Evaluation Question 2


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My answer for the A2 Med

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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2How effective is the combination of your main productand ancillary texts?
  2. 2. The three products are linked quite obviously through the use ofimage branding. The image of the couple walking away at theend of the video is also used in the digipack and in theadvert, which creates an iconic image for the band to berecognised by.The image of the microphone on the floor at the end of thevideo also is used in the digipack, which is used to show thefocus on the music, not the artist.Each image is repeated, either on the digipack or in theadvert, because they can become triggers in the audience’smind; when they see a microphone on the floor, they willhopefully always think of our chosen band. Therefore, theimages not only establish a brand but act as a way to rememberthe artist too.Simple Links
  3. 3. The Links In Pictures
  4. 4. The links were made with these specific images, because we felt that theseimages showed a key element to the type of band that we were using. Themicrophone shows a focus on the music rather than the artist, which wassomething we found to be very common in a punk-rock video. Forexample, looking at my genre research showed me that “rebellion” or“rejecting conformity” was a common theme. This theme was more seenwith older punk-rock bands, but the idea of ignoring the aesthetic image ofa band was important then, so we tried to carry this across.The couple holding hands was an iconic image because it created emotion inthe video, therefore showing that the band can appeal to the audience on adeeper level. The couple also feature one of the “band members”, thesinger, which shows that though the branding focuses on music, there is stilla face behind the music, which can attract the younger audience who maylook at music based on aesthetics.Why We Made These Links
  5. 5. The links we made for the digipack and advert to both contain shots from the musicvideo was heavily based on our research. In my research I found that a lot of artistsused images from their videos as branding for the rest of their image, for exampleour chosen band My Chemical Romance wear school uniforms in their famous “I’mNot Okay” video, and are also wearing them in the photo on their digipack of them.Using the couple walking away as an emotional hook was also something we foundto be quite common; again, our chosen band incorporated a hand-drawn image of“Helena” on their digipack front cover, which links to their song about the death ofthe singer’s grandmother. Though this is a subtle emotional pull, it still shows theband to have an emotional side, which again can appeal to the younger audience.The microphone, creating the “music not artist” idea, was included because wefound that most ‘serious’ punk-rock bands tended to focus their own work aroundtheir music rather than their image. The Clash’s album that I deconstructed containedabsolutely no photos of the band, and therefore forced the listener to form anopinion based on their music alone. Though we didn’t want to go quite as strongly asthis with our message, we felt that keeping a music-focus was important to thegenre.Research Influences
  6. 6. Our Target Audience Feedback indicated to us that we hadmade very strong links that made sense to the audience.This is a good thing because if the links weren’t clear, thenthey do not work and the audience may think that theimages are just being overused.The links indicated to the audience that the band weremore of a modern punk-rock band, but it also created thatidea of an edgier side to keep the audience involved.We felt that our links were effective because they fittedwith our research and they were well understood.Were the Products Effective?