empresa , PricewaterhouseCoopers. Stan- - Catherine- dard Chartered Bank. Tata Consultancy Services. UBS, Unilever and etc involved in this Y2BForum. AIESEC INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS POST-STUDY TOUR 2009—LANGKAWI GEOPARK Malaysia Truly Asia had finally found the chance to share its vibrant and diverse cultures with the rest of the world when AIE- SEC International Congress landed its mark this year with the theme of “EMPOWERING LEADERS ACROSS CULTURES” in the Palace of the Golden Horses, undoubtedly in Malaysia Truly Asia. In conjunction with AIESEC International Congress 2009 in Malaysia, AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia had, after immeasur- able effort by the team from the previous term in its bidding process, acquired the chance to host one of the most exquisite special events of AIESEC International Congress 2009, none other than the AIESEC International Congress Post-Study Tour 2009. The event (AIESEC International Congress Post-Study Tour 2009) landed its mark in the islands of legend, LANGKAWI GEOPARK on the 1st-3rd of Septem- ber 2009. A total of 73 delegates from AIESEC International Congress 2009 signed up to be a part of the event, with different origins ranging from around the globe. 6 Organizing Committees, together with 3 volunteers realized the event with immense success, making it one of the best events ever to happen in AIESEC International Congress 2009. Bearing the theme of “BACK TO THE NATURE”, the post-study tour aims to share the rich cultures of the locals as well as the geographical attractions with the international guests as part of the efforts to heighten the awareness of the tourism industry in Malaysia. This event also aspires to enhance the awareness of young generations of today to the heritage left behind by our founding fathers and ancestors. As such, the programs of the post-study tour had been designed in such a way that adventure, heritage and pleasure blend are blended together in each and every of the program. Tourist hotspots such as the Eagle Square, Mahsuri Mausoleum and the LANGKAWI Craft Complex that were a part of the tour advocated such an intense essence of heritage to our international guests, leaving them in admiration towards the once traditional world of Malay- sia. The fun and adventurous elements of the tour are embedded in program such as island hopping and beach visits, in which the delegates experienced the joy of back to the nature to no extend. There were few obstacles along the way, but it was no trouble for the organizing committees who had dedi- cated themselves to ensuring the best experience ever for the delegates, even if there is an extra mile to be taken. Nevertheless, much gratitude would like to be paid in return of the continuous support by some of the organizations in LANGKAWI GEOPARK, namely LANGKAWI Development Authority (LADA), LANGKAWI Wildlife Park, Underwater World LANGKAWI, ASEANIA Resorts LANGKAWI, TSG Shopping Pa- rade in LANGKAWI, Winduri Travel & Tours and Tourism Kedah. Special thanks to the various sponsors of the event for your kind contributions and pa- tience. Congratulations once again to the organizing team of AIESEC International Congress Post-Study Tour 2009! We work hard and we play hard, because we are AIESECers!
  3. 3. Page 3 Issue: 3 LOC AL LE ADERSHIP DE VE LOPMENT SEM INAR 2 009 Special Thanks to: ORGANIZING COMMITTEE TEAM Local Leadership Development Seminar (LLDS) is an event held annually by AIESEC Organizing Committee President: in Universiti Utara Malaysia to provide conference like learning environment for Beverlyn Lim Yuen Xew new members of AIESEC. LLDS 2009 took place at D’Yan Chalet, Titi Hayun, Yan, Organizing Committee Vice President of Kedah on 21 to 22 August 2009. Its theme ‘Infinity and Beyond’ aims to encourage Delegates Servicing: youth to explore and develop their leadership potential without limitation. A Chai Yik Ling number of 29 delegates participated in this seminar. FACILITATORS TEAM The key highlights agenda of this seminar are simulation on Sales & Marketing, Derek Loh (Chair of LLDS’09, VP PM 08/09, simulation on local chapter’s functional areas, team management & communica- CUTE Coordinator 09/10) tion, brand management and etc. Lim Chin Hoong (VP TM 09/10, LC UUM) Fabian Koh Tatt Soon (Marketing Director Congratulations to Hasan Khusairi bin Mohtar and Thor Pey Sin who have been of PCPE’09, LC UUM) chosen as Mr. LLDS 2009 and Ms. LLDS 2009 respectively and Tan Phei Yee as the Raymond Gan Beng Keng (IM Director Best Delegate of LLDS 2009 who portrayed her outstanding performance during 08/09, LC UUM) LLDS 2009. Lau Wei Mun (VP ICX 08/09, OCP of MyLDS’09, LC UUM) Thanks to all dedicated and hardworking Facilitators, Organizing Committee and Jason Tan Chor Jian (ICX Exec 09/10, LC the management team of AIESEC in UUM for the efforts contributed to inspire UKM) members down the road and making this seminar a success one! Danny Ng (Alumni, LCP 06/07, LC UUM) SPONSORSHIP The P rime Launch & M oU S igning C eremony with P enE xpo The Prime Launch and MoU Signing with PenExpo was held on 24 August 2009 in Auditorium, Pepustakaan Bahiyah, Universiti Utara Malaysia. Assoc. Prof Dr. Engku Muhammad Nazri Abu Bakar (Dean of Student Development and Entrepreneurship, College of Arts and Sciences in Universiti Utara Malaysia), Mej. Norzilah Aziz (Advisor of AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia), Mr. Francis Wong (Managing Director of PenExpo) and Ms. Wendy Wong (Marketing Di- rector of PenExpo) as VIP for the event. The objectives of The Prime Launch are to continue the cooperation between PenExpo and AIESEC in UUM, to introduce AIESEC in UUM as an international student-run organization which participates and catalyst the mission of UUM to be the First Choice University, and to develop the potential of students through programs such as Go Exchange! Program and to maximize the inter- net and web 2.0 utilization among students in business. The official website of AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia ( and Go Exchange! Program were officially launched during The Prime Launch. At the same time, MoU Signing Ceremony between PenExpo and AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia for the 5th year of collabora- tion for Penang Career and Postgraduate Expo 2009. The Penang Career and Postgraduate Expo 2009 will be held in Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) on 14 – 15 November 2009.
  4. 4. Page 4 Issue 3 Japan S tudy Tour 2 009 The Japan Study Tour consists of the team of 6 namely Shota, Eri, Hitomi, Kazunori, Ayato and Shunsuke from Keio-SFC Local Com- mittee of AIESEC In Japan visited AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malay- sia on 4-10 September 2009. The Japan Study Tour to LC UUM is mainly for HIV/AIDS and Cultural Understanding projects’ visiting. A Japanese Culture Presentation was held on 9 September 2009 to introduce our local members about Keio-SFC LC and the culture of Japan. We had also invited non-members and Japanese Culture Club of Universiti Utara Malaysia to join us on this event! Selamat Datang to Malaysia! To find more about Keio SFC LC of AIESEC in Japan, please visit: AIES EC INTER NATION AL C ULTUR AL D AY 2 009 AIESEC International Cultural Night was held on 23 August 2009 at Laman Siswa, Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar (PKP), Universiti Utara Malaysia. This cultural event is the main event of Cultural Understanding Through Exchange (CUTE), a project based on exchange. It aims to expose community of Universiti Utara Malaysia to other coun- tries in the world to foster good relationship and better cultural understanding, interaction between foreigners with Malaysian, gathering for AIESECers and interns from every corners of the world. There were 5 countries , 9 interns involved in making this event success. They are Ksenija Sterle (Slovenia), Vanja Adlesic (Slovenia), Stephan Mayer (Germany), Olivia CUTE interns with AIESECers at the event. Kiok (Germany), Dieu Vo (Vietnam), Hilda Zhu (Vietnam), Crystal Cheung (Hong Kong), Mostafa Mohamed Ghanam(Egypt) and Salma Amer (Egypt). There were activities carried out during this event such as country presentation, traditional costume try-outs, traditional food tasting, Malay dance performance, games, photo session with interns, HIV/AIDS awareness booth, and Go Exchange! Program recruitment booth. The event ended around 11pm. Special thanks to the organizing committee and From left CUTE interns: Stephanie interns to make this event a great success. (Vietnam), Ksenija (Slovenia), Crystal (Hong Kong), Olivia (Germany) , Hilda (Vietnam), Vanja (Slovenia) nce y Da for Mala ation nce. Pr epar erforma P
  5. 5. Page 5 SPECIAL THANKS TO SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS OF: AIESEC INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS POST-STUDY TOUR 2009—LANGKAWI GEOPARK ASEANIA Resorts LANGKAWI LANGKAWI Development Authority (LADA) Langkawi Wildlife Park Cotra Enterprise Gardenia Underwater World LANGKAWI Tourism Kedah - TSG Shopping Parade in LANGKAWI, - Winduri Travel & Tours and Tourism Kedah. LOCAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMET SEMINAR 2009 Nelson SPECIAL GREETINGS SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & EID MUBARAK Management Team 2009/2010 AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia