Magazine research


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Magazine research

  1. 1. MAGAZINE RESEARCHEmpire + Total Film
  2. 2.  Before I begin construction on my movie poster, as I did with both the movie poster and the actual teaser trailer, I will have to construct research into real media products that will influence my magazine construction. The two magazines I will compare will be Total Film and Empire, two popular film magazines.
  3. 3.  The image, taken from The Amazing Spiderman is laid over the masthead of the magazine; this is a regular feature found in many popular magazines. Their popularity ensures they do not have to reveal the full title. Masthead written in a bold font, to attract the eye and make it noticeable to the customer. This font is kept consistent each issue. Colour coding on the skyline banner; Prometheus in a yellow font to make it noticeable. Declarative ‘Worlds best movie reviews’ The magazine is renowned by the market and has weight to such a claim.
  4. 4.  Red sticker on left channel; eye- catching and features a list. Listing is commonly used in movie magazines and this one details ‘12 movie surprises that will rock 2012’. Sub headings used to highlight content of magazine in a compressed, neat listing whilst also alternating the colours. Magazine, issue date, number and website. Website allows inter-textuality and ability for more content online.
  5. 5.  Text box; exclamatory ‘EXCLUSIVE’ draws attention to the eye as it explains the main article. Bullet points detail content of main article in a compressed fashion and stars are used to keep in context with the cinematic/film field. ‘FREE’ written in red and capital large font. Striking colour draws readers attention to a ‘freebie’ – a giveaway incentive to encourage the reader to purchase. Adjective ‘Amazing’ describes posters. ‘+’ Plus sign highlights further content inside the magazine listed below. Brief sentences, alliteration of ‘playboy, port and ping-pong’. Barcode alongside publisher.
  6. 6.  Bold masthead in a striking red colour. Similarly to ‘Total Film’, masthead written in a consistent font each issue. Issue date and pricing. Two prices are shown; pounds and USD representing US Dollars. The magazine is sold in a number of regions highlighting its popularity. A bold declarative is made ‘The world’s biggest movie magazine’ highlighting its universal popularity. Also a reference can be made with the name ‘Empire’. Website of the magazine; inter- textuality and more content online.
  7. 7.  Bold font; ‘Massive Preview Special’. Massive suggests a large quantity of reviews/content for the reader. More content = more value. Listing of all the films in the magazine. ‘And many more’ suggests that there is even more content for the reader Non-standard English/colloquialism ‘Bloody Hell’ used on front cover. Refers to blood on main photo.
  8. 8.  Further content displayed along bottom banner. Background design can refer to a movie clapboard. Side barcode to allow more space for banner. Secondary image of images taken from various films. Compared to single image used on other front covers.
  9. 9.  My aim for my magazine is to:  Have a banner alongside the foot of the front cover displaying more content.  Have small subheadings.  Have a colour scheme that meshes well together.  Ensure the final magazine is interconnected with my other products.  Have a website and issue date/no.  Have a bold, eye-catching masthead.  Have a main movie EXCLUSIVE!  Use a main image but also possibly have other images alongside.