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Final helena lopez a2 research-planning_2010-11


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Final helena lopez a2 research-planning_2010-11

  2. 2. Helena LopezCandidate Number: 9449<br />
  3. 3. My main portfolio project is:Teaser Trailer<br />with 2 ancillary projects:Film Magazine Cover&<br />Film Poster<br />
  4. 4. The genre(s) of my main project is:<br /><ul><li>Genre – Urban Drama
  5. 5. The title is – ONE SHOT
  6. 6. The target audience – 16 to 25</li></li></ul><li><br />“There are thousands of guns – on our streets”<br /> <br />“This is the story of one”<br /> <br /> <br />The Times “Striking”<br /> <br />The Observer “Mesmerising” <br /> <br /> <br />Time Out “Stunning”<br />Drama: reflects on themes which are social realism, youth culture, prison, church, gangster, sex scene, status and ghetto. This links in with the location which is set in Hackney, London.<br />Portrays the stereotypical views of black youths throughout which makes it believable and realistic.<br />People whose lives may be closely related to the subject matter. <br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. “Before Adulthood..comes..Kidulthood”<br />“Snhy Media Presents”<br />Street violence and a general disregard for morals or empathy shown through the language and different characters, it mirrors teenage life in London <br />It shows a group of teenagers from a school in West London, represented as hood- wearing, anti social youngsters.<br />Aimed at people aged between 15-24, represent a serious number of issues of what some teenagers growing up in today's society have to go through.<br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Target Audience<br />Multicultural young adults, predominantly black, living in the UK, of mainly males, between the ages of 15-25.<br />
  11. 11. …and here is how I arrived at this <br />conclusion: <br />Our target audience would be located in the UK, in urban areas such as London , Manchester and Birmingham which would be street wise in terms of being aware of the current use of slang/colloquial language used between people of their age group, they would also be hugely aware of the crime around them or involved, therefore being able to relate to our realistic urban drama. <br />
  12. 12. What I learned from audience feedback about planning my main task<br /><ul><li> “Interesting use of shots”
  13. 13. “Good choice of soundtrack which matches the action and camera shots”
  14. 14. “A protagonist need to be established in the second half of the trailer”
  15. 15. “Needs a wider choice of special effects and editing transitions”
  16. 16. “Needs to create own inter-titles and think about the use of narration/voice-over in order to make the change of narrative between the first and second half clear”</li></li></ul><li>SHOT FROM THE FIRST HALVES OF THE TRAILER <br />
  18. 18. Here are 4 screen shot from the trailer and effects I used……<br />
  19. 19. Here is how I changed the shot and why… <br />Firstly, I created Five logos in Photoshop<br />Selected one of the logos through my audience feedback<br />Final Inter-title <br />Added a Gradient to the background so it looks more professional and is more visually appealing <br />Changed the brightness of the red to match the red used throughout the trailer<br />We chose to add motion to ‘Motions’ by making it fades in using After Effects cs4 <br />LT – put together from my partners surnames Lopez, Thompson. <br />
  20. 20. And the second one: <br />This shot has been slowed down through editing using Adobe Premier Pro. The slow motion emphasises the coolness and power of group as one. The use of a high angled long shot gives the audience a clear view of the location <br />
  21. 21. And the third one: <br />Through editing on Adobe Premier Pro we have added a flicker effect by firstly cutting up the shot using the razor tool then changing the opacity at the end and beginning of each section <br />This effect was added to make it shot match the beat of the music and emphasize Tre’s paranoia <br />
  22. 22. And the last one: <br />This shot show Tre in deep thought, a cross zoom has been used to move in to the next shot of him attempting to comfort his girlfriend<br />The transition of this shot is used to show the audience what he is thinking about<br />
  23. 23. What I learned from audience feedback about my main task<br />After completing my teaser trailer I presented it to my media class where I was able to recorded live feedback on their first impression of our teaser trailer using a digital voice recorder.<br /><br />(link to the digital voice recording)<br />This feed back was very pleasing as it helped my partner and I to see that our target audience where captivated by our teaser trailer and showed us the our use of shots and music worked well in establishing our genre and therefore engaging our target audience. An advantage of presenting our work to our media class meant that they where able to identify our choice of both micro and macro features used and say if they worked well together. <br />
  24. 24. I also uploaded our teaser trailer on to YouTube in order to gain feedback from people out side of college grounds.<br />All three viewer have “loved” our teaser trailer and two mention how they liked the use of music and speed<br />This feed back showed us that we was successful in creating a teaser trailer the was believable and “realistic” many said<br />
  25. 25. As has a clear separation of two halves, it shows that some people may prefer one to the other. <br />Our use of different shots shows to have captured our audience and help to make certain features stand out e.g ‘Peak Hill’<br />Using two different song show to have been a huge success with audiences as it makes it more “interesting” <br />
  26. 26. Existing Film Magazine Covers<br />
  27. 27. Professional Model 1 for Ancillary 1<br />The font use for the masthead in this issue is bold and simplistic, positioned neatly at the top , which reflects the style of the featured film, BOND which is a classis and sophisticated film. The masthead is partly covered which shows the magazine is well establish<br />The cover image is verydominant like in all other issues. The protagonist James Bond is placed in a suite to show he is a dominant figure with in the film, the suite also ties in the mise-en-scene which suggest where the film may take place ‘Casino Royal”. The colours have been kept simple to reflect the classiness of the film, his posture reflects his coolness and the action within the film from the movement of his blazer and his undone bow tie <br />Other conventional feature on a magazine aredateline, the tagline, cover lines, website, price. They are usually presented in a hierarchy of size with the most important information being at the top<br />The Pun reveals sufficient information about what the film contains, without spoiling anything<br />TOTAL FILM magazine appeals a variety of audiences by previewing news about other big films. This additional ‘PLUS’ bannerat the bottom would promote sales for fans of the smaller print films<br />The main cover line BOND uses a metallic effect, which creates a masculine and hard man image portraying the protagonist James Bond <br />
  28. 28. Professional Model 2 for Ancillary 1<br />Masthead is placed at the top of the page to advertise the magazine. Each letter has been cleverly created from a birds-eye view of different buildings to incorporate the film that is featured. The use of these building creates a mysterious and secretive effect which suggest that this thriller/action film has a narrative shaped like a maze, full of twits and turns.<br />Skylinewill automatically catch the audience attention as it is place right at the top in bold red capital letters. It would us want to see why it is a “MIND BLOWING ISSUE”<br />The date is placed under the masthead with the issue number, shows when it is released and how frequent the magazine is, they all conventions of film magazines.<br />Main Image is of a well known actor, Leonardo DiCaprio which will capture fans straight away. He has been placed in a suite to show his importance within the film. The image is dimly lit, with an icy blue colour surrounding him which give connotations of coldness and sadness, is contrast to the red text which represent anger, blood and heat implying that this film will be quite alarming and sinister. <br />The main cover line is advertising the main film. The use of bold silver capital letters across the protagonist stands out well against the black and blue colours<br />The Sub-heading is placed under the main headline. It implies that the film will be confusing and very psychological which could keep people guessing. It is written in the same font and colouras the headline so the reader links the headline with the sub headline easily as they are both about the film<br />Barcodein conventionally positioned at the bottom left of the page along with the symbol of the publishing company<br />
  29. 29. My Ancillary Task 1<br />This is how it appeals to target audience<br /><ul><li>The layout of my film magazine appealed to my target audience as it is “clear and easy to understand”.
  30. 30. I have conformed to typical conventions and positioned the masthead and the skyline at the top as it is one of the most important features in a film magazine. I covered a bit on the masthead to show it is a well known film magazine and therefore ties it with my sky line “ THE WORLD HOTTEST FILM MAGAZINE”, which make viewer want to see more.
  31. 31. The cover lines are interesting and relevant to my target audience with key word highlighted in red
  32. 32. The cover image didn’t appeal to my target audience as it was not clear or engaging. Even thought it was relevant to my main cover line the colours where too dull and the picture was on bad quality as it was a screen shot from my trailer.</li></li></ul><li>What I learned from audience feedback about ancillary task 1<br />“Excellent use of space, the layout make everything easy to read”<br />“The cover image is not striking, the picture does not look professional and the colours are too dull ”<br />“The conventions you have incorporated work well it make the magazine look professional”<br />“I like the way the masthead and the main cover line are the same size”<br />“Great use of colours, however you could add more red to make other important text stand out ”<br />“I like the use the film strip at the side, it is a feature that tells you straight away it is film magazine”<br />“I think that its too simple, the cover image needs to changed”<br />
  33. 33. Existing Film Posters<br />Film Posters are used to advertise and promote movies before they are released into the cinema. The typical conventions of film posters are obviously the title, an image to show a member of cast or scene from the movie. The images often contain effects and colours are altered to create a certain mood. Comments and ratings are often included to promote the movie also. The text usually contains the film title in large lettering and often <br />the names of the main<br />actors. It may also <br />include a tag line, the <br />name of the director, <br />names of characters,<br />the release date, etc.<br />
  34. 34. Professional Model 1 for Ancillary 2<br />The protagonist Ricky is purposely placed in the middle of the poster to show he is the main focus within the film. The lighting in this image causes there to be a shadow on the back half of Ricky’s head, this could produce an image of a dual life. <br />The way he is looking away suggests that he has put the incident behind him and he has moved on from it, shown by the image being placed at the back of his head suggesting the is a dark past behind him<br />and him looking into the light towards a brighter future.<br />The iconic image of the young boys is placed within the shadow on the back of Ricky’s head in a red tint representing the boys negatively as they are shown in possession of a gun, his could connote blood or danger and partners with the black shadow to present a feeling of death. <br />The reviews given by reputable newspapers reassure the audience that the film is worth watching, as the director is not well known, neither is the film a sequel to a popular film.  The films creator has been placed underneath the title, almost in an attempt to give him a reputation.<br />
  35. 35. Professional Model 1 for Ancillary 2<br />This film poster has a featured comment and a rating critic, which encourages audiences to watch the film and creates a positive vibe. The comment has been place at the top, clear and bold so it is the first thing we see and therefore makes it an “unforgettable” film. <br />The main image shows the cast of the film, with the most important Trife and Sam standing up. Their costumes conform to stereotypes of ‘hoodies’ which suggest they will cause trouble within the film, their laid back posture which shows attitude. The bat Sam is holding hint towards who the ‘villain’ is (Propp’s theory) These are all feature which define the genre of the film, an Urban Drama <br />KiDULTHOOD has been positioned below the image, which suggests they are at a ‘KiD’s level, the use of a lower case ‘i’ also emphasizes this. The word has become a logo and the film to create its own identity. It makes it easily recognizable. <br />Most film poster contain release dates as it concludes the poster and informs the audience of the last piece of information they need to know, when it is there. <br />
  36. 36. This is my ancillary project 2<br />I have included a made up review given by ‘Empire’ newspaper to reassure my target audience that the film is worth watching. I have placed it at the very top so it is easily seen, therefore creates a positives vibe about the film and drawing in my target audience at a first glance.<br />The font style for “ONE SHOT” has a gritty brick like texture to reflect the urban location of my genre and catch my audiences eye. I have used iconography to identify the style and tone of my genre by replacing to letter “O” with the muzzle of a smoking gun. The use of red highlighted the dangers that a gun holds, by placing it over his heart to suggest a tragic outcome of death to my audience. <br />I have taken still images from my teaser trailer in order to reflect same feel within my poster. This would make my poster more recognizable and appealing to my target audience. The red strip has been placed in the background to show my target audience the events that will take place, like in the trailer and show the people that surround Tre, using the colour red to connote danger.<br />By placing Tre in the middle of the poster I am showing my audience he is the main focus of the film. The use of dark and dull colours emphasizes the genre of the film, emphasizing the harsh reality of crime, by presenting this theme in the poster it suggests to the consumer that there is a theme of death presented in the film advertised on the poster. <br />
  37. 37. What I learned from audience feedback about ancillary task 2<br />“The choice of font works well in relating to your urban genre, it really draws you in to image”<br />“The background could be more interesting to make it look more professional”<br />“Excellent ideas, its definitely a captivating masterpiece”<br />“The smaller images in red grab your attention, they almost tell a story and make you want to know more”<br />“Looks really professional, I like the way you can link it back to the trailer and your magazine”<br />
  38. 38. Changes made in the re-draft of main task<br />To make out teaser trailer look more professional, therefore conforming to typical trailer conventions, we added movement to our inter-text using After Effects cs4.<br />Blur/pulsate in and out<br />Fade in from sides <br />Radial blur <br />Motions fades in<br />Fades & flickers in<br />(All three) Fade in from both sides<br />
  39. 39. Changes made in the re-draft of main task<br /><ul><li>In order to make our under a minute we cut down on certain shots to make our teaser trailer sharp and The fighting scene.</li></ul>Added flicker effect<br /><ul><li>I changed the gun shot we originally downloaded from a sound effects website to a gun shot cut from the song Skepta- Mike Lowery, which fitted in much more smoothly with the trailer as it sounds much more realistic
  40. 40. We added our second half of our trailer, where we establish our protagonist through the use of close-ups </li></li></ul><li>Changes made in the re-draft of ancillary task 1<br />I reduced the size of my skyline and I highlighted the word “HOTTEST” to make it stand out and used the colour red to connote heat. <br />In order to link my three products together, I represent the motion of my trailer within my film magazine by adding still shots from my trailer on to the film strip. This made my magazine different to convectional magazines and appealed to my target audience as it made it more interesting. <br />I added a stroke around my masthead to make it stand out against the background.<br />I have changed my cover image to a much clear shot of the protagonist, of him face forward making eye contact with the audience <br />I changed the order of the cover lines so it flows and is more visible over the my main cover image. <br />I added a brick background to represent the location of our trailer <br />I changed the sub- heading<br />
  41. 41. Narrative, Genre, Representation<br />This is how key concepts link main task and ancillary task 1<br />This is a key shot in my trailer as it showing a close up shot my protagonist in a worried state panting against the wall. the close up shot invites the audience to identify with him and shows his hooded jacket which he is wearing in the cover image of my magazine. Even though I used an image that was not from my trailer, I keep the clothing the same to represent the main character within my magazine and used a face shot of my protagonist on my magazine so he makes eye contact with my audience and get a fully view of their protagonist. <br />I also used other key shots from my trailer and placed them on my film strip to represent the motion of my trailer within my magazine<br />I chose to use the same font that I used in my trailer for the main cover line as to allow the audience to link the two products together and represent my urban genre and keep a consistency.<br />
  42. 42. Changes made in the re-draft of ancillary task 2<br />I created a dark grey background with a storm like effect (using in Photoshop), right above the protagonist Treas an indication to my audience of the trails and tribulations he could face. <br />Using Photoshop I faded the sharp edges of the red strip smoothly link it to the background, showing what the storm will bring. It also give my poster an overall more professional look<br />I faded out the smoke some more so it fades in the background<br />I added a certification so my audience are aware of what the film contains <br />I changed the layout to the film credits in order to fit in a release date and further ways for my audience to access my trailer<br />
  43. 43. This is how key concepts link main task, ancillary tasks 1 and 2<br />All three products show my protagonist with the same custom <br />I used a still shot from my trailer for the central image on my poster<br />Teaser Trailer<br />Poster<br />Magazine<br />I have used dark and dull colours throughout all my three products.I used red to show that there is danger, and possibly aggression which show during the trailer. This would be because the red has been placed over Tre’s chest in both the poster and the magazine.<br /> <br />I use a range of black, browns and greys frequently in all three products to show the dominated dark side of Tre’s life, or the bad side of him. It also may connote mystery about Tre.<br /> <br />
  44. 44. The narrative is the same within the inter-titles from the teaser trailer as on the film poster . Also the background of both my film poster and inert-titles use a mixture of black and grey to reflect the contrasting narratives shown within the trailer. <br />I also still shots from my trailer and placed them both on the film strip in my magazine and in my poster, in order to link my three products together.<br />Teaser Trailer<br />Magazine<br />I chose to use the same font that I used in my trailer for the main cover line in my magazine and in tittle of my film poster. This would allow the audience to link all three products together easily and at the same time representing the grittiness of my urban genre, keeping everything clear and consistent.<br />Poster<br />
  45. 45. The clear link between my teaser trailer, film magazine and poster can be automatically identified through the use of colours, fonts and imagery creating an identity for the film. By having a clear theme throughout the three platforms it makes it obvious to the audience that each of the products are related. Also the use of my film title ‘ONE SHOT’ acted as a 'logo' due to the fact that it was kept the same throughout and also placed on every product. This allowed for film recognition and repetition throughout.<br />